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  1. I don't think the article linked to in the OP is quite correct. Link It's not yet to the point were you have to pay $300 to get the bill out.
  2. Perhaps it's related to the fundamental point of the thread. In the past decade of awards for non peace or literature related ie. chemistry, economics, medicine and physics - UK - 9 US - 65 Based on the last decade and population size I would say the yanks are 1.44 times as smart or perhaps we are just going downhill faster in the UK.
  3. Not saying the septic's are all that bright but based on your links - Cambridge University - 83 Nobel Prizes Students - 18,396 Established 1209 - 692 years prior to beginning of Nobel organisation. ---- University of Chicago - 82 Nobel Prizes Students - 14,847 Established 1891 - 10 years prior to beginning of Nobel organisation. ---- Based on the figures above University of Chicago has a higher ratio of Nobel prizes to students as it's smaller along with the fact that it only opened 10 years prior to the Nobel prize being awarded. Secondly in the list of Nobel prizes by university in
  4. Thats what people were saying around here about a year or so ago but now it's like this - http://www.redfin.com/CA/Oceanside/248-Hem...57/home/3276883 Last sold - $500K Asking - $245K Time on market 124 days Thousands like this all over.
  5. Problems servicing your loan sir? We'll have your house back then!
  6. I used to live in St Albans (STR) a year and a half ago. It had taken a while to sell and we reduced the asking price by 25K. The parking is a nightmare, I was in the town centre and had to pay for a permit but as often as not there was no places to park in our zone. What was also a pain was that you cannot park in a neighboring zone if there were any places else you would get a ticket. Once we had kids we decide to move to Harpenden, on the plus side you can park in the town centre for free if you stay less than an hour but not nearly as much to do there as St Albans.
  7. Article in todays Daily Mail about the cricketer Andrew Flintoff cannot sell country cottage. The article points out that he originally put it on the market for £795,000 then reduced it £20k to £775,000. It also mentions that he purchased it in Jan 04 for £575,000. It then goes on to say he is 'stumped' as to why it won't sell. I mean it's hardly unreasonable to expect a return of £220,000 in 20 monthhs.
  8. If there is a problem not enough housing stock in this country thats causing the excessive prices that we are faced with today what about the other countries that are facing the same issues with HPI such as Australia and the US both countries have no shortage of housing nor the draconian planning regulations. This has been caused by greed, speculation and cheap money that has happened globally after the money moving out of the stock markets post the dotcom bust.
  9. House prices in Barnet have taken the biggest fall in London this year, according to figures published by the Land Registry this week. ...... Marcus Brilliant, of Jeremy Leaf Estate Agents, High Road, East Finchley, says that these changes are due to a lack of confidence in the market. He attributes the drop in prices to the recent terrorist attacks and potential buyers going away in the summer. ...... Goes on to say the following That's fine then, no problems ahead as far as I can see
  10. The same thing is happening where I live and work in Kingston, razing loads of businesses and putting up "luxury" flats, too many to count. They are trying to sell 3 bed flats on a horribly busy main road with a small balcony with a view of nothing for £350,000.
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