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  1. Actually I’m not in Singapore anymore I am in Qatar. Enjoyed Singapore a lot, and Qatar is good but very hot.
  2. Ha ha. Can’t stop laughing at your posts, Beary mc bear face.keep them coming.
  3. with respect if you think people on here are vicious why do you keep coming back. you promised you were going to get lost a while back but you are still here. it does look a bit suspicious if you don't mind me saying
  4. So surprising that saville and paragon are publishing up beat articles on tax changes to BTL. Even more surprising that a Landlord is presenting them on a HPC forum(all in the interests of reasoned debate of course) Umbrella salesman says it's going to rain for the next six months.
  5. Sounds a bit dicey to me. It would be too tempting for a tenant to rip doors off hinges and set fire to them. Keeping himself and his family warm and toasty, with no fascist control from scum cockroach landlord
  6. The majority of landlords on 118 are extremely rude and abusive of HPC members or indeed anyone who does not agree with them. They are becoming more so, so gotta be a good sign. Ros is the one who likens their situation to that of the victims of mass genocide.her comments are becoming more ridiculous, aggressive and strident by the day. As for dear Connie, if she does not like negative comments why the hell does she agree to plaster her picture and financial situation on a tabloid. These dames are going to have a breakdown I think so my advice would be to sell now sell everything and quickly.
  7. Ros sounds like a battery landlord. Pile the tenants in and stack them high, then milk them for all she can get! She is beyond help. Shame on her. B...H!
  8. Enjoyed reading that, thank you. I can just hear property 118 crowd shrieking that there will be no negative carry trade for us, we will just raise the rents, or we will evict, society NEEDS us.
  9. Thank you very much for this Free Trader . Ashamed to say it makes my bitter twisted renter heart sing with joy and gladness.
  10. I hope mark is reading veneger's posts 1571,1572,1573. I laughed when he described HPC 's as numbskulls. He came on here weeks ago to set things right and scuttled off quickly because he could not cope with the level of intelligent argument. Seriously Mark if you are reading this you should frequent HPC more. It can only improve your intellect and world view, and maybe make you a much better person. Come on in Mark the water is lovely.
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