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  1. YOUNG PEOPLE, BUY NOW BEFORE YOU MISS OUT! YOU HAVE FAILED IF YOU DON'T! The ramping is strong on this one. A pretty grim message to be sending out to those who are a little to young to know what is really going on. The BBC should be ashamed of themselves for publishing something that is so blatently against the interested of the target audience. I notice that one of them is a debt collector. I wonder if he will be getting a call from his collegues in a few years time.
  2. Isn't the doubling rate of an asset 10 years at 7% per year? So that is an asset starts at £15: Start: £15 10 years later: £30 20 years later: £60 30 years later: £120 40 years later: £240 50 years later: £480 So does that not mean that it has increased at slightly more than 7% per year. Surely that is a pretty good rate of return for simply holding onto it. I know this simply takes two-point-in-time and says look how great it is which is a falacy in itself but ... Is my thinking flawed? According to this ROI calculator the annualised return is 9.5%. This makes me think it is a 10% return over 7 years to get the doubling effect and not 7% over 10 years.
  3. Deutsche Bank Buys Ads to Apologize for ‘Serious Errors’ (bloomberg): I've not been following this story but it looks like two seperate fines that cost a total of ~$13.5 billion. So mortgage misconduct and money laundering by the looks of it and all blamed on a few unnamed(?) employees. I wonder what their profit was on this 'cost of business' fine. More lies and 5hite from the establishment.
  4. So he want's £1million for it really. Found this in the T&C's: Hence why they want to sell 500,000 tickets. It is the promoters profit.
  5. Says the leader of the country that holds the worlds strongest (and at one time only) reserve currency while trying not to snort his coffeee out of his nose from laughing to hard. Making friends where ever he goes!
  6. That chap certainly started out by extracting the equity in order to purchase more properties, and with a £33million portfolio I assume that is what he has continued to do. Employing 12 staff is also not cheap and so I wonder how much equity he actually has in this business. Happily, many of the properties are in his name so he will have large bills to face with S24. His response was: That's the first time I have seen why transferring property to a Limited company is expensive:
  7. Interesting article from ZH (some quotes from the ZH article are from Bloomberg): It will be interesting to see what effect this has on the figures in 12 months time. The criminals may well just find another route but with 70% of them having problems, this could be the end of Chinese investment if they can't.
  8. In a sense she is being paid, it is just that she is forced to spend whatever she earns on renting from the landlady. Without looking any numbers up: a room in Paris is probably about £600 per month. She is only paying £100 and hence 'earning' £500. On UK NMW that would be 66 hours of work a month which is 15 hours per week. As she cooks, she probably does do about 15 hours per week and is therefore on about UK NMW. Not that I am in support of such schemes. She should have the opportunity to live in her own place if she wants to and therefore be able to leave the dishes when she can't be bothered, or just eat beans on toast when she is ill. This scheme is the start of a slippery slope towards paying to be a servant. She is still paying £100 per month for this 'privilege'. How long would it take for such a scheme to become a way to house the unemployed, have their HB paid to the landlord and them removed from the unemployed statistics as they now have a 'job'? Surely, that would be similar to the plight on an 18th century servant. The rentier economy dressed up as the Big Society.
  9. HSBC also doing the same The more the Tuckin merrier. Sounds like it may have an even bigger affect in Scotland.
  10. What a pillock of the community, 75 families who work to fund his lifestyle and he gives them almost nothing in return. Interesting, I wonder how many other large(ish) LL's are in the same boat but on IO. The more the merrier I say. So, most people are not going to be able to get a slice of this amazing new 'opportunity'.
  11. A slightly different take also from the Guardian than that given by the OP (taken from the same report): Anyone not feeling sick? Not sure what to thinkabout this. Is possible for a single individual to efficiently control that much wealth and distribute it? If not who would do a better job? I remember a report that countries that were to benefit from Bill Gates' maleria research didn't really want it. They would be dependant on $1 per year shots for their population which they could not afford (also needs logistics, delivery by qualified staff etc), and they would prefer to drain the swamps to get rid of the mosquito. Solution is a system that just doesn't allow them to generate so much personal wealth in the first place. Does a workable system exist?
