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  1. The average age in Turkey is a 11 years below that of the UK. We need to make the oldies work, they are making us uncompetitive.
  2. They spend as much on weaponry as the rest of the world put together. Unless someone makes them use it all, or the population revolts, they will stay no 1.
  3. A VI article from an anti-government think-tank. It's about as unbiased as a Stuart Laws house price article.
  4. There were plenty of media scare stories about prices spiralling. I know quite a few people who bought extra rice and pasta "cos its going up". It might not sound like much, but if richer people on average buy just a couple of hundred grams of extra rice as a price hedge, that would make quite a big stockpile. Many Indian and Asian families would have bought an extra sack or two. I distinctly remember all tho buzz about food investment at the time. It probably brought forward demand just long enough for the more nimble traders to sell on their futures to the late-comers, who lost out. So essentially, investors and the media caused the problem,and a spooked general public allowed them to get away with it.
  5. It's called QE. Unfortunately, I have some of the money, the thieving gits
  6. Exactly... and in the past we have been told that cutting taxes was the way to increase general wealth as well as the tax take. So why isn't this policy? Were they wrong before?
  7. We have been told repeatedly by the Conservatives in the past that the way for the economy to grow is to cut taxes across the board, and that lower tax rates lead to higher taxes in total being paid. Since growth will be by far the most important factor in reducing the deficit, why aren't the Conservatives and their orange poodles cutting taxes?
  8. Neither side has a good history in this regard, but then neither side has been willing to tackle speculation and rent seeking. The evidence of wealth distribution seems to show this to be nonsense.
  9. I don't really understand your point here. Yes there have been many economic crises, some which were due to overspending by leftist governments, some which were due to poor allocation of capital by the private sector. There were many crises before this period as well, when prevailing ideology was far more capitalist. Overall though, the West are capitalist countries with varying degrees of redistribution policies so you can hardly argue that the cause of these crises is socialism. Common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production. Very different from state-controlled command economies - they have far more in common with Mussolini's Italy
  10. International development is not charity. It is spending British taxpayers money on creating investment opportunities in foreign countries for our rich elites. Usually by kicking millions of peasants off their farms and dumping them in slums or refugee camps.
  11. I think if you compare living standards in material terms, there is no doubt that they are much higher now than pre WW2. European governments have been for more left-wing domestically in that period than previously, but they have also promoted extreme right-wing policies in poor countries in order to gain access to natural resources. The poor at home have largely got richer at the expense of the poor in the third world. We are back to the point about what Socialism is. With the exception of Cuba, I would say these states were/are closed to fascist regimes than socialist ones. There's nothing socialist about a great leader controlling everything by dictat. Cuba seems to do rather well on many measures, especially considering the sanctions against them. I can't disagree with anything you said there.
  12. This is exactly what this entire thread is doing. Attacking the left with rhetoric, not with evidence. Capitalism by its very nature concentrates wealth. People who start with nothing can become successful, but the odds are weighted very much in favour of those who have inherited connections and/or wealth. For capitalism to benefit the many, it needs redistribution of this wealth, or you will simply end up with a class of super-rich owning everything, and everyone else scrambling around for jobs that satisfy their needs, then paying everything they earn back in various forms of rents. We have never seen a purely capitalist state, nor have we seen a socialist state, so any arguments for or against either system can only be based on the beliefs of the debater. This leaves us with the only thing to debate the basic premises of the idealogies, and I find the socialist one is based more around humanity then the capitalist one. Do continue with your "leftie bashing though", it show your true colours.
  13. Maybe you can explain a methodology to test the validity of your assertions. Proclamations are the domain of the religious, after all.
  14. You make lots of points. All of which are unfalsifiable, therefore untestable, therefore irrelevant.
  15. Pretty crap. They haven't mentioned legalising drugs and prostitution returning the land to it's rightful owners reducing taxation for workers getting the money bank from the bankers removing planning laws PS Have you got bored with your other ID?
  16. Ownership of land is theft, to put it simply.
  17. 10-Year UK 111.76 3.32 10-Year German 103.75 2.57 10-Year US 105.156 2.90 Yields still falling, spread between UK and German debt falling
  18. If that's a valid point, then it's just as valid for me to shoot her Maj and claim the crown as my own. Or come round your place, kill you and your family and claim rightful deed to your property. Ill-gotten gains are still ill-gotten, no matter how long ago it was.
  19. Is that the basis of your objection? Would it be better if they sat in a park waving at passers-by and drinking cider - the chav equivalent of what the royal family do.
  20. It is investors desire for risk free returns that means we need growth.
  21. You are forgetting the employees of all the major banks. Some of them get millions as a christmas welfare cheque.
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