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  1. Looking at their lending performance for 2019 they are approximately tracking 2018 so as much as people here would like to believe an imminent collapse it more looks like their growth will plateau through 2019.
  2. Isn't this why Britannia Hotels switched to housing illegal immigrants.
  3. Cheers I withdrew about 1800 early this year.
  4. Ive got £4000 sitting in Lendy☹️ I may get some back but its relatively small loss against the 60K In profits I have made on P2P since 2009.
  5. Nope. represented myself and a colleague at an Employment Tribunal. The Council employed a QC - they still lost. Prior to this I had spent 13 years working as an EHO, been a witness in court at least 15 times and lost count of the number of licensing hearings I attended and PACE interviews I conducted.
  6. Thats effectively what lower and middle ranks get. My scam unlawful redundancy from LG was one week for each year of service. Mind you I took them for unfair dismissal and represented a colleague, they lost and their costs were >100K and that was just visible costs so they might have been better to offer me an enhancement to leave on good terms? I can't quite describe the pleasure one gets from cross examining your former boss and half of HR and there is no pulling of rank
  7. Sellers in my part of Essex (Brentwood / Billericay) are reluctant to reduce prices at all. I don't want to buy but have calculated a divorce will cost more than a HPC and at least I won't have to deal with knut landlords anymore We offered 490K on a 500K house - refused Also 455k on a 475k house - refused 415K on a 450K house - refused 475K on a 575K house (but which needed 80K of work to get it to a comparable value ot other 575K houses in the area. 375K on a 400K house - refused and still on the market 6 months later.
  8. If you own another property anywhere the SD on a million quid house will be 73000 My wife owns a one bed rabbit hutch in Adelaide - investment property?. That will add a 3% SD surcharge on the house her she has taken a liking to at 550K.....
  9. We dump all our earnings that would attract 40% tax into AVC's / SIPPS Investments in: Shares - usually target high dividend shares for ISA and SIPP P2P spread across 5 different providers. Annual return >5%. About a 1/3rd with ISA coverage so tax free. Use premium bonds to hold cash in short / medium term. Returns similar to a cash ISA and could win a biggy.
  10. Funding the internet police has to come from somewhere. Who else is going to take action over people people saying something mildly derogatory about Islam.
  11. I am not pleading poverty oh Strawman. I am simply stating that we are observing our propensity to save being eroded. We have middle incomes which are stagnant and are watching those incomes be eroded away by inflation I have savings by virtue of selling a house plus some investments - that is a separate issue
  12. Agree with this. My wife and I are watching our propensity to save be eroded away. We have just about milked every cost saving. Council tax bill for 2019-20 came this morning. The *****s have put it up 4.7%. That alone will eat up a quarter of my usual 1% pay rise after tax.
  13. Fingers crossed Although property still selling like hot cakes where I live. ?
  14. What date is the Halifax index out? Last month it was the 7th so can I assume it will be tomorrow?
  15. Once my wife has permanent UK residency we are thinking about doing a stint in Dubai/ Abu Dhabi or Qatar. She is a senior process engineer, in high demand and can speak some arabic. Its also close to Iran so we can pop over regularly to see family and get cheapo dental treatment? We have concluded that the UK and Australia is just a rat race for middle income earners where you have to run ever faster to stay in the same place (Red Queen).
  16. Jeez. People have the cheek to criticise the SA80. Providing it is properly serviced and maintained its brutally accurate and reliable in the field. When I was in the TA I could routinely get 6-7 inch groupings at 300 metres with a SUSAT equipped SA80. Even less with the LSW on a tripod.
  17. Most the buyers were chinese I suppose this is one way for Oz to balance the books?
  18. From what we have seen Billericay is full of boomers with either big fat pensions and or big redundancy payments. They want to downsize but are not under any real financial duress to do so.
  19. We are looking to buy (i'd rather not but priced a divorce higher than the risk of a HPC and TBF I'm also sick of renting). Anyway nothing selling but owners will not budge on price either. We offered 455 on a place up for 485. Agent put offer in but advised that owner won't consider offers below 475. A stalemate.
  20. At the moment they work round the planning limitations by building at a snails pace. In some ways I suppose it makes sense as if they dump a shed load of houses on an area in a short time period that itself will significantly deflate prices and this will put buyers off.
  21. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but Nationwide saying +0.3% for January 2019 https://www.nationwide.co.uk/about/house-price-index/headlines I like this bit? Modest 0.3% increase month-on-month after taking account of seasonal factors
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