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  1. my worldview, "civilization" requires price stability. Which in turn requires people accept the rule of money.. numbers.. "recursive Weighted Voting" .. 'mathematics is the language of nature' In the end nature will decide. rule by numbers, or we go back to the jungle. personally I have no idea how this will pan out, but i'm not terribly optimistic.
  2. I answered "fear of debt", as I didn't buy when prices were low 10 years ago. today of course both answers are equally valid. A case of "follow your phobia". I've always understood buying is on average more efficient, but carries more downside risk.
  3. so it's a classic case of policies optimizing the wrong number? quality of life should surely be a higher priority. I always thought the world went mad at the point where Housing was a better investment than a stock in a productive business. pure madness, and we'll all suffer for it terrifying, look how miserable we are now...
  4. the kids with knives & guns are the ones who will fare best - they will be the new "Masters Of The Universe"
  5. I thought it was 2 billion if we go back to pre-petrochemical farming... the current population being supported by the current methods (obviously ) I have no backing for this number, i just beleive it "intuitively" - the qualitative argument i read made sense. I base most of my "world-view" on this, so i'm very curious to see peoples' reasoning for their estimates. Fusion is the only "way out" but it would take a stable world to acheive, plus people investing in fusion research instead of bidding up houses i gather experts consider it 50years away?
  6. i'm a bit more optimistic, i thought we had enough farmland for 2 billion, so only roughly 2 out of 3 will starve
  7. the next "World Reserve Currency" will be Cocaine
  8. no! i feel very ill too. I love machines... the political system of the Industrial Revolution is under threat. if capitalism dies, (everyone hates those evil bankers, not the wreckless borrowers)... the replacement will be far worse! the problem is excessive DEBT, excessive LEVERAGE. please, human race, dont throw out the baby with the bathwater. please don't end the concept of "voting with your wallet". (co-operation/competition in constructive endevours ..capitalism. NOT the same as DEBT)
  9. it's a deliberate conflict between 2 (overlapping) hive-minds.. "man+machine" vs "man-machine" ?
  10. so do we (i) encourage ALL employers to implement the Bankers' bonus system or (ii) ditch the bankers bonus system
  11. which is exactly why i find it so disturbing that we're blaming the bankers (why would they want to crash their own system?) .. or the speculators (who only profit by calming bubbles down) Was it some sort of subconscious conspiracy? .. herd instinct looking after the masses after all... group mind working in subtle ways
  12. maybe we should all get into the habit of quoting all monetary values in Standard Form, just in case we get hyperinflation.
  13. Interesting. could this (public ownership of banks) turn reposessions into defacto social housing. (hence.. why do they need to p1ss around with IR's)
  14. isn't it just the euro falling faster .. what are the others doing
  15. I can make the point better by explaining one person has final dictatorial control over all aspects of the project - it is ultimately his vision, implemented by a heirachy of technicians & craftsmen. (he answers to financiers who empower him so long as the products sell) I'll agree it's ludicrous to put EVERYONE through university, racking up debt. I was lucky enough to go through back in the days of grants. my points are mainly aimed at countering the claim that education creates a 'false' heirachy. We clearly have varying magnitudes of ability.
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