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  1. See North Africa for what is coming to Britain's streets. It's started slowly but will build up steam.
  2. Bevan must be spinning in his grave. Labour built houses, the Tories built the shitty tower blocks.
  3. Where were the opposition 5 years ago, when this could have been stopped. Oh that's right, they were spivving their arses off riding the bubbly for all they could get.
  4. To state my point fully, comedians are mostly interested in politics when times are hard. It doesn't matter who is in charge.
  5. Maybe the asking price is about right. 180k for a 5 bedder sounds cheap - depends where it is though.
  6. People don't understand photography. That's why there is a market for photographers when a decent camera is cheaper than hiring one for a few hours. If you want to give the truest representation, you would have to use a 50mm lens and do a stitched panaoramic for each room, with perspective correction of course.
  7. That's what fire will look like with a slowish shutter speed. As for the comments about turning the lights on, you have to light the interior of the house and it's much more natural to do it with the existing lights rather than using flash. There's nothing fishy in the photography presented here. Trust me, I have lit mutli-million pound houses for estate agents on occasion.
  8. Why should they have a plan? It's a free country, I don't want some numpty in Parliament telling me what to do with my life.
  9. Got any evidence? I think it's probably your personal bias that is seeing this, rather than reality.
  10. The only way PFI ever made sense was if you accept that the government handed large wads of taxpayer cash to their buddies because they are corrupt.
  11. Tell them to buy now. Interest rates are ridiculously high at the moment, their payments are bound to come down, and wage inflation is rampant.
  12. I'm almost tempted to ask you for a job - this is just the sort of investigative support I used to really enjoy. Pete Waterman is talking shite though. There is no possible way that you can get through university without knowing how to use a computer. He comes across as the typical whinging businessman who wants lower taxes, less regulation AND wants his employees trained at somebody else's expense.
  13. Surely you are either for the enclosure of land or against it? Anyone who owns their own property yet claims the Forests should be public property is a hypocrite.
  14. poor sods will have to compete with the 66 and 67 year old soon, as well as the cream of EU grads.
  15. In case you haven't noticed, we have a political system based on nation states. It is every person's right to complain if their nation is being run for the benefit of supra-national interests rather than the voting constituency. All you are really saying is that it is ok for you to moan, but not unemployed people. They should just shut up and deal with it. Personally, I think it's high time everyone had full freedom of movement everywhere - it would make for a much better world. But that's not what you are talking about - you are telling people who have justified complaints that they should shut up and deal with it. This is not what our political system is founded on and is very anti-democratic.
  16. The problem is that you can't extrapolate you micro position into a macro one. If migrants were always better, then every Brit would be unemployed living on benefits provided by a migrant workforce, which is clearly not the case. Because SOMETIMES the migrants are better, we have 2.5 million unemployed and most of the new job creation has gone to migrants. You don't seem to want to even contemplate that the current position is exactly the results of migrants SOMETIMES being better, but when the supply of SOMETIMES better people is effectively unlimited, there is nothing much that you can do on a micro level other than claim your benefits and keep trying, whilst having a whinge about the people who have taken the jobs.
  17. Exactly. All monetary and fiscal policy, bailouts and liquidity schemes can do is change who pays for the screw up. The screw up was caused by lots of interwoven things but it all really boils down to the pursuit of quick profits by corporations and individuals. Encouraging inflation via ridiculously low rates and printing money means that the poor will pay the most, and those who caused the problems will pay the least. It's ******ing crooked. It's robbery. The system needs destroying, not propping up.
  18. Look like the public sector are getting rid of low paid workers and keeping the managers on. Nobody who I know in the public sector is getting anything like that amount, they are all on 0% - 2%, so it must be changing profile of employees. Not good news for public services or the tax bill.
  19. Well you seem quite keen on telling them that the Poles are better, over and over again. On multiple threads, over dozens of pages. So how exactly can they get a grip, when they have to compete with 2.5 million indigenous, plus an unlimited supply of migrants who are better than them?
  20. What makes any of you think that PFI was a mistake, rather than a well planned giveaway of taxpayers money to special interests.
  21. The cheapest home on offer, a humble one-bedroom flat, is said to cost £6.75 million. Why would anyone pay that much for a flat, nevermind 30 million, 100 million or however much they are talking about. This surely has to be investigated by the police - it's possibly just a money laundering operation.
  22. Why would the Tories need an economic policy? Surely they should just sell everything to the highest bidder and we will suddenly be living in Nirvana.
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