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  1. I asked HL if I could get my SIPP funds back and they said there is a thirty day cooling off period for instances of this type. I've asked for the fund to be transferred and they should be with me in 3-5 days. Hoping for a fall in BTC now.
  2. Thanks for the info. I must have fallen asleep at that point! Now to wait and see what reply I get from HL about whether or not I can get my money back.
  3. I just tried to invest into my HL SIPP with XBT Provider BTC-EUR. --- Following recent changes to the FCA guidance for investments that reference crypto-assets, we have taken the decision to remove this security from further purchases on the platform. For more information please refer to the below article recently published on the FCA website. https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/fca-bans-sale-crypto-derivatives-retail-consumers The FCA considers these products to be ill-suited for retail consumers due to the harm they pose. These products cannot be reliably valued by retail consumers because of the: inherent nature of the underlying assets, which means they have no reliable basis for valuation prevalence of market abuse and financial crime in the secondary market (eg cyber theft) extreme volatility in cryptoasset price movements inadequate understanding of cryptoassets by retail consumers lack of legitimate investment need for retail consumers to invest in these products These features mean retail consumers might suffer harm from sudden and unexpected losses if they invest in these products. Now I'm wondering if I'll be able to get my cash back out of the SIPP or I'll be forced to invest into something I didn't want.
  4. Venlafaxine is a pain to come off. The head zaps are like an electric shock in the brain. I was on it for a couple of months and it took about that length of time for the zaps to finish. There is a good book by Dr. Irving Kirch who is the Professor of Clinical Psychology at Hull and a drug researcher for 20 years. He became well known for his work on antidepressants detailed in "The Emperors New Drugs". He concludes they are placebos with the usual corporate ******** that you'd expect from big pharma: manipulation, lies, burying of inconvenient data etc. I switched to something more 'green' which works for me but also comes with it's own challenges but at least it's under my control and not theirs. The Scotland Social Security system will be taking control of PIP at the start of next year. Medics should be giving a direct pass through to benefits for obvious cases, a face-to-face for the less obvious cases. If you go down that route then it should be a lot better than the one used in England for UC. As for giving up work, I am happiest that I did. Other people were always the reason for my issues with society. I don't fit in. I also take any of their ******** as labels that the medical profession apply to me. They do not define me. They say I have Asperger's, I say I'm normal and they are all shallow - it's just my opinion against theirs, I don't need to accept their definition of life. In terms of investing for the future, Bitcoin is the one that is giving me the most hope. If you have money, you don't need to work. Work does not set you free, it steals your labour and passes it up the chain to the wealthy - our current system of work destroys the soul. I have much more to do than I have time for even without work, a lot of that being thinking and meditating about the nature of life.
  5. Oh, that video of the ranting debt ridden scumbag maniac is just utterly hilarious. I don't think I can laugh lould enough to satiate my pleasure! This is the best news in well over a decade. Hell is now open to landlords for business, maybe they can finally go there and take it up the a55 with a large pinapple rather than giving it.
  6. Yep, I'm wondering if they are moving towards getting onto exchanges and now need the KYC stuff in place. I don't see giving them a photo is a problem, most peoples photos are all over the internet. Swifts may end up as worthless crap but for the sake of pressing a button once a week it's not a lot of effort.
  7. I've found Bittylicious to be OK. They give a UK bank account to transfer funds to. I've used them a few times and transactions have always gone through quickly and without problems. The minimum limit is (0.00010006 BTC). I'm not sure how their fees compare to other companies though.
  8. I know the house builders bonuses attributed to HTB have been discussed before but I hadn't seen the figures so courtesy of CommonSpace here are some interesting numbers for Scotland: Pretty grim reading unless your the CEO.
  9. I received a marketing email for new distrubted exchange called Oxygen that seems to be about to do an ICO of some sort. The platform also plans to allow people to lend crypto for a fee to those that want to borrow it, so that they can go short. Interestingly the CEO has the following bio: As far as I know it hasn't been possible to short this market so far, unless by shady deals with the exchanges behind the scenes who have lots of crypto sitting in their wallets doing not-very-much. Could affect the price going forwards, maybe this will become a feature of many exchanges. From Business Insider:
  10. You may like Manna as well. It's another basic income coin that is already trading on one exchange. Current value is ~$0.0174 with a distribution of 15 this week and 30 the week before.
  11. Last time I checked the price on EBay was quite a bit above spot, I assumed that this was to cover that risk. Not much use if your selling low volume of course.
  12. I tried mining off the machine I sit at but found that the mining programs would always grab 100% of the CPU as well as the GPU making the machine unusable. Is there a way to prevent mining programs grabbing all of the CPU? I tried a few miners including Clayton's and some software provided by the pools but my machine had the same problem on all of them. The config files didn't hint at any limiters, maybe I missed something.
