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  1. Not greatly different to tax credits. Pension relief effectively 73% iirc. Even higher for higher earners.
  2. wouldnt pension avc's/baye schemes offer 73% marginal savings (basic rate payer) when factoring in tax credits?just a thought.. will uc be similar?
  3. shouldnt the standard allowance also be added to child element? that would keep 2 x nmw in uc...
  4. Just an update - the 2 properties are still left empty - I am keeping an eye out as I wouldnt mind one of them (at the right price). Anyone else think its a bit odd its been so long to be put up for sale? Anybody else seeing many repossessed properties coming through?
  5. http://www.northwalesweeklynews.co.uk/conw...55243-23559948/ "Cllr Bob Squire blames bedsit accommodation on the town’s decline and believes a regeneration plan will now finally see the rejuvenation of the town." Someone agrees with the theory of the number of bedsits dragging the town down. Looking like local 'bounce' is cooling of. Very few sold boards going up now however very few quality properties coming onto market. A number of flats in Colwyn Bay/Llandudno area listed in forthcoming Allsop auction.
  6. just a query regarding the thread title - a couple of people I know have had their houses repossessed during Feb this year - I find it strange their properties have not yet hit the market. Anyone got and ideas how long it usuaaly takes until they do? Perhaps the banks are withholding some properties??
  7. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wale...55578-23251175/ Anglesey-based estate agent Melfyn Williams, a past president of the National Association of Estate Agents, said: “The figures confirm what we have said for months that the prices in the north west of Wales have hit bottom and are beginning to rise. “We are seeing mid-range properties, which have had their asking prices reduced, begin to sell and a few at the top end of the market have also sold. Previously it was only the affordable housing or terraced properties that were selling Looks like Anglesey EA's are also loving it. Lets hope its a blip....
  8. yep ccbc seeing lots of SSTC. estate agents lording it. new listings £ defo back on the up.
  9. Im seeing quite a few properties going to SSTC in between Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. Ive also read this recently http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wale...55578-22858329/ 'Green shoots' mentioned??!! Cant understand why they are selling (if they do go through that is) Will be interesting to see agreed prices in a few months...
  10. Recently contacted local newspaper to ask why it hadnt been reported that my local area (Conwy, North Wales) has suffered the worst fall in prices in the UK according to land reg. A week later we get this http://www.northwalesweeklynews.co.uk/conw...55243-22397426/ “Although these figures look bad it must be borne in mind that property prices rose faster here in the boom years than anywhere else in Wales because we had a huge influx of people from outside the area because it is such a desirable area,” said Elaine Fletcher of Conwy estate agent Fletcher and Poole. “There was also a high demand for properties as second homes and the buy-to-let market. Because prices rose so steeply they have also fallen steeply, but I honestly believe things are levelling out now, and in fact this November has been busier in terms of sales than November last year.” Her theory was supported by Iwan Williams, who owns a Llanrwst estate agency. “When prices in an area rise quickly, they go down quickly and that is what’s happened here, but I believe we have now experienced the bottom of the market. November has been busier than the previous November and the signs are that December will also be a good month for sales." Take it I should buy now then? Or anyone got any suggestions what I should write back in with?
  11. people starting to notice... http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/credit-and-lo...e_id=9&ct=5 "Over the past year the overall number of 0% balance transfer deals has been cut back with 75% of firms now offering deals compared with 82% in October 2007. There were 103 such cards on the market a year ago, but only 87 remain today. The introductory period of these cards has also been reduced: across the market the average introductory period has been reduced from 10.1 months to 9.5, according to price comparison website MoneyExpert.com. "
  12. Rumour has it the buyer of the flat in C Bay for £15.5k realised they've overpaid and put it back up for auction.... a further 33% off anyone?? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-198...p;mam_disp=true
  13. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/article52613.ece A SEASIDE flat which a year ago fetched £133,950 has now sold for a PITIFUL £15,500 as house prices across Britain nosedive, the News of the World can reveal. The staggering 88 PER CENT price drop is the starkest indication yet that the credit crunch has sent now the housing market into freefall. Our investigations turned up scores of properties—most of them repossessed by banks and building societies— that are now worth a fraction of their previous value. Loser Biggest loser was the three-room apartment a short stroll from the beach in COLWYN BAY. The £15,500 price tag means its value has plummeted £118,450 in 13 months—a loss of around £300 A DAY. £15.5k for a place in Criminal Bay?? no thanks....
  14. The FTSE futures at IG Index are pointing towards a 300 point fall at opening tomorrow. Now below 4000....
  15. " It's looking very black across the asian markets right now......biggest drop at the mo is -3% " Now > 4% ....
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