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  1. Kurt Barlow

    400% Council Tax Hike Proposed

    Try walking round Westminster at night at see how many apartments have any lights on.
  2. I like the description of the Go Karting Stadium They decided to persevere, and went looking for the go-karting stadium. "We found it in a clearing in the forest," Laura says. "It was a mess. A shambles. An overgrown shambles. And in the middle of it was a dead goat." Sounds like a top end Pontins caravan park.
  3. Kurt Barlow

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    Prezzo in Billericay dead this lunchtime. Including the 3 of us there were about 12 people in there.
  4. I was talking to my uncle over xmas. He is retired but he used to run a local authority planning and EH department in London. He was saying the London market is still awash with foreign money. He sorts out all the planning applications and negotiations for a Russian property developer. He doesn't really agree with the whole thing but then the Russian pays him 2K a week for 3-4 days work.
  5. Perhaps they should recruit all those Doctors and Engineers coming out of Syria and Africa....... Whats the betting this is based on the following: Attracting young childless workers for fixed term contract period VISA's who will return to their countries of origin at the end of the VISA period No social benefits
  6. Kurt Barlow

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    Wifeys aunt is trying to sell in Adelaide but failed to sell. I was told this was because buyers are refusing to pay the market price😄
  7. Kurt Barlow

    Supersized mortgages are back

    I think lending 9x gross income is as barking as a 120% mortgage.
  8. Kurt Barlow

    Supersized mortgages are back

    My wife and I with a combined income of approx 110K and a 50% deposit were offered zilch as my wife has not been a resident for 2 years.
  9. Kurt Barlow

    Converstaions with BTLs

    My wife has a unit in Adelaide, mortgage free and rented out. Net earnings are about 6K sterling. The income is declared here but she put the entire sum in to her AVC so gets full tax relief. Its still a pain for us because if we buy here we will get hit with a 3% SD surcharge but trying to persuade her to sell it is a fruitless task.
  10. Kurt Barlow

    The House Price Crash has started ?

    The cracks are forming in the South East Essex market. Nothing selling in Billericay and surrounding villages despite the claim the area is awash with cash. Coincidentally at night the towns restaurants are pretty much empty.
  11. Kurt Barlow

    Forced Sellers Starting to Appear

    UBS talking property bubbles and house price correction (polite banksters word for a crash) https://www.ubs.com/global/en/wealth-management/chief-investment-office/our-research/life-goals/2018/global-real-estate-bubble-index-2018.html?campID=SOME-CIOGREBI2018-UK-ENG-FACEBOOK-UBS-GREBI-MAP-20180927-BANNER-ANY-PAID&fbclid=IwAR1-v0OyOufpwzAPFiaqsZuQsfwcwGWr925SugyOB867exQADs_NPqiS7CQ
  12. Kurt Barlow

    The 10 yrs after the Credit crunch thread

    We actually did. I get a discount card for Tescos through my employer( I don't work for them) and this week they had a special on with a 6% discount (its usually 4%0 so we did a mega shop buying up all the chocky and biscuit boxes we will hand out to relatives and friends at Xmas. Lots of 2 for 1 offers plus a 6% discount on the shop I can't use the discount card in the petrol station so I save our vouchers for there - me being a tight ****.
  13. Kurt Barlow

    The 10 yrs after the Credit crunch thread

    Like Tescos trying to get you to buy all your Xmas choccy's on 2 for a fiver offers in September.
  14. Kurt Barlow

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    I see Nick Clogg has been employed by Facebook.

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