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  1. I tried to look up the 123 reversal pattern but I didn't find anything that I could understand. It looks a little like a double top to me. Are you expecting the price to go up from here? Personally I am expecting it to go down as it touched a fib retrace ceiling, didn't break out of a fib fan, and looks like a double top but I am an in-experienced noob in this stuff!
  2. I suspect that the study is a bit sh1tty and merly projects from the current position in a straight line into the future. I doubt that things will go in a straigt line for the next 90 years or else house prices will also be £1 billion and a loaf of bread will be £10,000 (not even accounting for hyper inflation). How will anyone afford a loaf of bread when they only earn the national average wage of ~£28,000 - diets all round me thinks! That said this paragraph gave me a chortle. They will need a pot of £2.4million and are only allowed a pot of £1.5million! Joined up thinking at its best and fantastic journalism to boot I expect. Now how much more manure do I need to shovel today?
  3. You may want to do a bit more research than just looking on this site, you will almost always get a 'don't buy now' here at the moment. Mortgage interest rates can can not get much lower so they will need to rise, the question that no-one can answer is when. You should ask yourself if you can afford the increases when the rises come or will you be selling - probably into a falling market at that time.
  4. IDS up before the Work and Pensions Select Committee over his abuse of statistics.
  5. Another article in yesterdays Telegraph specifically about UC failures as well. The comments in both articles are universally scathing.
  6. An interesting TED talk on charity funding and how they way they raise money is completely wrong, it is 18 minutes long.
  7. Astounding, the return of the window tax is not far behind.
  8. The Guardian A good idea to encourage work and prevent people getting into trouble, but wait ... So, lend them money to stop them getting into debt. Fantastic idea! We all need more debt! Gold star for Labour. The only sliver of hope I can see to rescue this policy is: So details may change. How long would it be after this comes in that for the first 6 months of unemployment the ONLY benefit available will be this loan therefore essentially removing the benefits system for the short term unemployed? What a bunch of tuckwits.
  9. I think you are missing the point. If I took £100,000 and adjusted it to 1970's cash and went back to the 1970's I would not need a mortgage. You are suggesting that I use that £100,000 as a deposit rather than an outright purchase and borrow an additional £210,000 (costing ~£420,000 with interest?). I am therefore far worse off than my dad as he could have used that same cash for an outright purchase.
  10. Adding to my previous drunken rant that didn't offer much advice. I always take plenty of photos before I leave a property in case the agency tries something on. I have heard that you can post them to yourself so that they get a post stamp on them with the date to prove when they were taken. Don't open it, but give it to the small claims court if things get that bad. As other posters have implied, try to make them feel guilty so that they will act - good luck.
  11. I am dunk so I will apologise in advance. You should never have let him have the original. I would have let him have a copy if he had agreed to sign the copy as a copy, other than that I think it would have been best to tell him to whistle for it and tell him to leave or call the police if he hadn't given you two weeks written notice that he was visiting and prosecute. In business people are scum, in life they are O.K. You had a business relentionship, treat it as such. Humans are unpleasant when they want something so treat them as the enemy in those cases or expect nothing. If you could prove ownership of your agreement then tell him that you can prove any allegations against him even if it requires a 400x zoom USB microscope to find fraudulent reprints. Destroy viruses and save yourself, most landlords are viruses.
  12. I ignored the consumer sh1te part of the argument as I don't think it makes us better off, and that was the title of the Wail article. Hence I concentrated on housing as I think that is one of the main factors that can make people better or worse off.
  13. I know this is the wail and I should stop reading it but: Using this inflation calculator to input £100,000 in today's money would have been worth £7,710. My dad bought a large 4 bedroom home with a front and back garden on a single university lecture's salary in 1968 for £8,100. That house was resold in 2012 for £310,000. So £100,000 in 1968's money could buy almost that entire house, but today can only buy 1/3rd of it. RightMove has a single 2 bedroom flat in that area for £100,000 So they seem to be saying that a 2 bedroom flat is that same as a large 4 bedroom house. I know housing has gone up by more than the rate of inflation, but the sheeple are getting feed garbage like this to keep them controllable and that significantly depresses my standard of living.
  14. From an interview with the departing head of the FSA since the financial crisis started: The vice-chairman of several high profile banks didn't understand the very fundamentals of the business he was running. Did he get his position through his lordly contacts and not merit by any chance? It took him 3 years to realise how badly run the FSA and the banks were? It sounds like he has an IQ of significantly under 100. ??? pardon ??? I'll pass on your wonderful insights and talk to a 5 year old about the crisis instead. This is the guy who has been the head of the FSA since the financial crisis started. TPTB are becoming more transparent about their activities, with Cyprus and this a5sehole giving an interview they must be wanting to be discovered for the thieves they are. He is nothing but a shill for the bankers.
