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  1. I just received this at work. Not had a chance to have a good read of it but outlines the effect on housing in the uk of the main parties policies. Was in PDF but I copied it into word as was too big a file. Setting out their stalls.doc Setting out their stalls.doc
  2. Hmmm, regeneration you say. If its like the other places in London being regenerated it must be lovely there. Actually my family was from Leyton/ Leytonstone area of London. Makes me sad to see the place now. Why anyone would choose to live there when each stop past it on the central line is nicer I dont know but good luck to you.
  3. Wow. That is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever read.
  4. Wow what an incredible post. Dont know if you are ignorant, jealous or deluded. Having worked in & with the private & public sectors (both here & abroad) your points could easily apply to most private companies & corporations i've experienced. Can you really say that none of these relate to the 'amazing' private sector? Sounds like you are the type of person the OP was alluding to.
  5. I didn't know that. I remember watching that at around the same time as I signed up here & along with this site & Chris Martensens crash course it was instrumental in waking me up to what was going on. I'll sign up for sure. Never thought i'd get the chance to say it but thanks.
  6. I love this one. The kitchen looks tiny but its the dining table that gets me as it would be impossible to sit down at it. Its been available for a while now but I check it out every now & again for a laugh or a cry. Rabbit hutch
  7. How about the fact that they mislead by not mentioning costs & taxes etc that eat into the profits. Also how they gloss over the fact that some guy has spent 3 months tarting a place up & putting in paper thin walls to maximise his rental yield for less than minimum wage when they work it all out. I have to say I find HUTH strangely watchable if I happen to be at home when its on which I cant say about most property porn.
  8. Wow. I am speechless. I thought nothing could surprise me any more when it came to housing in London but I was wrong.
  9. Bit of bear food from BBC breakfast this morning. Couldn't believe my ears so I put the vid up on youtube.
  10. The turning point was long before Pym Fortuyn. Things had already turned enough to for him to be on the verge of taking power. I'll agree that he gave a voice to a popular yet unspoken belief. For such a party/ leader to have come from nowhere & beaten the mainstream parties in Holland must represent this turning point having been reached surely. The other big diference between the immigration problems of 10 years previous & now is 10 more years of mass immigration & white flight of course. Hence the hostility.
  11. Used to live in NL myself a few years ago, I left when it was getting too crazy (Pym Fortuyn, Van Gogh murders etc), & I totally agree with you.
  12. Report from sky news last night. Worth seeing for the woman 2 mins in who lives next door to an auctioned place realising her own place is worth a lot less.
  13. Ha ha that's incredible. I might have to go down to look at it just to laugh very hard. Look at this one. But first imagine living in a lovely English cottage. Picture it. Now feast your eyes. 3 bedroom cottage
  14. Have to agree with Skomer here. Lived in Holland for 3 years while my Dutch GF was studying untill 2 years ago & by the end of her degree neither of us could wait to leave really. At the time I put a lot of the problems there down to the poor performing economy & large immigrant population with the inevitable tension this will cause but speaking to the few Brits I knew out there (most of my friends were Dutch) who didn't come back the situation is still the same really. I lived in Haarlem which wasn't exactly cheap if you want to live in the centre (which you do really as the outer areas aren't worth leaving uk for imo) but I liked Harlem except for the fact that it was the dullest place on earth on a Sunday & very very windy. Leiden, Delft & Den Hague are nice places to live, pleasing on the eye but very quiet & even futher from Amsterdam. The east of the country is best avoided as unless you speak Dutch or German to native levels you'll struggle to find a decent job. I'm seriously thinking about leaving the UK but it wouldn't be to go back to Holland even though my GF is Dutch & I speak the language. @ DTMark Holland was very popular with expats a few years ago but similar probs to UK ie high house prices, over immigration, loss of national identity plus the lack of decent jobs for non dutch speakers, the backlash from Dutch against foreigners, overnight inflation after intoduction of euro & changes to tax & benefit laws for ex pats meant it wasn't as welcoming a place as it once was & most of the ex pats moved on to other places.
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