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  1. Interesting pic - a good find. Bottom left - Note under head of woman on floor reads: "6 cents: Good for six cents payable in liquor at my store". The store owner printing his own money and backing it with liquor? Woman with hand out to fat cat banker who has a folder with "Bonds and mortgages" written on it. Lawyers office "Peter Pillage - attorney at law - notary public" Why does it appear that not a single thing since then has really changed?
  2. The Scottish government seems to be moving in the direction of LVT: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-27555854 Summary: I am not sure why it is such a difficult process to register an estate!
  3. This has actually gone to court a couple of times but I no longer have the bookmarks. IIRC one of the cases was successful in Austrailia where the court ruled in the homeowners favour (but it almost certainly went to appeal) and another was going through the American courts. It was a long time ago that I read about those cases and so I am very hazy on the details.
  4. I assume that if there are enough problems between two groups then they could agree to separate the country. I think that is what happened with India and Pakistan. However I think a very small group would have trouble in the same same way that me declaring my house an independent nation would not be accepted.
  5. According to Wiki Orkney was taken in as a part of Scotland in 1492 after being annexed by Norway a in 875 (originally being Scottish). Does that not mean that it has never been an independent country? If so then it would be easy to deny independence to them. The reason Scotland can become independent is because it was the Act of Union (and the Act of Crowns) that caused it to join with England but it was always a country in its own right. The Scottish independence movement is simply dissolving the two treaties in order to separate from the governance of England. Orkney could not do that unless it was once an independent country only governed by Scotland under treaty. I don't think it was, and so it can not ask for independence in the same way Scotland has. It can only be done by agreement and not by dissolution of treaty - and Scotland does not need to agree. Otherwise I could make my house independent and never pay any taxes!
  6. I have heard reports in a couple of places that phys is trading at a premium if you are able to sell lots of it (tonnes?). I think I heard it on KWN and read it somewhere else but it was quite a few months back. Sorry but I don't have any links.
  7. HA HA! (and was that a typo?) I wonder if he made a profit in the end after selling.
  8. Linky It wasn't all that long ago that I was reading an article saying that the taxpayer was almost in profit from the bailout. Maybe other banks have had better luck than RBS and upped the total but I would not bet on it.
  9. Link: I wonder if he tried to pay the $260 bail with the note as well. He probably worked at the fed where such notes are almost normal.
  10. Thanks for the link, that is an amazing article. Drowning them in their own p1ss is far to good for them.
  11. Linky I guess they rented the apartment and the state continued to foot the bill if the social worker could not get the person into a position of self-sufficiency. More money for the BLT'ers? It must be time to raise the rents up to $16,670 per year (minus social workers cost).
  12. Yep, the best way is not to interfere. I have a friend who is on an IO mortgage but they pay it down when they can with no penalties. I hadn't realised that IO could also be used sensibly as a payment vehicle when incomes are variable. One of the couple has a job which pays basic interest and living expenses, the other is working self-employed part time and uses that income to chip away at the capital amount. It doesn't sound like your two numpties are doing that though - I wonder where they will get the capital at the end of the term? that is a lot of money to raise. Another friend is a single mum with two children and a 16 hour a week job. She owns two houses. I think she is very lucky as she met a guy who is quite well off. She is already borrowing money for a roof repair (£15K) from him and is hocked up to the nine's in debt to family members. She paid £180K for a one bedroom flat in a reasonable part of Edinburgh - all be it on a main road. If she hadn't met this guy then I expect she would be a train wreck waiting to happen when the child tax credits stop in a few years. As it is I am taking bets on whether or not her new BF will leave her when she gets further into trouble.
  13. If it is anything like the iPhone then you would double tap on the URL to get a par of handles that you can drag over the whole URL and then select copy (which should pop up automatically). Then click the link icon in the editor and double tap, then select paste.
  14. The link won't work as it contains a swear word and the forum has replaced it. As suggested search for '$hit jobs' replacing the '$' with an 's' when you search. A fantastic article, one of the best I have read in a long time. I get the impression that the human race is very, very confused!
  15. The employer: Gave 4 hours notice to the agency (not the employee); Wanted 50 people that night(?); The potential employees would probably have been awake all day and then expected to do a full night shift for minimum wage at extremely short notice. If someone asked me to do that I would give the employer two fingers as well. The employer could be better prepared and realise that he has 50 jobs to fill and so start finding people a little earlier. The employer sounds like a tuckwitted fwat to me.
  16. I am sure that I have read that such policy is now available to the politicians in Canada, UK and a couple other countries as well (Japan?). This from Zero Hedge: If that ZH article is correct then it seems to me that this is much closer to reality that most would care to believe.
  17. Yep, head scratching. It seems they have 6 suggestions and this is the last one but I haven't read the whole report yet. Cyprus style bank confiscation in Europe may not be so far-fetched as it sounds. Thanks for posting this.
  18. I have never been a home owner but I though all new builds had a 10 year cover on them. This link may provide some useful information. Apparently 80% of new builds are covered but the cover changes after 2 years. There is a phone number to call for making a claim.
  19. Fixed the spelling but still not sure how to attach: http://sdrv.ms/1ecUwYW
  20. My attempt: My link Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to add an image to the post! (Message: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board.)
  21. Yes, you are right. I looked at the chart and didn't wait for the curve of the second top to form and so spoke too early - thanks.
  22. The chart is attached, I am not sure why you can't see it. It is hosted here on Microsoft's Skydrive and appears on machines other than the one I used to upload - maybe it is because I am logged in to Skydrive that I can see it. Yep, a nice finish but I am hoping for one more downturn as I would like to buy more! Today's price rise breaks the fib retrace on my chart and is just below the fib fan.
  23. Firstly, I am really following silver at the moment but it generally tracks gold pretty well. The blue line from the peak in 05-2011 back to 11-2009 is the fib retrace start/end with the red horizontal lines being the result. You can see the current price is sitting right on that fib retrace. The blue line from the peak in 05-2011 to 06-2012 is the fib fan start/end with the green lines being the result. You can see the current price is also just bouncing off the fan line as well. The MACD and volume have not broken out yet but the RSI did just where it hit the green fib fan line. I am expecting one more dip down for 1-2 months before take-off. I am not sure about Indian gold season being such a lift this year as they are putting various controls in place (20%) of imports must be for re-export etc. and so maybe the break-out will be a little subdued this September/October. I do appear to be the only person who thinks this as I can't find a major commentator who isn't in the upwards break out camp so if I was not me, then I wouldn't listen to me. Any comments on that chart?
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