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  1. An underclass with no prospects is the inevitable result of the elites taking more and more for themselves. Benefits are hush money.
  2. The build up of debt in the US has also supported purchasing power of the less well off. That's pretty much what ninja loans are all about.
  3. That's nothing. Have you seen the house that these scroungers get to live in? The only thing that slows their breeding down is road traffic accidents. They even have there own WEB PAGE !!!
  4. My local agency office is closing, but they sent letter out ages ago. Apparently the guy who runs it is retiring and shutting up shop.
  5. I must have missed all the references to economic studies in your post.
  6. Not enough of them are left footed, which leads to shocking service to the strikers.. The trouble with right wingers is they are completely blind to the fact that most of them are merely rent seekers and privelage exploiters. You get the rare exception, but mostly they rely on a surplus of labour, intellectual property law, planning law or existing wealth in order to extract overblown profits from their investments. The public sector generates lots of wealth, you're wrong on that particular point.
  7. State foreign aid is deployed primarily to buy political favour from important groups. If it feeds some starving kids, that is purely incidental.
  8. woohoo, another thread of idealogues posting "truths" with no evidence
  9. Now sub 10k, with the FTSE sub 5k. Reality is starting to bite.
  10. Wow, he's a genius this Krugman bloke. We are 3 years into the depression and he has only just noticed.
  11. They're probably hoping to get planning for 60 new build shoeboxes.
  12. Dow futures showing sub 10k, but not massive opening drop.
  13. The thing about investment is that you need something to invest in. Despite the rate of technological progress, there isn't enough new things to satisfy the desire for investment. Rent-seeking "investment" seems to have gone beyond saturation point. Hoarding cash is just waiting for everything to crash so you can mop up, as you have observed earlier in the thread. The government is on the side of the hoarders all of a sudden.
  14. They all got poor on the back of it I suppose? They weren't stupid.. they were greedy.
  15. Somebody has to buy the goods that corporations produce. If you increase tax on the workforce, they can't consume so output will inevitably fall. If you tax the corporation, you tax the profits, which is more likely to lower the returns on capital, which have become excessive in recent years in comparison to the returns on labour.
  16. The simplest way to clean up banking is to remove all regulation and state support, and to prosecute all cases of false advertising in the industry.
  17. You have received the benefits indirectly, though to a much lesser degree than the groups you mention. You might not have asked for them, but you received them. This is what it means to be ruled.
  18. Phil and Kirsty are a pair of prized twats. Show them houses which bare no resemblence to the brief or budget, whinge about them being fussy for 30 minutes, then show them houses that match the brief and say "Finally, we found these idiots a house." If I were hiring them as search agents, they would have been sacked after the first house in both cases.
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