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  1. David Cameron has now set his agenda. Clegg is bending over and submitting, Milliband is is a pansy and has stepped aside. Public Sector will be slashed and the free market and enterprise wibe liberated. Employment laws will now favour the employers, union powers will be curbed, benefits will be capped. This week we learn that 94% of of DLA was fraud as were 94% ofLabour's buy now pay later policies. Living off GB's VISA CARD to be enjoyed by you but paid back by our children and grand children at a higher cost than defence and education costs combined. Cameron had stamped his foot down, declared war on Moronity..

    Welcome to Great Britain 2011.

    God help us if World Was 3 was suddenly declared upon us.

    See North Africa for what is coming to Britain's streets. It's started slowly but will build up steam.

  2. ....if people can afford the new council rents they can afford private rents...there is little social housing to go round....we need to build more as the Tory Government did in the fifties...how would you finance the universities...?....I don't see any proposals which means you are part of the problem ...raise taxes?...or what..?...you don't need to be told you are in this ...you know you are ...unless you emigrate .....re off-shore bank accounts ...this was from last November:


    Bevan must be spinning in his grave. Labour built houses, the Tories built the shitty tower blocks.

  3. Not so much evidence as examples.

    That was the Week that Was (Macmillan era)

    Monty Python (mostly Heath era)

    Not the 9 o'clock News (Thatcher era)

    Spitting Image (Thatcher era)

    Mock the Week, which has primarily run under Labour is OK, but hardly cutting edge.

    Have I got News for You has run so long that it transcends all eras.

    Brass Eye (Blair era) would definitely count as cutting edge, although it began on the radio as "On the Hour" in 1991.

    To state my point fully, comedians are mostly interested in politics when times are hard. It doesn't matter who is in charge.

  4. Put a stupid offer in just before Xmas on a 5 bed | 4 Bathroom new build. Asking price was £219,000 reduced (eventually) to £182,500. Offered £165,000 which was accepted. Was outbid a day later(!) at £170,000. Property has now been bid up to £180,000 which is practically the asking price. Who in their right mind buys a property today at asking price (or maybe Kirsty and Phil were doing the price negotiation?)

    Very odd market.

    Maybe the asking price is about right. 180k for a 5 bedder sounds cheap - depends where it is though.

  5. Two photos from a real life house that is on the market, picture 1 was taken by a friend who works for a rival agency, picture 2 is mine, am I mis-representing the house?

    People don't understand photography. That's why there is a market for photographers when a decent camera is cheaper than hiring one for a few hours.

    If you want to give the truest representation, you would have to use a 50mm lens and do a stitched panaoramic for each room, with perspective correction of course.

  6. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31152740.html

    Picture three in case you didn't notice it.

    I've noticed on lots of Savills properties that they have a rather enthusiastic photoshopper.

    That's what fire will look like with a slowish shutter speed.

    As for the comments about turning the lights on, you have to light the interior of the house and it's much more natural to do it with the existing lights rather than using flash.

    There's nothing fishy in the photography presented here. Trust me, I have lit mutli-million pound houses for estate agents on occasion.

  7. Totally agree- he may be the most miserable man on the face of the planet but best question i've ever heard on question time...

    whats the plan?


    Why should they have a plan? It's a free country, I don't want some numpty in Parliament telling me what to do with my life.

  8. In the past, it was for programmers that would do have a support role, but they had to do the support first to learn the different programs Ive written but I found they didnt know the basics like their way around a windows pc so couldnt spot or resolve simple problems. Alot of what I have to do involves thinking on your feet becuase you dont know what computer software you might find installed on a customers pc and you dont know what affect it might have. theres a big difference between corporate and small business, namely one have their own IT depts the other doesnt and you dont know what some support companies are like. It amazes me what some download and all too often I see complaints my software is not working but logical thinking isnt always present its just they use it all the time but never consider something else could affect it so its also the customers that lose their logical thinking as well.

    Lastest example earlier this week a customer who uses Sage to do their accounts calls me to say my software has duplicated all the customer accounts with a leading zero in the account number by creating a new company missing the leading zeros.

    Now lets put aside the fact its been working fine since 2000 and never had a glitch, I remotely access the accountants pc and watch them go through the process of exporting the companies to csv and then import. Yep, file exports ok, find the file on the disk, notice csv are associated with Excel so load it up in Excel.

    I scroll down to find one of the problem companies and sure enough I can see no leading zero. Fine but I know excel in default setup will remove leading zeros so just to make sure I load the csv file in notepad. Fine I can see whats happened, someone must have loaded the csv file into excel and then saved it down. Ask the question has anyone accessed it, turns out the Sage support had remotely dialled into their system when they had a problem, loaded and editted the file in excel then saved it down.

    It was Sage's own support dept that caused the problem with duplicate accounts appearing in Sage Line 50!

    But this is the sort of problem I face as an example of people who need to think on their feet. I've lost count how many times I've ended up sorting out hardware problems or other software companies getting me in to fix problem with their own code or problems with hardware not configured properly.

