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  1. A couple of points. Firstly, I'd be interested to know if bike sales have dropped off as sharply as car sales. Just because you consider the latest bikes ugly and impracticle, doesn't mean we all do. I have to wonder if you've actually ridden any of these machines which you so detest. Motorcycles are by deffinition emotive, and I've never heard of anyone buying one on 'safety' grounds. Honda are in the process of introducing ABS on some of their most powerful sports bikes. I think you make the mistake of lumping all motorcycles in together, but how can you compare a Piaggio scooter to say a 1198? The southern Europeans have always bought more scooters than us, this isnt a recent development, and this has as much to do with their climate and road laws as anything else. I have a good friend who works for one of the largest importers of Chinese motorcycles in the country, and things are pretty tough for them too.
  2. He was spouting on about how people are too much in debt, the person in the studio happened to mention that his company owes the banks 700 million!!
  3. Thats mighty ambiguous and very short on detail. Am I right in thinking that they published their plan to save the world on a single sheet of paper??
  4. At the end of the day, its going to be every man for himself.
  5. But will it make any difference if they do cut?
  6. Most amusing, particularly when he starts throwing the toilet paper about. Does anyone know if that Chavez Lehman Brothers connection is true?
  7. Couple of things to say on this.... Firstly, I've no idea whether human induced climate change is real or not. I'm not a scientist I've seen the claims and counter claims, but I can't be sure either way. What I do know is, if theres even a 1% chance that we are to blame its far too big a risk to take. Are you people 100% certain that its not an issue to worry about? Are you so sure that you're willing to risk the lives of your grand children? Secondly, regardless of the global warming issue, we just can't go on consuming resorces at the rate we are its just unsustainable.
  8. I see B&Q are selling them now. Get in before the rush?
  9. I seem to remember similar stories to this every winter over the last few years.
  10. 27) People who answer 'Yes and no' in response to a question 28) Politicians who say 'the important thing to remember is...' or 'whats important is....' - Dammit I'll decide what the important things are
  11. IKEA is a god awful place to shop. Truly the stuff of nightmares. Some of the stuff is ok, just wish you could buy it online so as not to have to expreience their shops.
  12. At the end of the day its about which option will give you the best quality of life. Have you considered cashing in your endowment in order to pay off your debts? This could possibly leave you several hundred pounds better off a month. You could then remortgage and use some of the extra cash to overpay or re-invest. All depends on the numbers of course.
  13. Please don't assume that everybody with an IO mortgage is in this boat.
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