  15. If the call from the agency was just to tell you that your landlord was considering giving you notice to quit it then it sounds to me as if you haven't received notice to quit yet. If the agency told you that the landlord was giving you notice to quit then that notice period starts from the day you were told (unless your contract states it must be in writing). I will also suggest that you clarify with your agent. Good luck; notice to quit must be a real pain in the ar5e if you are comfortable there.
  16. My understanding is that the banks are using QE to shore up their balance sheets (the money is not spent). As they hold on to the money it is not being spent and velocity drops. However, if they manage to recover then they will begin to loan that money out in order to make a profit. As they begin to loan out that money the velocity increases and so will prices. The only solution is to remove the QE from the money supply as a recovery takes hold.
  17. Lets just wait until the velocity of that QE money picks up, then we will have inflation Mr King. As it is I think he has already abandoned the inflation target and his actions will either cause stagnation for decades or the return to 1970's that he claims to fear so much. What a knob. Tr-la-la-la-la, stick my fingers in my ears, as I am Mr. Tuc-king. More printy-printy.
  18. I am a bit more cynical than you and would think that many landlords would not bother to follow the codes. The councils would take years to get around to a prosecution and it would be at least a decade or more before anything really changes. By that time the government will be happy to encourage the housing market again and they will rip down the regulations to encourage 'entrepreneurs'.
  19. He could have bought a place for £200,000 leaving £410,000 and lived a fairly frugel life on £10,000 per year (minimum wage with no rent to pay) for 40 years until he reached retirement. What a tuckwit. I am sure he would have been able to find another acceptable way to earn a living in that time that did not require being a corporate slave. Thanks for the schadenfreude, the quicker the zombies stop walking the better. Don't feed the zombies!
  20. http://www.nwia.co.uk/pensions/pension-bankrupt.htm The pension is guaranteed by the government and so the money will be there unless civil disorder has taken over the country or high/hyper-inflation has eroded its value, it is the poor suckers who have to pay for those inflated liabilities that I feel sorry for. Pensions are a continuously running ponzi scheme that to me represent poor value.
  21. An excellent question to ask, I am sure that Cameron will be grateful for the additional toilet paper that he will use this for. I think there is zero chance that prosecutions will occur in any significant numbers and certainly not for the Fred Goodwin's of the country. Andrew Bailey should be forced to make an immediate apology for his comments, and then be sacked. The government should then go and find some guilty bankers and throw them in jail to show that it is actually serious about prosecution of high level criminals and its role as protector of the citizenry.
  22. An anger inducing story: No one is worth 100 times more than someone else who is willing to work. I am sure that 100 sensible and motivated people could have done his job better than Skinner-Flint could have. It sounds like the rich supplemented the loss of their income by squeezing the people lower down. A failure of her earlier education led her and her probably middle class parents to believe that a luxury subject such as art could be studied at degree level and provide worthwhile input to society. Specialisation in such subjects is only possible due to over-specialisation in more fundamental requirements such as food production and the availability of shelter. I think the universities preyed upon naive people such as her. Her parents may have been middle class but there was little chance of her being able to afford the same lifestyle. People seem to think that the existence of mobile phones and IPads makes us better off. Statistics like that would say otherwise. It is a shame that so few people realise what is happening. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, it seems like most people ended up going to sleep. Minimum wage is a paradox that prevents those whose labour is worth less from devaluing their labour against those who are more skilled. If one person with 9 O'Levels goes for the same minimum wage job as one with 2 O'Levels then the former will get the job as the latter cannot reduce the value of his labour. Minimum wage point to a paradox and the only solution can be in a reform of the social system that causes the requirement of a minimum wage. Tinkering with minimum wage itself will only profit one group against another while we do not have full employment or a sensible benefits system. The current chances of getting either are zero. The guy in the article works 52 hours a week and still needs help to provide food and has fallen behind on the rent. What time do the riots start?
  23. How depressing. All the people who shouldn't be in a house have them and the sensible who could potentially have one in a realistic economic system don't. I have been out-priced by idiots who will live in a lovely house for years with tax-payers/savers assistance while I am stuck. Unfortunately it looks like BOE are not planning on raising interest rates any time soon and so the skewed game continues. On what rational planet does a first house mean £250,000? Where are they hoping to end up after moving up the ladder - properties worth £500,000, £1 million, more? It is almost enough to make me puke. </rant> I really hope you are right, but I am beginning to give up.
  24. Ha-ha, respected? How many first time buyers buy a £250,000 house? I guess that answers the previous posters question about what counts as a first time buyer. It looks like it is people who are buying without an existing house to sell, or how else could a FTB buy a house at that price. Tuckwitted, self interested sh1thole of a country.
  25. then immediately moved out and let it at a nice profit due to their discount from the tax payer no doubt. When you buy a place under the right to buy scheme it would make more sense to say that you must live in it yourself. The taxpayer should be providing essentials for people in need and not generating a nice profit that gets spent on luxuries by those who have enough for a deposit.
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