  12. Yes, a typo on my part but you are of course correct.
  13. That's not my understanding of it. You require a banking licence to be able to create money and they are difficult to get. Channel 4 ran a series on the 'Bank of Dave'. The name is in quotes as that is the officially registered name, it is a way to be able to have the word 'bank' in the company name when he didn't have a banking licence. I attended a talk by a start-up called Droplet who needed a pallette of paper 4 feet high to get the right to act as a payment processor. I doubt getting a banking licence is any easier. As an aside ... There was a currency (I forget its name) in around 1936 Austria, that was created by a local district as a replacement for their central bank currency. It depreciated over time so that it was worth less tomorrow than it was today. The intention was to encourage people to spend it (increase the velocity of money). It worked suprisingly well, the unemployed became employed and local infrastructure projects were created. However, once the central bank heard about it they closed it down with threat of punishment to the local district administrators. Unsurprisingly, the poverty returned. This is a small part of how Hitler managed to gain popularity, so many people were unemployed that they followed his promises of a better tomorrow. Until 2010 the BIS had a plaque in their boardroom that commemorated one of their founding members. That member was a prominent member of the Nazi party who was allowed to escape punishment because of his banking knowledge and contacts. The BIS is another organisation that facilitated Hitler by allowing trading balances to be kept without the need to physically transport payment. Physical payment in the form of gold to South America for beef, Portugal for steel, and I think it was the USA for rubber could have been intercepted by the allies; and a stop placed upon the Nazi war machine. The banks are evil, plain and simple in my opinion. It is a shame that so few people understand their corrosive affect on society.
  14. There is nothing like lining up your own strawmen in a rant and then knocking them down. No-one will ever see through that one, well done conspira-loons! It is astounding that a member of the Danish parliament can come up with such drivel. Who the heck voted for him?
  15. I'm not sure I understand the point you are making but if it is that housing benefit would not exist alongside CI then there is a differing opinion. CI is paid at the level of an individual and not the level of a family unit. A family unit may consist of 1 adult living alone or it may be 2 adults and 3 children living together. I am not sure that CI could pay the rent for a family of 1 and a family of 5 in a fair way. Hence HB would probably still exist even if CI is introduced. CI would cover living expenses of the individual only (food, clothes, electricity etc.) but not housing.
  16. Were in the same boat then. I've been waiting over 10 years so while it is looking more hopeful I won't be holding my breath.
  17. The situation is annoying for sure but it seems you are using hindsight to look at what profit you could have earned had you done things differently, Venger is looking ahead at what he thinks will happen in the future. Unfortunately the two are not comparable.
  18. I had no problems with GM. I found them a little expensive for trading compared to BV but other than that they seemed fine to me.
  19. It looks like this con is never going to end. I think it is an 8% minimum bail-in for the shareholders under EU leglislation, the shareholders will be annoyed but I expect that it will be a long time before they are on the streets and insisting on change. How many more years of theft before the cronies are satiated, revolution breaks out or a war starts? - grim.
  20. RSI in gold and silver is pretty low (33 and 38 respectivly) and in the USDX it is high (69) - therefore a possibility for a levelling off or bump in the short term. My drawing of a fib retrace on gold between 2008-10 and 2011-10 suggests that the 61.80% has broken in the last couple of weeks. Certainly looks like it has broken out of this years uptrend a couple of months ago though. I mostly have bullion coin for the specific purpose that I can't panic sell when this sort of info comes along. Do anyone have plans to rebalance their PM investments at this time based on a potential dollar rise? - 60% increase according to Warpigs article.
  21. While this is a very valid and worrying point, in the case that this happens again would you be happy to risk selling on the black market if it were a criminal offence to do so? I guess you could post to a country that didn't have such leglislagation, but if one county does it, the others would probably follow suit before the price rises to your sell point. A conundrum ... I wonder what people who continued to hold gold against the law did during the Great Depression.
  22. That's an interesting find. Via the Wizard of Oz theory the banks probably have the majority of the gold and many of the gold mines as well and so would still control the quantity of money. More smoke and mirrors to keep the banks in control? Even if it would probably be good for the personal holders.
  23. I see what you mean. Well, at least I can be near one who has been near The One. That will be more than enuf for a poor cap doffer such as me.
  24. Anyone who has a book cover photo with themselves bathing in a bath of money is one to follow in my humble opinion - and cap doffing humble my opinion certainly is in this case! Thank you for coming to Edinburgh Sir. Roberts, you’re making my day! I can't wait to be one of the high and mighty like you with a ridiculous grin permanently stuck to my tanned face. 'Cause screwing people over is who I want to be!
  25. Wow, what idiots. I wonder if the company had rewared them for the risk they took well enough for the sentence they received. Surely it would have been better for them to refuse to do such a task, and if the company tried to get rid of them for having ethics they could sue the company for constructive dismissal. Sounds like they deserve the sentance.
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