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  1. How long did Liebour get away with the 'we inherited' line on QT? Years and years methinks. Co? About 8 months... Hmmmm.
  2. Yeah but yeah but it sold innit
  3. A good critical opposition should be armed with credible alternatives, though that isn't necessary to air them so far from an election.
  4. Gotta do better than that Dave. Milliband 6-0... Milliband doesn't need to offer his plans with 5 years to an election, just needs to rubbish the plans of the coalition. I don't agree with the CB policy. Why should 2x30pa get it and 1x45pa not. Can't have one parent at home can we, how would we pay for the ridiculous cost of housing? Maybe only pay CB for the 1st and possibly 2nd child? Sends a better message IMO.
  5. Nah he's throwing nokias at passing trains because he failed to milk the system to full potential like Bliar did. Damn that bliar, damn him!
  6. You and I and all on here understand that clearly, but for her it will cause great anxiety. It is for that I feel for her. Sometimes and too often there is human cost when none should have existed.
  7. I just think they're angry and rightly so...
  8. Douglas Alexander is the pot calling the kettle black here. Having a pop at the SNP woman but flatly refusing to accept responsibility for 13 years of dire failure. :angry:
  9. Ed Byrne's understanding of Labour's dismal record is comedy. Of course, like all the other 'champagne socialists' he can well afford to sit there dictating to the believers how it wasn't Liebour's fault... They'd all be in uproar if the cost of borrowing in this country skyrocketed because we can't get a grip on debt and our structural deficit . They simply can't have it both ways... I can well understand the anger at the bank bailouts though and I feel for the person at the back who thinks she will be homeless. The young shafted as usual... Edited to add last paragraph.
  10. Bump - not just for the thread itself but also for Ayatollah's excellent MP letter. Should this not be pinned?
  11. It's got a quiet, serious, tentative dignity about it... If that makes sense.
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