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  1. So where's my free house? Gimme gimme gimme. If they are getting one, I want one!
  2. The tax payer rescued his shitty bank, printed up all the money needed to keep the system going, provided billions in loans and guarantees to his bank, and are also the ones being fleeced by the ever widening spread on deposits and loan rates. He needs sacking, or shooting.
  3. They don't need to DO anything. Just stop bailing banks out and let the market take its course.
  4. aa3, why do all your "solutions" involve letting people off their bad decisions scott free? Everything you suggest will make society worse.
  5. I suggest you re-read this, the contradictions aren't hard to spot. All Governments are voted out. The incoming government just has to be the best of the rest, which the Conservatives haven't even managed to get a mandate on, despite the heroic screw-up of the Blair/Brown years.
  6. We need our aircraft carriers to launch strikes at the rebellious Middle Eastern countries who are all supporting terrorism. Except of course, the ones who really are supporting terrorism, such as Saudi Arabia.
  7. It should read 10% by Christmas surely? The man-in-the-street is on the happy pills.
  8. Take the blinkers off for a minute. Every Government ends in disaster. That's why they get voted out.
  9. Since the Fed shareholders are banks, why would he?
  10. I was just getting ready to hibernate for the winter and heard a commotion outside the cave. Is something going on?
  11. I'd have no problem at all in mortgage holders getting the same amount as Housing Benefit recipients. 30th percentile rent for houses in that area, wasn't it? What has always really got my goat is that if you have a house and lose your job, you get to keep it with the mortgage interest paid, but if you have savings, you have to spend it and can't get ****** all unless your savings are practically insignificant. Forcing you onto the housing Big Dipper.
  12. Compared to 99% of the world's population you are absolutely fecking loaded. Being rich isn't about income though, it's about accumulated wealth.
  13. If you represent the rich, you are merely a realist facing up to harsh economic reality. If you represent the millions of people who do the work, you are a Vested Interest. Sounds doubleplusgood to me.
  14. He is going to cap benefits to the median family income. So you will still be averagely wealthy on the sausage roll.
  15. Whilst we are at it, can we enforce a rule on General Election results, so parties need to gain 50% of the electorate votes to form a Government.
  16. What a silly question. Now hurry along, there's a good chap. A Banker
  17. It's partially the GDP deflator, which is even worse than CPI for underestimating reality. That and some car plant opening more than half the time.
  18. Does everybody in the world have everything that they want? The answer if of course a resounding no, so there is no excess capacity problem, only a wealth distribution problem. Everything else is obfuscation, lies or stupidity.
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