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  1. Moving overseas is a big decision and should, in my opinion, only be made for positive reasons. Also key is making sure your family really want to go as well and they will have something to do. Sure there are things we don't like about the UK but this will be the same where ever you go. We have been in Hong Kong for three and a half years and there are some great reasons to live here but things we miss are: Family and friends, A garden, Good pub garden, Some 'british' foods, The seasons, the humidity in summer in HK is horrendous, Cheap property! Going to football,
  2. Also wrong. Finished your sentence for you. Labour historically spend, spend, spend, the Tories have to come in and clean up the mess only for the general public to vote Labour back in!!
  3. Last April all senior managers and a certain level and above got a pay freeze. Did get fairly good bonuses though. Not sure if there will be any pay rises this year - may be an average 1-2%. Entitlement to business class travel now 6 hours instead of 4. A lot of training / conferences cancelled during 2008 / early 2009. (Now starting to increase again). A few thousand jobs redundant over the last couple of years throughout the Group.
  4. Err, Mike are you suggesting anyone that doesn't pay tax should not be allowed to vote? What about the unemployed or housewives etc? Also being non domiciled does not mean you don't pay UK tax.
  5. Also worth noting if you take shares in lieu of dividends you still need to pay the tax.
  6. Are you being serious or is your 100-120K valuation in Vietnam Dong?
  7. Am a bit stuck myself at the moment. Have about 83% sterling, 10% Hong Kong dollar, 4% equities and 3% gold. Have been heavy sterling as was fully expected to return to the UK early next year but thankfully it looks like I will have a reprieve and be able to stay in Hong Kong long term. Now seriously need to consider rebalancing my portfolio. I am fully expecting the stock markets to come down significantly but I also have grave concerns about sterling. Am considering Swiss / Canadian currencies. Any thought?
  8. Correct, HSBC were forced by the FSA to relocate its Head Office to the UK when it saved Midland Bank. It is now however a UK based bank, with its major listing on the FTSE. By the way HSBC was started by the Scottish albeit in Asia! USD17 billion figure quoted earlier is wrong by the way.
  9. This is old news I believe. Basically 2-3 traders bet heavily on this and senior management considered closing the trades as house prices continued to rise for a while. In the end they made a lot of cash and the traders pocketed over USD100 million in bonuses.
  10. Down, down deeper and down. People are starting to realise that when the stimuli run out the economy is screwed. Take out all the government spending and the collapse in GDP looks frightening.
  11. You should count yourself lucky the UK has had free banking for so long. In other countries people have had to pay for the service for years. Do you expect supermarkets to give you free food??
  12. Bloke from our UK office has recently retired and has been looking to retire to Yorkshire. Put his house (home counties) on for an "above market" price and it sold within a week. Has already exchanged and will have to move in to rental for a few weeks until his house in Yorkshire completes.
  13. Nearly finished our Christmas shopping. Main objective was getting presents we could fit in the suitcase and still have enough room for clothes for a couple of weeks. A lot of shops in HK are already discounting - mid season sale apparently. Getting a fair number of e-mails from amazon etc about Christmas bargins - not sure if the on-line retailers are suffering. By the way if anyone wants to be me a present I could do with some after shave.
  14. Property seems to be rocketing in Hong Kong. Bloke in the office is in the process of completing on an apartment in HK for HKD4.15 million. Apparently worth HKD4.5 million. Anyway, got someone at work to check and it previously sold for HKD3 million in September 2008.
  15. What I find even more worrying is that a surprisingly high number of people think Brown is doing a good job.
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