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  1. Having checked the clause, it does appear that the increase was definite rather than an option. The agreement came to an end after 12 months and has not been renewed, but I don't know if that makes a difference. I've had different opinions, so I'll try and get in to see someone today. To be honest, it's not the backdated rent per se that's annoyed me as much as the agents demands for immediate repayment following their admitted mistake. I haven't argued about it yet, nor admitted liability. Waiting to see what the legal position is before I contact them again.
  2. Thanks to all for the replies. I'm going to try and speak to CAB tomorrow and see if they can provide a definitive answer. I suppose if there is no clear answer, then it will come down to how much I want to risk antagonising the agents/landlord
  3. Would be grateful if anyone could indicate the likely correct answer to the following situation: Our 12 month AST expired in May 2007. I believe we are therefore now on a Statutory Periodic Tenancy. Our original agreement included a clause for a rent increase in line with RPI. In July 2007 I was contacted by the letting agent who explained that they had forgotten to notify me of the rent increase. They are now demanding the backdated rent increase for May/June/July. This sounds like they're trying it on, but I'd be interested if anyone has experienced anything similar. Thanks in advance. Tony
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