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  1. You are projecting your own characteristics onto others, making assumptions about them based on how you personally would behave. I do it all the time, which is why I am crap at business. I have no ruthless streak, I always try and charge a fair price, rather than the maximum I can get away with.
  2. You're right. We should moan about it on internet forums. That'll show them.
  3. Most of the population are stupid. If someone says they are going to help them, they just believe it. We need to let people be ripped off, so they will learn.
  4. They will rise because the people in charge can't stop devaluing the currency. Falls for a couple of years first though. I hope.
  5. I've almost stopped watching TV news. Democracy Now is pretty good, though US centred (but Paul Mason was on yesterday).
  6. That wouldn't help anybody... except most people. The governments job is to keep us on the hamster wheel at full pelt, not to decide when we want to run and how fast. If you want that sort of change, you need your own party.
  7. For inflation to erode the debt, then earnings need to rise, not just commodity prices. It's exactly the same for the Government as it is for the man in the street. If there is no mechanism for the man in the street to get his hands on the cash, then cost inflation will not erode debts, it will make it much harder for them to be repaid. Governments are very good at taking tax from the man in the street, but very bad at taking tax from the rich, so it's debts are not eroded by price increases, it simply makes it more expensive to service the index linked portions of the debt, and more expensive to run government departments. Low interest rates are hardly helping to stem the credit contraction in the economy. The Government needs to print money to create inflation. We will see if there is the stomach for more QE when CPI has been above upper limit for most of the last 3 years.
  8. Actually, what will happen is the Chindians will develop there own class of bullshitters professionals (solicitors, property developers, dentists etc) to shaft service their native population.
  9. We borrowed about a third what we could have. I just regret not paying it off and buying some BTLs, instead of wasting my time on poorly conceived business ideas Oh wait, I don't regret it at all. Living in a smaller house than my peers has given me massive freedom to do what I choose instead of staying on the work treadmill.
  10. I've never worked in the public sector, but every job I have had has paid an annual bonus, and the lowest I ever got was 6% of annual salary, the highest 22% (various skilled IT jobs from programming to Technical Architect). Probably not happening nowadays tho.
  11. The French. It's ALWAYS their fault. * * If you are Welsh, Scottish or Irish, it's the English's fault.
  12. The average adult gets 2-4 colds per year, so it would suggest that you are in fact lucky, blessed with better health than average. Unless of course, you are one of the idiots who goes to work drugged up on Lemsip and makes everyone else ill.
  13. It's so reassuring that one man can heroically save the economy. Question is, what was he doing during the long recession? Oh that's right, he was saving the economy. Worked well didn't it?
  14. Not this ******** again. There is no attempt at comparing like for like. You might as well scream about the injustice of mansions costing more than terraced houses. The public sector has far more skilled and highly qualified workers than the private sector. Graduates employed in the public sector earn less than those in the private sector. Unless you want office cleaners performing heart surgery, or call center workers teaching your kids, might I suggest you stick your ill informed ideology where the sun doesn't shine.
  15. What are you blathering on about? I'm not talking about the market, I'm talking about people who can't move because they are mired in unrepayable debt. It affect hundreds of thousand who cannot move, and cannot access opportunities life has to offer because of this. As opposed to someone renting, who can move pretty much at will, with far lower costs associated. You are blinded by your faith in bricks and mortar.
  16. Restructuring of taxation to give workers more and investors less. We are in this shit because there is so much money around, everything has become an investment class. The workers are being bumfecked by the rent-seekers, and the rent-seekers are simply investing more rather than consuming more. This is compounded by central bank and government policies universally being to support the bad invesments. This would have all been over by now if they had let the rent-seekers fry.
  17. You certainly couldn't make it up. Expecting the private sector to provide employment in a globalised world with massive oversupply of cheap labour is a recipe for societal breakdown.
  18. Think of the mortgaged homeowners in negative equity, trapped on one property for 20 or more years. 20 years of sitting gazing at the same 4 walls, unable to move regardless of employment circumstances, regardless of divorce or new mouths to house and feed. A far worse way to live your one short life than the freedom to walk away from a house with your financial future secure.
  19. This thread is laughable. The props to the market are rapidly being removed - public sector job cuts will hit everywhere, reduction in rents paid for those on benefits, rising interest rates (not base rate, but this has no effect for new mortgages). There will be hundreds of thousands of forced sellers every year for the next few years. This will cause the market to fall hard.
  20. The point is, other people's anecdotes are worthless, whilst your own made-up musings are perfectly fine.
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