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  1. Rightmove 1st July / 15th July in brackets Weybridge 500k-800k = 43 (69) 400k-800k = 45 (103) 400k-1m... = 71 (129) Walton OT 500k-800k = 43 (71) 400k-800k = 45 (119) 400k-1m ...= 71 (133)
  2. On a related note which doesnt currently effect me currently but I realised might soon... If you have a sizeable deposit which has been gathering interest in a savings account and you are tipping into the higher rate taxpayer band what happens if you dont declare your savings? (I had simply believed that my savings were taxed at source and that was the end of it ) How would the HMRC find out and how?
  3. Some atheists do themselves no favour's expressing themselves in such an aggressive, spiteful manners. All believers are thick and proud of it dontcha know - remind me what grouping of people generally championed education and universities and thus encouraged the enlightenment? Religion always contains the friction of permanence and the desire to find out more! Organised religion has its good and bad points - and why wouldnt it - its run by people with all our faults. It provides a framework to disperse 'holy scripture' and the adminstrative organisation to manage it, a community of which to nurture and buttress your individual faith in a like minded community if you so choose to partake however, when all is said and done individual faith trumps all in the final analysis and that is profoundly personal. You either believe or you dont. Organised religion can be used and manipulated for good and ill much like all 'groupings' of people. In that respect Atheism share a lots of similar characteristics. In its organised form it has arguably proved itself to be certainly no better, and arguably worse in many ways when achieving power. State-sponsored atheism has provided some stunning examples of the devaluation of human life. I have always attributed this tendency to the lack of supernatural consequence or future punishment of 'earthly' actions when Power and Atheism collide. In a way its interesting to consider that human beings have always needed naked 'fear' to curtail their worst excesses. Whether its the fear of breaking social mores and conventions or of God. Anyway, God probably is resigned to the fact that the excesses of housing bubbles would lead to worldwide financial meltdown and the flux required for Armageddon The Four Horseman are saddling up.....
  4. You'll be waiting a while if your wishing Spurs to go under. Last accounts showed the club was one of the 3 least indebted clubs in the league iirc + considered the best financially run club by Deloitte and Touche iirc. 1. West Ham are in trouble for obvious reasons (icelandic chairman who was top man at Kaupthing i think) 2. Liverpool owners have to roll over debt via RBS & Wachovia in FEB and it aint looking good (Dubai will step in) 3. Portsmouth are in trouble as Gayadamak has lost stacks in the troubles. 4. Arsenal interest me as the drop out rate from their redevelopment of Highbury might be in trouble so says someone I know - otherwise circa £330m of debt and Usmanov might not be the saviour as he lost a stack in Russia over the last 2 months. 5. Chelsea - Ambramovich apparently lost a stack like Usmanov so there is a small chance he could 're-focus'. 6. Man United - You would have to suggest that the Glazer's will be looking at thier re-financing of £750m+ debt with nervousness (whenever that is). The sooner the Sky-Ball generation goes bust the better. A ring-fenced top 4 creaming all the spoils and a general money=success paradigm has poisioned the game. I found it all much more palatable back when I first got a season ticket at Spurs in 1989 for £80 (£160 if adult). Even America realised that laissez-faire economics does not a competitive league make. Ironically the ole USA employs a socialist model of sport under an all-powerful league commissioner (i.e. not the FA who sold out to the break away top 5 of which my club bears a responsibility).
  5. I am never really sure why people try to represent things as black & white when so clearly almost everything is shades of grey. Surveying the scene and the actions being taken it would seem that we are experiencing deflation at the moment which morph into high-inflation thereafter. Its quite faesible that we are getting both at the same time but in differing ratio's. I am not a Goldbug but I have been looking hard at it over the last 3 years and some gold insurance would seem a wise & prudent course if looking at it rationally (i.e. the potential range of outcomes that may play out). If you arrive at that conclusion it then becomes a question of how to invest. Physical is running out, overpriced against spot (although who cares what you pay if worst case scenario sends its value vertical), Gold platforms such as GoldMoney and Bullionvault provides some mental obstacles to overcome in how practical it is to own gold in this way in a worse case scenario. ETF's are the other course it would seem and if you choose this path then you have faith that the mechanism for redeeming any value remains in place and do not foresee a total meltdown in your risk analysis. A few people I have spoken to about all this are aware of what is in play and some have decided not to play with Gold. Not that they dont believe its the right path necessarily but because they are not comfortable with the consequences and subsequent responsibility of being right and have after much thought decided they would sit with the 'people' in any biblical aftermath (sort of a blitz spirit/or faith based positivity - where human generosity and kindness is the chosen course of individuals who as a group make up a society and its values). Its an interesting viewpoint.
