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  1. ffs. He said there was no US-Venezuela trade. He said the US stopped trade between any US Trading partner and Venezuela He made the same staements about Cuba. He was totally and demonstrably wrong on every count. Stop trying to argue that black is white - it makes you look stupid.
  2. "which is why they still have trade embargos etc and won't let any of their trade partners trade with them either." That bit.
  3. You're doing it again. Stop making things up.
  4. CON, I have a share dealing account with TD Waterhouse that allows instant transfer between a basket of currencies including the 2 above.
  5. Oh dear. This rather undermines the theory that the invasion was all about enriching US oil interests doesn't it? How embarrassing.
  6. I notice she expects the taxpayer to buy her a house in Islington. Very New Labour.
  7. No, it's not. It's quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Anyone can own a bit of it.
  8. I've seen some ******** in my time but that quote really does take the biscuit. A 1.9% fall is also consistent with houses being worth nothing in about 50 months time Muppets.
  9. I (honestly) don't want to appear thick here, but how does this differ from the current law / procedures? I mean, if someone owes money, how is this legally recovered at present. If court appointed bailiffs can't break in, how is the money recovered? spiv.
  10. Yes, same situation. Money moved first thing Moday and still not appeared as of today.
  11. Bear Monger, out of interest when exactly did you withdraw the cash? My missus removed our money first thing Monday morning and it still hasn't appeared in her account. It seems to be lost in the ether somewhere.
  12. This is obviously out of most of our leagues, but if/when this ripples down...... Check the brochure for the orginal price. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-222...=4&tr_t=buy spiv
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