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  1. Yes, the only thing preventing a bank run is the bank's reserves of cash from which it provides the 190GBP, which is why banks must have a certain amount of cash in reserve to cover such situations.Of course, this 'fractional reserve' system only works as long as everyone doesn't pull out their money at once. What's worse is that the builder then deposits his 90GBP in his bank who then lends out 80GBP to a fisherman. So the original 100 is now 270 !
  2. Some anecdotal evidence: 1. A pack of potatoes at my corner shop have just gone up 15% in price for 20% smaller packs. 2. Tesco 2kg red lentils went up by 50% in price a few weeks back. 3. This morning a received a letter telling my my rent is incresing by 17%.
  3. I quit my 55k/a city job 2 years ago as it wasn't worth it with the sky high prices and rent. Currently living as a property guardian up north paying 180/month rent all in, but increasingly tempted by a move to Ireland.
  4. Have you seen this: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article42910.html
  5. Total count is 10.8 million Looks like a bubble to me !
  6. The BoE subsidiary BEAPFF balance sheet would collapse but the taxpayer is liable. Could run into many many (hundreds?) of billions.
  7. Reminds me of the the architect in Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain (warning: explicit nudity!)
  8. If the Treasury pays interest to itself then I'd say the gilts (debt not deficit) held by BoE are effectively cancelled, assuming of course the QE is never unwound. Actually 'cancelled' is the wrong word since the Treasury would still be paying 0.5% to the BoE via the APF, which begs the question why is QE money being lent by BoE at interest ?
  9. , effectively cancelling 30% of the debt. If QE continues at the current rate the entire debt should be cancelled around 7 years from now. In other words a (hyper?)inflationary default by stealth.
  10. This historic chart (scroll down) suggests bonds flat lining up to 1950 then a 30-year bear followed by a 30-year bull. But yes, now we're at 300-year highs. Apparently it was nationalised in 1946 but I've been unable to ascertain who from. My guess would be the Rothschilds but I've no idea what kind of deal was struck. Agreed. In fact it's in plain view on your US dollar bill... Novus Ordo Seclorum is being engineered by the all-seeing eye (masters) sitting atop the pyramid (slaves).
  11. Don't you mean 30 year bull ? I agree a healthy market should correct but this is rigged to hell. IMHO the BoE and (privately owned) Fed Reserve will do all they can to prevent a bond market collapse so I expect to see more rounds of QE and increased inflation feeding through, perhaps massively 5 years from now. This also has the advantage (to the banksters) of devaluing the $ and GBP in the ongoing currency war.
  12. This has gone far enough. In 2 weeks I quit my 50k/yr job in the City to go and live up north for less than 7k/year!
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