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  1. goa on gavin, best of luck with your adventure..i've enjoyed reading your comments......party on you bears where you heading to??????????
  2. If you were not worried about the potential for an abrupt correction in UK house prices before today, you should be now," said Malcolm Barr, economist at J.P. Morgan Chase in London a interesting comment regarding the latest figures
  3. here in birmingham, i have noticed that the "for sale signs" are staying on for longer. On one partiucular road, the estate agent has had to place the sign on the main road because the house which is being sold, is hidden by a grass bank and a set of tall trees. What made me laugh is that the owner has had to resort to sticking a piece of paper on the sign informing people of the house number. this piece of paper wasn't here before, so i persume that the vendor is having trouble selling ...
  4. twopey, i live near handsworth but i'm looking to move to north birmingham eg, great barr. i get the great barr observer on a weekly basis, and since the king's comments, the great barr observer paper has become thicker with properties. There are quite few new developments which have sprung up over the year, and there are still a lot flats still available to rent or buy..........a sign of the times.....
  5. yes, those are fair points which you make and i do share your frustration. The whole thing is just greed gone crazy........................ Different parts of the country exeperience different situtations. Here in birmingham, prices have also been stupid, but i do think that there will be a correction up here. i have definalely seen the weekly property papers becoming thicker. All i can say is i hope that one day people will be able to get away from this greed mentality and everyone can achieve their aspirations.....but i doubt it......money is the new age evil...........................controlled by a few, whilst the masses obey
  6. It was great to hear that there was a 2% fall in the asking prices for new homes .. . One point which i picked upon in the report was the fact that supply had increased. That is such a good sign. To all the bears, just relax and don't carried away with the figures. It's only one months statistics, and a true picture can only be developed once the figures for a few months have been complied.
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