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  1. ... You have the intellectual rigour of a stoat with a hangover.
  2. I don't have time to read them at the moment, but have they changed the weightings. I would expect higher requirements for the fantasy valued bonds, forcing banks to hold more Government debt, thus guaranteeing a home for all the QE'd bonds aka printing with no inflation of broad money possible... until they change the rules in 50 years time when people have forgotten about the nasty bankers
  3. They can't afford to go without this chump change, but the tax avoiders and evaders who dodge £150Bn a year aren't worth chasing. If I got one of these letters, I would take it round my MP's surgery and ram it up their ****.
  4. What is the correct level of public sector employment, and how do you reach this figure.
  5. He probably earns a lot more than that, despite getting the boot from HIGNFY. Can he still afford the whores and coke?
  6. When we stop the freaks in the central banks from trying to fix things.
  7. When we stop borrowing the money into existence from the Chinese, Germans and Arabs.
  8. Their ass was the best thing about them. Sorry, I mean ads
  9. The public sector need reminding they are servants of the people, as do the Government. The people need to realise that active politics is more than an X in a box every 5 years.
  10. http://www.gingerbread.org.uk/portal/page/portal/Website/For%20professionals/Policy/key-facts-and-figures
  11. A very high proportion of single mums weren't single when they became mums. Still, Feck em anyway.
  12. Your other half clearly needs to get up the duff, then dump you.
  13. This is roughly the equivalent of saying that I owe £250k for the consumption I will have in future years. Its b0ll0cks.
  14. Are you seriously suggesting that nobody will expand their business, or start a new one, no matter how profitable it would be? Not everyone funds a start-up from bank loans, you know.
  15. No they're not. It is still balls though. I'm a commodities trader, and I say you should all buy wheat futures. Honest.
  16. It's another conduit for the paymasters to channel the spoils of war to it's no2 PR man.
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