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  1. I'm not sure how the CC companies adding a chip to the card prevents it from being used to sign up to NetFlix. Sounds to me like the CEO thinks that no one knows how to think any more and so any old bo11ocks will do as an excuse.
  2. I concur, I concur, when in doubt shout it out, I concur! ... or something like that.
  3. You must have misread in your excitement. The linked Twitter post reads: not from stable to negative. It's perfectly on message!
  4. Didn't that pustulous boil of a man just spunk £15 billion on a new welfare system called Universal Credit? He now wants to shift that over to the private sector so that they can run it without having to invest anything themselves, at the same time as creaming off their profit at the expense of the contributor.
  5. Also tried in India but with a limited duration of 12-18 months. I seem to remember that the results seen were that the villagers started getting together to build communal toilets and improve sanitation. I expect it is difficult to give up doing anything productive at all due to boredom. Hence why so many retired people do voluntary work. I also doubt that everyone would just stop being productive. Many people want nice cars, houses, private education for the kids and holidays. They wouldn't get them from a basic income and so they would continue to work.
  6. I grew up in Formby which is close by. There are some fantastic woodlands and beaches around the coastline. When I was younger I thought that Southport was a little boring (other than the arcades) so that is probably a reasonable indication that it is a good place to live. It's been 20 years since I was last there but if it is still comparable then it was a nice enough place. I never had trouble on my regular trips there for shopping, swimming or nightclubs. If I was moving back to that area I would certainly be happy considering it. As for the commute to Manchester ... your welcome to it. That's because I don't like commuting and I think it is about an hours drive isn't it? I haven't given you much to go on but that's life.
  7. I am not sure why any bankers should have immunity from prosecution for their actions for their entire lifetime. If they were to be found to create a disaster due to their action why would it not be reasonable to seize their assets in order to compensate for loss? That is apparently not possible to do and that seems unreasonable to me. I would suggest that any organisation that worked so closely with the Nazi's is not one to trust. I don't believe that a leopard such as this will really have changed its spots. I will remain suspicious that the BIS just got better at hiding until the next time it can find some prey. You have hardly provided any evidence to suggest their actions are ethical and yet you dismiss the article out of hand. It would seem to be a common ploy of multi-nationals to hide the purpose of each action from the people who work there. It is only when seen as a whole that you can understand the purpose and make a decision as to whether it is ethical or not. Your individual friends who work there could be in so close that they can't see the wood for the trees.
  8. Having read the reviews on Amazon, you have tempted me to buy it. I often give up factual books half way through - I must have a short attention span or ... ooo shiny!
  9. About 5 years ago I met a lawyer who worked on PFI contracts. She said that they were much better than they used to be. I didn't believe her then and I don't believe her now. She was almost certainly an idiot.
  10. The BIS have got themselves a nice sweet little deal haven't they: reminiscent of Lloyd Blankfein's "Goldman Sachs is doing God's work! Interesting how they got their foothold for something with ethical value [war repatriations] and then let it morph into something else. Luckily I am not cynical or I would think that the something else was actually their original plan and the initial set-up a diversion. It is just as well that they are utterly trustworthy or they might abuse their privileges! I wonder if the creation of the BIS is why the Bank of England Act was signed to hand over the BOE to the UK government. Maybe once they had the BIS they didn't need the BOE anymore and gave it away to keep people quiet. Just a wild theory but I do wonder why a private entity would give away something as powerful as the BOE and what they got in return for it.
  11. This is pretty idiotic. I bet he almost never even looks at them never mind drives them. He just stores them and forgets. I wonder how many days a year he is even in the UK for. What a waste of resources.
  12. Linky Long article but great read. has your favourite evil bad guy the Rothchild's and many more including The Guardian and The Telegraph - all corrupt. ... Governments may well be too co-opted to take action. Our ‘free media’ may be too pathetically subservient to corporate power to give the story the space it deserves. ... If Wilson’s campaign succeeds, and he is able to launch his prosecution, the results could be dramatic. HSBC has never been prosecuted for its crimes — and certainly not for the UK component of its crimes against British consumers, which most of the captured British media have suppressed. A successful prosecution against HSBC would not only help shut down the bank’s illegal activities in the UK and the US, but could open the way for citizens to bring a whole range of criminal prosecutions against dozens of financial institutions that, for far too long, have committed crimes against citizens in the comfortable belief that they are too big to jail.