    But back to the experience required, they also dont know how to talk to customers when on the phone, I accept you can only unload some much info at any one time but they dont seem to watch and learn though, so its very frustrating and I've resigned myself to the fact people will need to be trained up so you advertise accordingly and dont get any interest which goes back to my point that graduates have high expectations.

    I'm not the only one who says comments likes this, my brother has been going through staff like nobodies business becuase they are spend time surfing when he's out selling and they have work to get on with, or people who you would expect to have the experience have sold themselves into the wrong job becuase they cant reapply their skills to the new job.

    Pete Waterman sums it up quite well here in this short video on the page.


    I'm almost tempted to ask you for a job - this is just the sort of investigative support I used to really enjoy.

    Pete Waterman is talking shite though. There is no possible way that you can get through university without knowing how to use a computer. He comes across as the typical whinging businessman who wants lower taxes, less regulation AND wants his employees trained at somebody else's expense.

  9. So because sometimes the migrants are better this leaves some British people unemployed ? And ?

    In case you haven't noticed, we have a political system based on nation states. It is every person's right to complain if their nation is being run for the benefit of supra-national interests rather than the voting constituency.

    This is what we have. You are not going to change it. Us Brits can head over anywhere else in Europe just like anyone else can head over here. It does not look likely to change soon. Although who knows.

    So until it does - British people need to get a grip and stop whinging about how hard their lot is. It is pathetic. Maybe they should see how people live in Africa and the likes - a sense of proportion may then take hold.

    Or what is the other option ? Just stop immigration altogether ?

    Well I have 2 problems with that plan.

    (1) Many of hte unemplyed today in the UK are not interested in work full stop. 'Sending home' all the Poles is not going to change that one bit.

    (2) Personally I would rather be served at KFC by a nice hard working polite Pole - than some skanky looking chav - any day. Not that I am saying all Brits are like that. Many Brits that serve me in places like that seem like decent sorts.

    And finally there is another reason. If we start getting all uber defensive when it comes to migration and shutting up shop ? These other countries will just start doing the same. And for many people this would not be a good thing.

    There are ups and downs to all this. Some of us can see btoh sides. Unlimited immigration from all sorts ? No - I don't think that is a good idea. However at the moment in the EU that is what we have. As they say in Shawshank Redemption - get busy living or get busy dying.

    Go out there and really try and do something about immigration - or go out there and accept it is here to stay and work out how you can use it to your advantage. That is your two choices - unless I have missed something.

    All you are really saying is that it is ok for you to moan, but not unemployed people. They should just shut up and deal with it.

    Personally, I think it's high time everyone had full freedom of movement everywhere - it would make for a much better world. But that's not what you are talking about - you are telling people who have justified complaints that they should shut up and deal with it. This is not what our political system is founded on and is very anti-democratic.

  10. Excellent. Another person who just makes up quotes as they go along and fails to listen to what I am actually saying.

    I am keen on telling people that Poles are SOMETIMES better than locals.

    The problem is that you can't extrapolate you micro position into a macro one. If migrants were always better, then every Brit would be unemployed living on benefits provided by a migrant workforce, which is clearly not the case. Because SOMETIMES the migrants are better, we have 2.5 million unemployed and most of the new job creation has gone to migrants. You don't seem to want to even contemplate that the current position is exactly the results of migrants SOMETIMES being better, but when the supply of SOMETIMES better people is effectively unlimited, there is nothing much that you can do on a micro level other than claim your benefits and keep trying, whilst having a whinge about the people who have taken the jobs.

  11. But with proportionally so many more high-performing manager types just imagine how much productivity will increase!

    If these figures in general are an accurate representation of what's going on then it looks like inflation plus no matching salary increases is more or less going to have the same finances-destroying impact on stretched individuals as interest rate increases would have had.

    Still, if you were a BTL ***** with 4 or 5 houses on interest only base rate trackers the whole ZIRP/QE cluster****** will have bailed you out nicely ...

    Exactly. All monetary and fiscal policy, bailouts and liquidity schemes can do is change who pays for the screw up. The screw up was caused by lots of interwoven things but it all really boils down to the pursuit of quick profits by corporations and individuals. Encouraging inflation via ridiculously low rates and printing money means that the poor will pay the most, and those who caused the problems will pay the least.

    It's ******ing crooked. It's robbery. The system needs destroying, not propping up.

  12. Look like the public sector are getting rid of low paid workers and keeping the managers on.

    Nobody who I know in the public sector is getting anything like that amount, they are all on 0% - 2%, so it must be changing profile of employees.

    Not good news for public services or the tax bill.

  13. Well that is a lame attitude to have IMO - and no wonder few of these people get work. They need to geta grip of themselves and get out of the habit.

    Well you seem quite keen on telling them that the Poles are better, over and over again. On multiple threads, over dozens of pages. So how exactly can they get a grip, when they have to compete with 2.5 million indigenous, plus an unlimited supply of migrants who are better than them?

  14. The cheapest home on offer, a humble one-bedroom flat, is said to cost £6.75 million.

    Why would anyone pay that much for a flat, nevermind 30 million, 100 million or however much they are talking about.

    This surely has to be investigated by the police - it's possibly just a money laundering operation.

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