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  1. I've downloaded the macro which is fantastic. I can set it going and go off and check on which retailer will be next to go BANG. The problem I have is once the macro has worked it's magic and automatically scrolled through all the properties in my search criteria, I don't know what to do next. Now the old manual method meant that I could easily see each highlighted property. All I want to be able to view are ALL properties that have changed price since my last search. I'm pretty sure that this is simple to do, but would appreciate some tips? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thats brilliant. Saves a whole load of time. Is there now any way to filter only properties that have changed during this search? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice. I've not had a chance to try it yet, but will let you know how I get on
  4. I've copied and pasted as required, however when I run the macro it looks like is is working through to step 3 then I get the following message: RuntimeError: element A specified by TXT:Next<SP>» was not found, line 3 Please help as this sounds like a fantastic timesaving add on. Thanks
  5. Saw this on the train and laughed my t*ts off.
  6. Can't believe nobody wants to reply? Unless you're all out at your local agents placing orders for you next house in this exceptionally great time to buy???
  7. I received the attached and would never normally reply, but due to the nonsense I felt impelled to respond to them. Below are my responses to the utter drivel. No response yet received from them, however I will keep you updated if they reply. Walkers.doc JT Gadsden Why do you peddle this nonsense? It is spin to try and save your sorry skins in the biggest downturn we are likely to see in our lives. Now is absolutely NOT the time to buy!! In response to your reasons: Interest rates ARE falling but not mortgage rates to the same degree. MANY MANY products are being pulled by the banks. The reason we are in this mess in the first place is due to irresponsible lending of cheap money in the previous rate cuts. People in work is also falling in particualar the building, estate agency and finance industries. Huge rate cuts down to 0% didn't help the Japanese housing market. Why would they help ours? Banks lowering rates so that I can borrow more to pay off my existing debts is not really Economics 101. There will be a price for cash going forward, and hence mortgages, commercial loans and overdraft rates will be higher than everyone expects. We need to have a few years of paying off debts and saving. Prices have NOT fallen dramatically. 1 yearly drop of 15% comes nowwhere near compensating the 300% increases we have seen during the past 10 years. There is so much choice for a reason. Many people want to sell and few want or can to buy. SUPPLY and DEMAND works both ways. If there are more sellers than buyers, then this means that prices are still inflated and until the real fall happens we will continue to see fewer sales. Commodities are worth what somebody is willing to pay and at present there is no-one willing to pay these still hugely over inflated prices. We have to get back to realistic multiples of earnings. Turmoil does not mean good. The current turmoil has resulted in the global economy going into a recession that could potentially be a world changing event. The financial institutions are NOT recovering. They are now writing down even more losses and we are seeing very poor profits coming from them all. Even Santander who are apparently cash rich are in desperate need of a rights issue to bolster its balance sheets. This is so far without the huge write downs that are likely to come from CDO's. Your whole argument seems to revolve around the fact that prices have come down alot so it must be a good time to buy. Why buy in a market that is currently collapsing. We will certainly not see any up move in prices for some years to come so no rush, however most believe that the BIG move down has not happened yet. Buying a house now is as silly as trying to catch a falling piano. Buy to let is dead. Too many banks and individuals have been ruined by this game. There is still a poor return on this investment unless you purchased nearly a decade ago. Ask yourself why builders will take low offers? They know where the market is heading? Why buy from a panicking expert? You say that there may be a further fall in prices. So WHY attempt to convince people to buy? I look forward to your response. Walkers.doc
  8. Not looking for a fantastic rate, just something semi decent but ultimately my aim is to ensure as close to 100% safety. I don't want the housing market to collapse only to see my STR fund drop by the same amount.
  9. Exactly. NS & I are completely safe, however my point was How safe are my post office/Bank of Ireland funds? If the answer is NOT VERY SAFE, then where else would pay a decent rate but be safer?
  10. Just in case nobody read the original
  11. Hi I placed a sizeable chunk of my STR fund into a 1 year bond in the post office. Decent rate but I was more concerned for the safety of my money. My money with the post office, backed by the BOE and GOVT. I thought. Didn't read the paperwork too finely.(fool) Since discovered that the bond is a joint venture between the post office and the BANK OF IRELAND. Also my instant saver is with them. Visited the post office who gave me the £35K compensation line. So, from thinking my money was pretty much 100% guaranteed by the UK Govt I've now been left thinking it may be as safe as houses!!!!!!!!!! I could obviously cancel the bond and get my money back and not lose out a great deal as it's only been a couple of weeks. Should I leave it where it is, or where else would be safer except for under the bed? Any thoughts on this would be gratefully received and very useful.
  12. -8.8% YoY (Really more like 11% without quarterly manipulation) -1.7% MoM And then the final paragraph says: "But the Halifax bank data showed the 1.7 per cent July fall was less than in May and June, hinting at a mini-recovery." Are they sure. Why is everyone always looking to put a positive spin on such clearly awful data?
  13. Absolutely YES. However they are overpriced to begin with. See my post of last week. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p;#entry1142223
  14. Are you aware of what happens to people that try to pick bottoms?
  15. I think that could be the bottom then!!!!!!!
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