  13. I would have thought it would be more like £175K at an average 5% interest rate if you use a mortgage to finance it. Lovely jubblie.
  14. The government also has a nice flanking manouvre in surprise for people when Universal Credit comes into play. The more people who are claiming housing benefit the more lazy people there are to whip and sanction. The sanctions will save that £650 million but leave the people rather unhappy! The governments policy seems to be to make people dependant on the state so that they can dictate what they must do under the threat of coercion by homelessness and hunger. It isn't right to force people into a bad situation and then punish them. Isn't this almost identical to Thatchers demolision of northern industry, leaving people without the income to survive and forcing state dependency, but this time without the option of secure long term sickness claims so that people can feed themselves? Now, where on the internet can I find a plan to show me how to build a gallows? I think I will paint it blue, red, yellow and purple but I will paint the lever that opens the trapdoor green.
  15. What do people make or this? Posters here always knew it was a ponzai but this seems an odd claim. I had to check the posting date wasn't April 1st: Millions face tax rises or 'derisory' state pension, report claims
  16. The article mentioned that he is earning $250,000 per speaking engagement.
  17. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11137589/Ben-Bernanke-I-tried-to-remortgage-but-was-turned-down.html or did the Torygraph just take a story from the Daily Mash?
  18. I didn't read the article, but it is almost as if the government nearly doubled their debt in order to bail out the corporations ... no, that can't be right.
  19. May be of use: http://www.freestockcharts.com http://www.netdania.com/ (their NetStation app may be worth a quick look)
  20. Nice piece of ignoring the main point of my reply to you there - well done
  21. It is not about free money. It is about treating people fairly and ensuring the money goes on suitable services and projects. The idea of Universal Credit is a good one, although a Citizens Income would have been far better. The problem is with the implementation of UC and the welfare reforms in general that have led to hardship for the weakest members of society. Any one of us could fall on hard times at very little notice and through no fault of our own. But sure, lets keep giving money to the rich ... ... and I would never vote Labour. I see little difference between the main parties and labour also made a mess of things.
  22. Do you think the same should go for people who fall physically ill and need the services of the NHS? Should the parents of someone who develops Emphysema from smoking sell their house to fund treatment - that would lead to private health care/insurance. How about someone with Motor Neuron Disease - something that is genetic and not caused by behaviour such as smoking? Why should mental health be any different? The amount of people who require such assistence is relativly small. As has been pointed out the main costs are banker bailouts, housing and pensions. Why punish those who are essentially the cheapest to help? The policies of the current government are divide and conqueor - while we are arguing about the welfare system, the bankers are still screwing up the econemy and costing us hundreds of billion. Isn't the national debt up by about one third (£300 billion) since this government came to power?
  23. Where are the jobs prat-face? I know one person with mental health issues who has no job and has had all his benefits stopped. He and his parents (who now support him) are most certainly more contented now - thanks IDS! As a previous poster stated, a lot of people in work have to claim benefits. China - hrmmm, is the cat out of the bag Mr. IDS? Even for a comedian he is funny. I live in Edinburgh so my best hope is independence. Interesting and possibly even sensible. However it would be better to get paid enougth to raise two children without being dependant on the state or even find a way to raise the take home pay to the level of benefits! Start by collecting corporation tax and go from there ... and Thatcher was a .... Labour ... no a Conservative politician who dumped whole towns on benefits. Two-faced IDS. May both he and it burn in hell. Until then I will continue to dream of dancing around him naked screaming for satan to take his soul. By making it a race to the bottom by any chance? Until the EU rules yet again that you can't treat one group of people different to another. The government will wate anoter load of millions fighting it of course. Christ, what a T1at IDS is. Now where did I put that receipt for my shiny new underpants?
  24. IDS loses legal appeal to keep Universal Credit problems secret It should soon be easy to tell if Labour will indeed scrap UC if they get into power. There could also be some interesting articles discrediting IDS with absolute proof that he has misled people - it couldn't happen to a nicer guy
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