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  1. ...sheeple actually ....and you are one of them....anyone who believes what they read in a left wing rag like the Telegraph has been programmed by the far right.....they even delete readers opinions which are not in tune with their philosophy ....Sky and the Times...PRAVDA United .....for the brainless in our land...... :rolleyes:

    Just as valid with my edits :P

  2. No point getting into arguments over semantics.

    Quite, what would be the point in explaining what you mean. It's only a kick-about on an internet forum.

    My point is that Peter Sissons is being simplistic. I don't remember much anti-war coverage from them, or them falling over themselves to warn us about the completely obvious failings in the financial system until it was too late ;)

  3. Without debating the definition of left wing this quote from Sissons says it all:

    This says so much about 'BBC journalism'. In other words it does not exist. The organisation is rotten to the core and needs to be brought into the real world.

    Forsyth said it 40 years ago through personal experience and today Sissons gives us the same insight.

    Pravda and even Mugabe would be proud. :rolleyes:

    What, the real world of Sky News? Or maybe go the whole hog and have Fox News, whose existence seems to be entirely reliant on kicking government, except if we can have a damn good war.

    Standards of journalism have nothing to do with political bias. The vast majority of newspaper and broadcast media content is reporting and opinion. There is very little proper journalism in any of the mainstream media.

  4. The longer this thread goes on, it becomes apparent that people don't really have a consistent idea of what it left and right, liberal, authoritarian, conservative, libertarian etc. It entirely depends on your own point of view.

    The Guardian is clearly more 'left' than the Times, but both are 'right' compared to Socialist Worker. Both the Times and Guardian carry articles of varying viewpoints, but the mix is different.

  5. How does it make exports cheaper if all of the raw materials which have to be imported are more expensive, along with the fuel used in every stage of the manufacturing process and transportation of the products?

    Because it's a wage cut for everyone in the country, without breaking any contracts. The workers than have to fight to get their pay restored, and they normally don't manage it in full.

  6. I was just waxing to my mate down the pub last night about that. He's a bright bloke but he had accepted the media position of 'our interest rates won't affect global commodities/global production' etc

    There seems to be a collective loss of memory that the pound's level and therefore the prices we pay is directly linked to the Central Bank Rate.

    If the pound's level is not affected by interest rates, why did they put them up so much to try and keep it in the ERM?

    And the other thing he had swallowed was that 'prices of commodities are due to increased demand from India and China'. Nothing to do with the huge amounts of liquidity caused by ultra low interest rates then?

    Of course everything that is said always has a kernel of truth in it - but never refelcts the totality of the story that should never be heard.

    That's only part of the story though. Fear of default will cause the currency to fall as well. So if interest rates are too high for the economy to handle, the currency can weaken.

  7. It shows just how right wing the people on here are if they think that the BBC is left wing.

    There is only one left wing party with any seats and it's called the Green Party. They have one. That's how institutionally right-wing this country is.

    Labour is a right wing party which throws a few more scraps from the rich man's table than the Tories. That doesn't make Left.

  8. Actually Christ came because we were all abusing the world. Watch the recentish film "Kingdom of Heaven" which seems to be about the Crusades but isn't. The point of the film is subtle and all to do with the common need fo all mankind--hence the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ is hated because he was a peacemaker and fascists hate peacemakers.

    I had noticed that you believe all kinds of crap, but fairy stories as well?

  9. I've lost 10 years of my life. Working, saving, doing without being prudent paying rent to live in a property I dont like because I cant afford anything better. And to top it all off my tax and savings and being used to bailout the very people that caused all this mess. How much longer will it be. 1 year, 2 years. 10 years of being right but proven wrong. I see the meaning of Cassandra.

    If you are that hacked off, sign on the rock'n'roll and start throwing rocks.

  10. Provisional numbers from HMRC show seasonally-adjusted residential property transactions dipped slightly in December to 71,000. If recent experience is anything to go by, this figure will be revised downwards rather than upwards.


    That clearly shows just how many sub-40k properties are changing hands and not appearing in the figures :lol:

  11. Signing on used to be taking a record of what you had done to the Job Centre at a set time, with the staff doing a search to tell you what jobs they had on their system (normally useless if you have any qualifications).

    Signing on is currently being at home at a set time once a fortnight for a 30 second call from an overworked "advisor" who says how is it going, then puts the phone down if you actually have anything to say

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