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  1. "prices will rise again, it will all level out in the end" It is levelling out, DOWNWARDS!
  2. This website has officially gone full circle now. What an amazing example of herd mentality. In the beginning it was full of financially savvy people being verbally battered by morons with a VI in increasing house prices. Now the tide has turned we have many more 'Bears' who don't have the first clue about finance lecturing 'idiots' on MSE for paying off their debts early. Enough of you have replied with very sensible and eloquent responses for me to attempt to. At least the OP has had the guts to reply, 'An Bearin Bui', care to retract your claim that 90% of people don't understand compound interest or do you just want to admit that you're part of the 90%?!
  3. Just on the first night of a 3 day bender at Aintree. Did the same at Cheltenham earlier in the year. Never seen either as empty, we're all blaming the credit crunch. Anecdotal I know, but, further evidence surely? Emptier than a ghost ship, really is.
  4. I've banked with FD for over 10 years and I'm constantly impressed with their customer service. I arranged my mortgage from my bed over the phone, they have always cancelled any late payment charges when I have called to ask them to, they sent my missus flowers when we got home insurance with them, you can always get through any time of the day or night and get UK call centres. I think they're great.
  5. Surely there are too many other factors at play to do such a simple sum? What if the market drops 10%, or 20%, or 50% then recovers in 3 years? How does the £60k stack up then. What if my employer questioned my commitment to the job if I refused to relocate and it affected my prospects? I just get fed up of being called an idiot on here for buying a house I can afford with a mortgage I can afford easily when I have no other debt, no children and a partner in full time employment. I have noticed a distinct drop in quality of posts on here since we have started to see mass media reporting of prices falling. It's rather like a lot of people have been waiting for a long time to say 'I told you so' so much that they are forgetting the way they used to form reasoned arguments and just resort to calling people idiots.
  6. EDIT: Wrong quote, supposed to be the 'stupid or greedy' one! I moved into my new house in the South East which I bought with my partner this week. I have viewed this site for a few years and I truly believe the market has peaked. Why did I do it? I have relocated with work and if I didn't buy before March 2008 I would lose all of my rights to a relocation package which includes all fees including stamp duty, new furnishings, part payment towards mortgage for 4 years etc etc Which one am I then? Stupid or greedy, or both?!
  7. Long shot but does anyone know what music was on the trailer? I recognise it but can't place it. Doing my head in now.
  8. Genuinely interested in what people would have done in my situation recently, as pointless as it is as my decisions have been made now but I guess I'm just looking for informed opinions rather than those I get from most people I talk to about my situation. I'll try to be brief: Job relocated from Nottingham to Surrey late 2006. Did the whole hotel thing for a couple of months before getting somewhere to rent in Thames Ditton in Feb 07, 12 month contract paid by company. Relocation package included all the usual stuff, guaranteed purchase of my property in Notts, all legal fees paid inc stamp duty and also a 'mortgage equalisation allowance'. Having viewed this site and others for a couple of years, the last thing I wanted to do was buy a new property in the highest priced area of the country at the top of the market, but the scheme states that I had to complete by end of March '08 at the latest. I thought about dropping out of the scheme and just renting instead, but that would mean that I would have to pay back all fees paid for already so after waiting as long as I could, I went ahead with a purchase. I will be completing on a house in the next week or so. The mortgage is huge although affordable for me and around 30% of it will be paid by the company for the first 4 years. I feel like a mug for buying at this time but also feel like my options were very limited. If there is to be a crash I can't face all the 'I told you so' comments from everyone who is still currently telling me that 'property in London will never fall in value'!. Thoughts anyone?
  9. Will have a drive about in the evening (not in a saxo VTR!) and see what it's like, did it last night and seemed quiet. There appears to be a nicer side of the estate with larger houses, the other side has some smaller starter homes and isn't as well kept. Fortunately this house is on the good side.
  10. Went to view today, you were spot on! Also viewed 3 houses in Epsom on the Manor Park estate, quite like one, anyone have any experience of this estate? Seems ok.
  11. Bluntness appreciated, that's the reason I asked! Will do the viewing anyway, but with eyes wide open. Will take a look at Dorking, thanks for your comments.
  12. You make it sound lovely! Seriously, thanks for your response. We have a couple of viewings there on Saturday, I'll take a look. I'm afraid my budget is proving a serious limitation, been looking for 6 months now. On the traffic, I currently drive from Thames Ditton every day to Epsom down the A240 and it takes about 30 mins so I would probably go that way. Depressing stuff moving from Nottingham where I had a nice 2 bed semi with a large garden in a nice area which I'm being offered in the region of £100k for at the moment!
  13. Hi, I have relocated from the midlands to this area recently. Been looking around for some time, need a semi or terrace close to mainline station and in driving distance to Epsom with a max budget of 330k. Been looking in Esher recently and found an area called Sheriff Close. Can anyone tell me why these are much cheaper than the rest of Esher? They look ok, I realise it's the cheap part of Esher but they just seem a bit too good to be true. There are also 3 up for sale in this small area, warning sign? EA says it's a 'coincidence'! I don't believe in them. This is the link (if it works): http://www.gpees.co.uk/property-details.ph...&rps=gptrps
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