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  1. That many people emigrate? I can see the temptation but I didn't think that many people actually did it!
  2. Been looking at properties (same old rubbish) but seem to see a lot of them are advertised as 'no forward chain'. Why is this? I dont think that many people risk STR. These are 3 bed family houses, not obvious BTL. Why so many? Am I missing something?
  3. Found this on the TES website (Teachers). Quite interesting. Dont know who this Kerry is but she must visit this site... good on her! Hope the link works... not done it before! http://www.tes.co.uk/section/staffroom/thr...s/&threadPage=1
  4. sorry, another question! £5K for windows? 3bed detached, quite small windows. Patio doors already done.
  5. Not buying to do up and sell. Buying it to do up, live in, have babies there and potentially retire there! This is a good chance for us to get a 3 bed detached that we can actually afford (just!) and then do up gradually (but obviously heating and windows are a priority). DIY will be a definite!
  6. Thanks guys! Thought you'd all tell me I'm an idiot! Shame you cant remember that website, sounds good. Consa, the GSH costs, does that include the boiler and radiators in the rooms? We are not posh, so we'll be getting the cheapest possible! Does £5K sound about right for a kitchen? Again, not posh and no integrated appliances. Cheers!
  7. Right, the time has come where we are now sick of renting. Been doing it for 3 years now, waiting for a HPC, but still no joy so we're not putting it off any more. We are gettting married soon and our shoe box flat is just too small. We have viewed lots of houses and are considering making some cheeky offers to test the water. We have decided to go for the biggest we can in the hope that we can potentially stay there for years and years (we are also close to 30 so not the most spring chickens of FTBs). Anyway, seen a place that is very reasonable in comparison to similar houses in the are
  8. All sounds good, but... I have been visiting this site for about 2 years now, back in the days of Evil Sam etc... Back then people were saying that the crash is just around the corner, but here I am 2 years later and still not being able to buy a house. The difference now is that people on here think it is happening now, but I cannot see it happening yet. I have been house hunting for a few months now as I have been wondering if thre is any point in waiting any longer. Properties still seem to be selling to me, and there dont seem to me many new ones going on the market. Am I missing some
  9. Excellent news then! Thanks! We are hoping to start looking properly after Christmas so fingers crossed that the situation stays the same or gets worse!
  10. Been a busy bee and not been on the site lately. WHat have I missed... in a nut shell! Over the last few months. Basically my boyfriend and I have been waiting 2 years for prices to drop and are now sick of waiting, we want our own place. People are saying that now is a good time to buy as the market is slow and sellers are accepting silly offers... is this true? opinions please, thanks.
  11. What about teachers, they are graduates, work bloody hard and can expect to start on 19K. What sort of house can they afford to buy? What a great country to live in! And as for the key worker loan, well, loan says it all... more debt.
  12. Hello I have not posted for almost a year, back in the days when I had time to surf the net! Had a very busy year indeed and have not really been keeping up with what is happening in the property market. I had hoped that by now I'd know whether or not it would be sensible to buy a home (been renting for a few years now) but it seems to be as unclear as ever. You guys seem to think a crash is underway but thats not what joe public and the media are saying. So I was just wondering whether anyone could fill me in on what I've missed and let me know their thoughts on buying a first home in th
  13. We could just bombard this terrible site: http://www.weluvkirstie.com/ ????!
  14. Thanks guys. Just wish I didn't have to line my landlord's pocket in the meantime, but hey thats life I suppose! Plus I can save money at the same time and get all the repairs done for free. As I have mentioned before on this site, my only worry is the landlord selling up, and then having to find a new home. Every time I get home I panic if there is a letter from the letting agency giving me my notice, which isn't a nice cloud to have over your head. Other than that, I dont think renting is so bad.
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