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  1. Ever heard of advertising? The banks reacted to the massive amounts of foreign savings by selling debt to UK consumers, in the form of credit cards, mortgages, "equity release" etc. Uk debt then massively increases over a couple of decades. When the crunch hit, the banks start advertising savings products, and the savings rate goes up and the demand for debt falls. Most people are easily influenced. I wouldn't call it social engineering, but it's definitely influencing public behaviour on a grand scale. I don't remember people asking for credit cards, more like the "flexible friends" were given an acceptable face, after decades of the "never-never".
  2. The 10 yr Gilt has hit 3% today. Hyperinflation here we come.
  3. What is the market price for something that costs nothing to produce and is in limitless supply.
  4. They talk and talk and talk and nothing changes. I'll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile Three cheers for bank profits! Three cheers for bank bonuses! Three cheers for austerity for the majority! Three cheers for "unexpected" inflation! Three cheers for asian protectionism and offshoring!
  5. I thought Greek industry centered around exporting cider from Ireland. All they used to talk about was Greek's shipping Magners.
  6. There is no such thing as culture any more. Only advertising and branding.
  7. I'd borrow money tomorrow, if they'd let the damned house prices fall to 4x avg income. Still a long way from that though.
  8. I KNEW John Lennon wasn't really shot. Get back to Yoko and make some art!
  9. The increasing population results in the average house being smailler, rather than the price being higher. Compare a current 3 bed semi new build with a 1970s new build. There are small differences in the amount of living space on offer, but the modern houses have tiny gardens, and often narrower roads with no pavements between them.
  10. They know exactly what they are doing. Stating what they want and dressing it up as forecast, to try and influence.
  11. Private landlords are people too. They have families to support, and provide a vital service to the rest of the population. I'll get me coat.
  12. Do you really believe that EVERYONE who tries hard can have everything you have?
  13. No it's not the same. You freely take your money to a bank for safekeeping. If they lose it by lending it to people who can't pay it back, then it should simply remain lost, rather than the taxpayer picking up the tab. Any artificial limits to lending are silly. We don't need them, we just need people to be allowed to take a loss.
  14. I disagree. Release the land yes, then just stop giving the people who make mistakes more and more money.
  15. Tax payers own the shit, as bought by the government. How convenient.
  16. This post makes me so angry, I had to reply to it again.
  17. I've always thought it madness that if you have cash, you cannot claim benefits (largely), but if you have a house, you get to claim extra benefits to keep you in it. Another attraction of property ownership in this perverse country.
  18. VALUE ADDED TAX That's a bit like saying electricity is free from stamp duty, and you don't need clothing, soap, water, electricity etc.
  19. Is it the OP's fault that the Government pissed hundreds of billions up the wall and put the debts onto future generations? Is it the OP's fault that the banks lent hundreds of billions to people who couldn't pay it back, then the Government gave them everything needed to keep them going - straight from the taxpayers pocket? Is it the OP's fault that the Government decided to get new schools and hospitals built by handing bumper profits to private sector? Is it the OP's fault that the Government forced council's to sell off their housing and prevented them from building more? Is the OP the Alien Lizard king or something? People do well against the odds all the time... it doesn't mean that the odds aren't rigged.
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