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  1. To be honest i would be looking i think, at an investment, and my idea would be to have something which in 10-15 years time i could stand a very real chance of selling and making money from. I am 38 and like the idea of buying something, which whilst i have it, i can rent out and cover my costs. Then as i said above, selling it in 10-15 years time, and make some money ahead of my retirement. Correct me if i am wrong, but i think this would mean looking at a city location, where renting out is going to be relatively easy. Germany, from what i have read, does seem to be a possible, if you are looking at a long term investment ?? I realise nothing is certain, and nothing is risk free, but I see this potential opportunity of investing in property as a possible means of producing a nice little nestegg for retirement. Maybe some of you out there will disagree with this plan, maybe there is a better way of attempting to build up a retirement fund, please let me know if you think so.
  2. Have to say i have been looking at Germany, and maybe trying to purchase a property in Berlin or somewhere similar to then rent out, and use it purely as an investment. I have heard that Germany could be on the up ????? What do people reckon about the current climate (high interest rates/going up again?/ usa problems etc), i get the impression you are better off waiting until maybe the new year to invest/purchase ????
  3. Hi, am new to overseas property investment. I am in the early stages and am doing a lot of research. My question is this. I have a relatively small mortgage on my home here in the uk, and currently a lot of equity (approx. £200K). Lots of people keep telling me i am in a good position to invest in property. Am I ? Is using equity in your home, in order to finance an overseas property investment, a wise idea ? And also, can anyone give me a basic illustration of how the finance would work, what i would pay, when, how much per month etc etc, so i can get a real rough idea on how the costs etc would pan out.
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