  13. That's an interesting chart evetsm. However, isn't the picture further complicated by the changing fiat price of BTC? At the December peak with an average transaction size of $140k that would be 7 BTC at $20K each. Today at a transaction size of $77K that is still 7 BTC at $11K each. The November price peak is about $200K and the fiat value of BTC was ~$8K so that is about 25 BTC being sold per transaction. This would seem to confuse the picture a bit but I don't have a better chart so ... maybe a chart of BTC per transaction over time would give a better picture as to whether institutional money was entering the scene?
  14. No, just a few fractions of a cent. Bitcoin Diamond is at $33, it is also listed as futures - I'm not sure what that implies.
  15. An article on DowBit got me thinking about how people track the BitCoin hard forks. I assume that an exchange that support the fork will automatically show the balance, but what about people who have off-exchange wallets? Do you, and if so, how do you keep track of all of the forks?
  16. Universal credit in new crisis as some claimants are denied mortgages: I expect that this will be sorted out at some point but it is an interesting unintended consequence.
  17. An interesting technical analysis on the USDX which is very much inline with DB's thoughts: The dollar beginning a multi-year collapse within 12 months with a mirroring of the pm action that was seen in 2008 when there were 20-30% year-on-year gains for several consecutive years.
  18. Even at the reduced price with the listed rental incomes that is only a 4% yield on £2.5 million investment. Sign me up!
  19. The transaction is stored in a multi-signature wallet signed by you and the retailer. I therefore assume that you can't cancel the agreement unilaterally.
  20. My understanding from reading the article that Eddie gave is that there is no need to close the channel, in fact it looks like keeping it open is encouraged. I see it this way: I make a transaction a day with a retailer and so I set up a channel. I pay the bitcoin transaction fee to create the channel. This is worth it for me because I make so many transactions; Each day the transactions build up in the channel; For each transaction a smart contract is created; Full nodes can read into the smart contracts and therefore verify that a payment has been made, the channel does not need to be closed. For other people who also transact with the retailer but maybe only once per year, it is not worth setting up their own channel as they need to pay a blockchain Tx fee so: They join my channel and create their own smart contracts with the retailer; I charge them a small fee for the use of my channel. Closing the channel will sum the transaction and write back to the blockchain.
  21. In this case I think the knowledge is a two stage process: Find out there is such a thing as an IO mortgage; Understand what it is. To go from one to two presents the possibility of a block. I stated that I can understand why some people would fall at the hurdle. I was not excusing their stupidity in not learning to understand the biggest purchase of their life. It is clearly idiocy to make an important decision without understanding the implications. That does not mean that I can not understand why they fall at the hurdle. In no way did I state that I have sympathy for them, that seems to be something you inferred. I think I see the problem. This is a two-stage statement: How can it be mis-sold; Calling it interest only describes what it is in exact terms. It can not be mis-sold, but the term is not immediately comprehensible by the stupid. IO is still a technical term, albeit a very simple one, but still one that not everyone understands. I commented on the second part.
  22. I'm afraid to admit that I am in agreement. When people are young they have a complex world to unravel and learn about, the education system teaches facts but not really how to go about finding and learning new information. I had to learn what an IO mortgage was, I certainly was not taught in school. When I was looking at purchasing a property for the first time I only saw that IO was cheaper and my initial thought was "that's the one for me". It is an extra step to understand why it is cheaper. How far down a path do you go to get an understanding of a topic? Many people are desperate for a place of their own and so don't ask further questions, especially if the answer may prevent them getting what they want.
  23. I've not got much to add to DB comment but the price on EBay is typically quite a bit higher that the retailers will pay, even the retailers charge more through EBay. I assume this is to cover an additional element of risk via a chargeback. If you are happy with any additional risk then you can sell through there. To sell to a retailer you either need to go there in person or post your bullion. If posting then Royal Mail Special Delivery will only cover £2k through insurance. The retailer I spoke to agreed that I should split the coins into ~£2K lots for posting to them. There is a potential issue here if the price rises significantly above £2K which could force you to visit in person. I haven't done either yet as I have never sold.
  24. This video by Danielle Park (see: from ~ 11:33 minutes in) states that come January 2018 new mortgages will be stress tested at 2% over the current rate. She thinks this will cause a drop in purchasing power of about 20% at a time when many retirees need to sell to fund their retirement. I have an acquaintance in Toronto who thinks that I am a no-house loser. She has bought 5 houses over the last 4 years to get a rental income funded by her job as as an estate realtor, hence my interest.
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