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  1. Indeed - and not good for the banks' balance sheets either. Another unintended consequence of the policies of that idiot at the helm...
  2. Margin call on what, up to 12 months ago, would be a perfectly 'normal' LTV of 90%. The OP will not, I suspect, be the only one. Not what they expected the festive season to bring and if that LTV has slipped then they'll find it hard to refinance. Another one for the repo stats...
  3. http://www.moneysupermarket.com/community/...spx?Source=TEL8 Anyone care to comment - could be an idiot posting on Money Supermarket. Or not???
  4. 35 year old Contractor Civil Engineer for Oil operating company. House went for sale Autumn 06 to trade up - sold Autumn 07 by which time found HPC and decided to rent and save... Fund now £200k and rising nicely - driving cheaper (i.e. older) motor. May buy UK in 18months, may head abroad depending how much further down the sh!tter Broon sends the UK but he's doing a fine job of that seemingly!
  5. I saw this and am appalled - have just written a complaint to the BBC (not that it'll do any good). To be giving this 'advice' out is completely irresponsible and whoever that muppet guest was needs shooting. For him to say that lenders should not go on income multipliers but use 'affordability' is a classic - and made the point that many are paying more in rent than they would in mortgage so should be allowed a larger mortgage. Forgot to mention that rent is not subject to change in mortgage rates, no maintenence issues and a renter is generally only a maximum of 6 month away from moving to a cheaper place if their financial circumstances change- i.e. renting is a risk to the tenant rather than the financial institution lending for mortgage. (And no, I'm ignoring the risk of BTL here - thats a different story. I hate the BBC - just Brown's propagande machine.
  6. Total rubbish - compare any 2.0 turbo diesel with their 2.0 petrol counterparts and you'll find the diesel quicker and more economical. BMW 320d vs 320i being perfect example. Yes, turbo required for performance but I wouldn't exactly call a 50+ MPG figure 'killing' the economy... The power delivery is prefered by many also.
  7. Declan saying that its better than March! Un-****-believable...!!!
  8. They've spent it on fast cars, drugs and wild women. ANd wasted the rest! Cheers Mr Best, a cracking line that... (no pun intended) Friend's Brother in Law is a big(ish) cheese at one of the biggest banks in the City - mid thirties, been on mega money for years. His biggest extravagance recently has been a £25k people carrier for the wife/kids, he has oldish Golf to drive to station. He'll retire with huge savings by the time he's 40, mortgage paid. People like him realise the value of money and how hard you have to work to get it. However, my guess is most of the boys down there will only learn the value of money when the ain't got any left...
  9. Enjoyed the post longisland - think you're a bit mad but I also think that any 'crash' ain't going to be bothering you much so you bought cos it suited you. Something to be said for just living your life! ...and I'm heading off to the sun for a week with the lovely OH so will be doing the same
  10. To be honest, it sounds to me like you are not really a 'typical' FTB in that you've had the required deposit for your purchase price and your salary multiplier sounds to be in the more sensible range. From this, and the bonus comment, I am estimating that you earn a good wedge down in London - good on ya! However, I disagree with your view of the market as, IMO, the average buyer in the rest of the UK (i.e. away from the high salary, top jobs that can be found in the capital at FTB age) will struggle to save a 5% deposit for, say, a £120k purchase (I would guess you've paid substantially more than this!!!) and hence that's why the 100% deals etc have been so popular and helped prop up the bottom end of the market. With such deals having been removed, and even the 95% becoming harder to find, the route to access the market for many FTB is becoming longer and harder. And of course, to repeat what has been said elasewhere on the site, a change from 95% to 90% LTV has a huge impact on buying power resulting, practically, in the potential borrower having to put the purchase off and double their deposit savings. The other point is your 'typical BTL person'. Would that be those who MEW to get the deposit for the BTL place, the 100% brigade or seasoned landlords?
  11. Whilst I appreciate that, at face value, you are posting on here as an anecdotal and maybe looking for some healthy debate; there are a few things that don't stack up. You write as if you are fairly well educated and I would therefore guess that you are fairly well informed about financial events - and you say you've be reading posts on here for several months. Yet strangely you mention FTBs and ability to purchase without mentioning the biggest effec of the credit crunch to the UK housing market which will be (IMO) the recent removal of vast swathes of high LTV mortgages by lenders. Do you not think this is going to have a major impact on prices? In my opinion, this massive shift which must be currently removing the ability of a lot of FTB will, in itself, be the reason why prices will head south to start becoming more affordable. Additionally, you mention the rent vs mortgage equation above in a contradictory manner. I can only assume that you're cercumstances are not those of the average or 'normal' FTB as the economics of the latter's decision between renting and buying is definitely skewed towards renting. All my humble opinion of course...
  12. All a load of old nonsense - me Darling said yesterday that the UK is in tip top shape to withstand whatever cedit crunch thingy is happening in Mr Bush's back yard and I really really believe him. And Basil Brush. And you lot better be right careful else Stuart Law will come and sort you out. That's where I put my dosh - Assetz, safe as houses they are... Off tu pub, well appy to give Gordy chops a bit more of the hard earned... What a bunch of cupid stunts they all are, couldn't run a bath!
  13. Me and a colleague listening in work - he has had to go for a walk as can't listen to the constrant flow of lies and bullshiit anymore. Its gone beyond a joke now, this lot are simply lying lying lying. BAST A R D S
  14. Green shoots of recovery??? It'll be a dark greeny brown colour and here in Wales we call it sheep shi...
  15. This is, yet again, a sickening piece of 'journalism' from the Brown Broadcasting Corp - and how much longer can these donuts carry on banging the drum about so called investment without being regulated in the same way as for stock, shares or any other, more traditional investment class? All been said on HPC before of course but this one is a particular shocking example IMO. Took a look at Chester rentals on RM this morning - shed loads of places to rent so where this shortage of supply comes from, it certainly ain't round here...
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