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  1. Nice to see this thread ressurrected. Australians are investment gurus, donchyaknow? How about this innovation; invest in property using your superannuation fund. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. I'm thinking 4-0 in the home series, weather taking out one result, and 4-1 in the away. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm going to be unbearable to every Australian I meet this year. If I make it to January without getting my nose broken again, it will be a flippin' miracle.
  3. Australia has always been bloody brilliant at sport when they have had a sh1te economy. I've written about this previously. http://thenewaustralian.org/?p=1029 The recent catastrophe that is the Australian cricket tour of India has clearly been the tipping point. Just to educate non- antipodeans: Cricket is the only national sport here - league, union, AFL and wendyball dilute the supporters but relatively-speaking they all love cricket. Clearly the only sensible course of action is to exit the AU$, short tickets for day 5 of any test match this year and whack a pony on an accumulator for an Ashes and Lions whitewash. Disclaimer: the value of Mitchell Johnson's tattoos can go up or down....
  4. Quite right. The history is incredible, Gilbert and Sullivan even referenced it in HMS Pinafore, which by the way is what I quoted a page ago. Three or four years ago that would have got a few nibbles and some quality responses. It's all a bit dull 'ere nowadays..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Henry_Smith_(1825–1891) Tssk, younger generation......
  5. 10% GST on books in Oz would explain some of that. A population who can't read might account for the remainder; they are luxury items.
  6. When I was a lad I served a term As office boy to an Attorney's firm. I cleaned the windows and I swept the floor, And I polished up the handle of the big front door. I polished up that handle so carefullee That now I am the Ruler of the Queen's Navee!
  7. I think I prefer your ITV3 mini-series Da Vinci Code posts.
  8. Excellent analysis on MacroBusiness. http://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2013/02/the-history-of-australian-property-values/ If you're in Australia, now would be a bad time to buy....
  9. 50% youth unemployment is the key statistic. Idle hands, etc......
  10. Go on then; http://thenewaustralian.org/?p=3445 The Drugs Don't Work..... Shameless plug.
  11. "Of course I am minimising my tax. And if anybody in this country doesn't minimise their tax, they want their heads read, because as a government, I can tell you you're not spending it that well that we should be donating extra"
  12. Does Steve suggest a big debt jubilee is the answer? Bless him; it's lovely and warm in academia, never having to put your own money on your predictions. The nearest he came to having some skin in the game involved a big walk for charidee.
  13. Looks like Australia just had a Ponzi; http://thenewaustralian.org/?p=2456 Banksia chairman did a "suicide by truck".
  14. Cheers mate. Yes, nice of Mish to point people my way, my ISP struggled to cope! Presumably he didn't read all the other stuff in there about mail-order brides, bogan car plates the parlous state of Australian male business attire.
  15. Great response to the "Australia in Asia" nonsense this weekend; http://paulwallbank.com/2012/10/28/australian-hubris-in-the-asias-century/ "Sometime in the 1990s – possibly around the time of John Howard’s election – Australia turned inwards and insular. We had the opportunity to position Australia as a credible mid-level power in the region but we chose instead to renovate our kitchens. That opportunity has been lost and repeating the mantras of the 1980s with the words ‘China’ and ‘Chinese’ substituted for ‘Japan’ and ‘Japanese’ won’t cut it."
  16. DANIEL BOSTOCK'S foray into the heady world of property investing ended in bankruptcy at the age of 22. Now he is left wondering whether the cards were stacked against him from the start. Mr Bostock was just 18 when he bought a $165,000 unit in Cairns sold to him by Jordan Myall, a family friend who owned one or two properties and was getting around in a Chrysler Crossfire. Mr Bostock, who lives in Brisbane, says he regarded Mr Myall as ''an older cousin that you wanted to be like''. http://smh.com.au/national/buried-in-debt-after-property-promises-fail-20121029-28drp.html
  17. Chimes with an anecdotal conversation with a mate up in BrisBogan last week; sitting tight in a finance job despite hating it because there's loads of lay-offs from the mining companies. I thought the bringing forward of MYEFO to avoid having to factor the mining slowdown into the "forecast" was particularly mendacious, even for an Australian politician (and that's really saying something). The Hugh Hendry interview on the Economist's website is particularly interesting with regards whether China really will be Australia's salvation.
  18. Hello Australia, welcome to 2008! The first Ponzi "bank" falls. Except it isn't a bank it's an, erm, dunno, something that looks like a bank. http://smh.com.au/business/rural-savings-threatened-after-collapse-20121025-288cm.html Australia is a bizarre place to be right now; retail and anything other than mining* and government-funded businesses are dying on their ar5es but the one is being masked by the other. * and I'm not so sure mining is doing so well nowadays.
  19. Aldi are here in Australia too. I shop there for all the reasons stated above; price, quality but perhaps not service (long queues at the tills). They charge for card transactions too, unlike the big two of Coles and Woolworths (no, don't get excited, no pick n mix and Chad Valley toys). Best of all, I love the random sh1t they sell; http://thenewaustralian.org/?cat=22
  20. Has the panel ever worked outside of the public sector where the main source of income wasn't from providing goods or services to the public sector?
  21. Donnington Monsters of Rock (in Church Hall if wet).
  22. Is the festival on the Isle of Lucy affected by this?
  23. Ok, cynicism mea culpa. Worked in the property division of ABN Amro, "retired" at the end of 2007, pops up as the white knight for Derbyshire CC a couple of years later. Exactly who's money bailed out the club?
  24. http://guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/sep/14/derbyshire-hampshire-division-two-title?cat=sport&type=article Ah, it warms the cockles of my heart to see those "City financiers" coming into county cricket and helping out, gawd bless 'em. But what of this new chairman, Chris Grant, how was that personal fortune made? And what luck to retire in 2007, eh?
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