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  1. I'm glad you asked. I decided that regardless of whether we are in or out of the EU, the UK would not change significantly and would not improve because the bulk of the fault lies with our politicians. I think this is exacerbated by our electoral system which I want to see heavily reformed and doubt will happen in my lifetime. Part of me favours leaving because I also disagree with some of the structure of the EU governance and would rather retain more direct control over UK affairs. However, I'm aware that the change I want is so unlikely to occur in either scenario that to vote on
  2. I abstained in the referendum. Assessing things as they are now I would vote no deal.
  3. We don't need two BBCs, we need half of the one we have.
  4. Amazon don't make the laws so I don't see any point complaining at them. They are just smart enough to get me a better price and make a tonne of profit. Looks like common sense in action.
  5. ****** political parties. Reform the electoral system. I look forward to a day when we look back on party politics as something of curiosity and pity. However, I will not live to see this.
  6. So we've all agreed to stop trying to reduce the wealth gap, or give people opportunities to get out of poverty. Good old fashioned class system it is. Right-O.
  7. Don't worry. When London is mostly rich people being waited on by imported transient labour, they'll find a way to ship all the dole-scum off to the Midlands too. Probably class it under Health and Safety.
  8. Now that's the sort of heartwarming observations I need.
  9. London continuing it's trend toward being only for the rich, immigrants and commuters. It's getting like a cheesy sci-fi story of two tier society. Businesses could benefit from moving out to towns/cities with potential for growth. Cut their costs and provide jobs in desirable places. Many people are just waiting for the opportunities to leave.
  10. That's a long way to go to find someone to spot you the extra fiver.
  11. Lower transaction numbers will be helping keep the averages afloat. As people sit and wait, especially at the first time buyer end of the market, and it's increasingly wealthier people transacting, the rate of change can be volatile but often won't be as dramatic until...
  12. These flats are designed for young professionals to get used to being ******ed in the ass. Know thy place.
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