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  1. It's really quite simple. Labour is a big government party. QE paid for public sector spending, although of course they bailed out the bankers as well. The Tories are all about looking after big business and the rich. The Tories QE will be buying dodgy private sector assets, helping out the rich even more than Labour did. Austerity for all but the rich.
  2. Air conditioning uses lots of electricity. Central heating uses lots of gas. What was your point again?
  3. Meanwhile, in the real world, the one with the net overfishes the sea storing all his catch, until he is the only one who can eat, the other two starve despite there being mountains of saved fish.
  4. The central banks need to stop lying. They target asset prices, not consumer prices. They are liars, paid by thieves.
  5. Well, I would get rid of the Royal family as well. The concept of freehold would not really exist, just that all land is the property of everyone, and that exclusive access to it is secured through competitive bidding, with the proceeds going to fund NHS, Education etc. Duration of leases would need to be of sufficient length that the current keeper may invest in buildings. This would have the added bonus of removing the tendency for property wealth to be inherited, thus increasing social mobility.
  6. Sorry HPC001 - I did see your post. For me LVT doesn't do it. It's a tax, and therefore is theft What I would do is revert all current land areas into leasehold plots, and auction off the right to private use of these plots for 50 year periods, with all revenue going to fund public services.
  7. Just popped in, and I'm impressed to see that none of the free-marketeers have provided a moral justification for the private ownership of land, and some explicitly said that there is no moral basis for it. Perhaps we aren't so far apart in our views. This brings us to an impasse, however. If the people who provide employment have no obligation to pay a living wage, but the worker has no choice but to work for this wage as they have no access to land - something has to give. How does this conundrum get solved?
  8. You keep repeating this nonsense about FRB being borrowing from the future. It isn't. It's borrowing from somebody else who is very real and very much in the present.
  9. How exactly can everyone build up a cash surplus? Please explain the mechanism with the current monetary system.
  10. In that case, the provider of the car hasn't gained pounds, he has just lost a car
  11. The whole bankruptcy idea is a nonsense. What has it got to do with anyone else if you don't honour a debt. It should be strictly be between you and the lender. The fact that it even has any legal status shows just how badly our economy/lives are captured by the banking system.
  12. He would. He could make another. Nice Olive bread dipped in some Extra Virgin. Pukka, bro.
  13. You might as well top yourself then. It's the Capitalist thing to do.
  14. Of course it doesn't. And neither do it's advocates. If one could put forward a moral case for land ownership then I might change my opinion.
  15. The free market says "work for this amount or starve", because your land rights have been removed, you have no choice. Freedom indeed.
  16. What's wrong with people saying "Nah, I don't want a loan". That's the problem we have. People are too keen on credit, though the banks do misrepresent savings and credit somewhat.
  17. I don't want anything from you. I just want access to my fair share of land. If I can't have that, then I want a system in place that protects the weakest in society. If I can't even have that, then I'm morally excused from going on a killing spree.
  18. So how can you so ardently support a system which cannot cope with the idea that people need to eat. The market starves people every day because they don't have useful skills, whilst people who do have useful skills throw away 1/3 of the food they buy. (I'm sure you will blame it on something other than the market, but I will ask the question anyway)
  19. Spiv: How much is your wheat? Farmer: Tesco have bought it all. Spiv : How much for? Farmer : £100 per tonne. Spiv : I'll give you £110 per tonne next year. Farmer : Ok. Spiv : I here you are short on wheat, Mr Tesco. Tesco : A bit. Spiv : I got some, but Morrison's and Asda are quite keen on getting it. Tesco : I'll give you £200 per tonne.
  20. Have you eaten them? They taste about as good as gold.
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