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  1. This thread is hilarious. Don't worry I won't be staying. That people like Peter Hun actually exist. Beggar's belief.
  2. You want another layer of billionaires, tax avoiders and politicians on top of the existing ones.
  3. You want another layer of billionaires, tax avoiders and politicians on top of the existing ones.
  4. Rather that than centralising power in a very small clique. By the way, I don't mind a trading block, it is the concentration of power I am against. A vassal state is why people voted leave.
  5. Do you like the way that the EU imposes tariffs on produce from Africa in order to protect it's markets ? It is a protectionist club for capitalists. You have rose tinted spectacles on arising from your middle class background - go on , admit you are.
  6. All the above graphs (the bad bits) are during the UK's membership of the EU. If Dennis Skinner et al were in power, they would have to disregard EU rules. The EU is part of the problem, as the old left knew - this is the actual position of Skinner, Corbyn. You are part of the Lib Dem/Guardian champagne socialist middle class set who are aligned with big business/EU against the interests of labour. You have bought into their narrative that the EU is the cure for "evil Tories". The EU is good for the middle classes and upwards (financially speaking) and bad for the working class (freedom of movement of labour from very much weaker economies) as it is a model for successful big business with no protection for the labour market. In addition, those running the EU are in the greed playground - they are gouging the workers and feathering their nests very nicely.
  7. I don't think that Brexit will necessarily change things for the better. I do want a democratically elected national government. I am not very rich. I am on the side of the worker - as is Dennis Skinner - one of the principled on the left. You are on the side of capital , not labour.
  8. Lefties have not managed to get a national government they approve of , so they wish to remove national governance. Please take this up this jon2b as this is his view.
  9. This is exactly the point - you have no faith in our self-governance and you would rather outsource it to others. Despite our history of democracy and parliament, you would prefer to pass power to the European mainland. A mainland which has had a history of dictatorship. Thanks for bringing this point to the fore and I agree, this is how many left leaning remainers think.
  10. noted. I am degree educated and reasonably successful. Either you want to be governed from abroad, or you don't. However, your superiority complex is noted.
  11. Keep insulting us HairyTesticle. I feel your pain, and I like it.
  12. How are economies to be balanced when ever poorer nations join the club ? and there populations are sucked into the richer nations ? Why is FOM not restricted until an economy is near balanced ? Because it is a club for the capitalists and employers and cheap labour is the goal. Old labour knew this and I suspect this is Corbyn's view, which he is keeping under wraps, for now.
  13. Too great a disparity in economic strength for one thing. It's worked ok so far for the capitalists and the employers - not the majority working class - hence the vote. Labour are an embarrassment considering their origins.
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