  6. Agreed Osbourne is lightweight. Hague has the cerebral capacity and the political cunning to ram home a point with elan. He could also do well to persuade Ken Clarke to be Shadow Chancellor as an alternative option - credibility and the person who picked up pieces from the last bust and returned Britain to prosperity. A real heavyweight who is not particularly held back by his previous association with the Thatcher years. Having said that I am apolitical but Broon and Labour need to be kicked out to think again.
  7. Frankly if you are less than confident about chucking all your savings into Bullionvault and suddenly becoming a Goldbug (which I am sure a majority struggle to feel comfortable with for various reasons) there really is no other choice than NS&I for 'relative' piece of mind. Of course the government could decide to inflate your saving away or default but by then I think all hell would be breaking loose. The majority arent happy to suddenly feel like they have to become Gold speculators so that they can survive.
  8. I have had enough of dancing and I am going to put 85% of my funds in NS&I Easy Access Savings Account and pray for the best. 1). How long does it take to set-up NS&I? (I have the form to fill in and post). 2). Can we send in multiple cheques if the funds are spread between me and my wifes different savings accounts? Any help on those questions would be appreciated.
  9. More like HBOS - largest savings bank and previously the biggest mortgage lender outside F&F.
  10. The guarantee is only a guarantee if a smallish bank goes bust. If a biggish bank goes bust then kiss goodbye as far as I am concerned as I seem to remember there was only about £400m in the pot at last sight and the time you would wait to get your recompense would be likely to be a long and stressful period in your life. I decided a while ago that it is better to pick the bank that you feel most confident in (do your own research as they say) and be done with it. Hence Lloyds has more that three quarter of my house fund which is far far over the 35k guarantee. Lowish exposure to the derivatives market, lowish profits in comparison with their bonanza peers due to their more conservative approach. The high probability that if it was ever under threat then the other high street banks will have gone before them and its time to kiss your ass goodbye anyway. The philosophy of spreading the cash around is sound but not supported by reality IMHO. I am still not completely sold on gold either as the alternative.
  11. http://www.reuters.com/article/rbssFinanci...08?rpc=401& KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8 (Reuters) - Bursa Malaysia has suspended derivative trading for the rest of the morning session on Monday due to unresolved technical problem, Bursa said. "The exchange is currently working to resolve the issue and will keep the market updated," Bursa said in a statement. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Sept. 8 (Bloomberg) -- London Stock Exchange Group Plc, Europe's oldest independent exchange, said a computer fault caused the longest halt of trading in more than eight years. ``We are currently preparing to re-enable connectivity,'' the London-based exchange said on its Web site today. No orders can be entered and no trade executions will occur, the LSE said. The exchange said it will resume trading in a ``controlled way,'' without estimating how long that will take. The fault has left some traders without prices for more than two hours. http://www.moneyweb.co.za/mw/view/mw/en/pa...1&sn=Detail 08 September 2008 10:51 Trade has been halted on the JSE due to technical difficulties. The bourse rose strongly this morning on the back of stronger global markets. It is likely that the JSE's problems are related to those of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which is also experiencing difficulties.
  12. what would be the pitfalls of doing this? The landlord would be an owner occupier who cannot sell but has bought elsewhere. Here are the thoughts going through my head... 1. How do you guarantee that they wont go bust along with your cash? 2. We would be kicked out and out of pocket. 3. I know of several people that have done it but surely the contracts are arranged differently? Any thoughts would be gratefully received. P.S. It would be a 20% discount on the advertised rental price.
  13. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Fannie, Freddie Are Too Big in Mortgages to Fail, Lawmakers Say "July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the largest buyers of U.S. home loans, are too big for the government to let them fail, leading Republican and Democratic lawmakers said. The government-chartered companies, which own or guarantee about half the $12 trillion of U.S. mortgages, can count on a federal lifeline, said Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona and Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York. The remarks by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate and the head of the congressional Joint Economic Committee followed a slide in the firms' shares to the lowest level since 1991. They indicate Congress would push the administration to use government funds to prevent the companies failing and threatening a deeper housing recession." So only $6 Trillion riding on this then .
  14. This is big enough to collapse the whole world economy. &......there is no way out. Has the armageddon moment come? You decide
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