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  1. Cool. And totally agree. May I ask if any of your writing on this subject has been published or is it on here? I think this year we're about to see one of the main enabling technologies for this go mainstream - VR.
  2. I doubt it. In fact, I can probably tell you her ambition. I had a long chat with a Nigerian NHS nurse when I was in hospital a couple of years ago (I posted it on here at the time). It was about 2am and she was on the night shift. She was clearly a hard-working woman who wanted a better life. I actually asked her what her ambition was. So she told me what her dreams and hopes were. She told me her favourite programme was Homes Under the Hammer and her greatest ambition was to get out of the monotony of her job and do what they do in that programme. So, so sad. The bread and circuses of the BBC and our politicians have a lot to answer for. It is obviously, after all, a control and exploitation mechanism. And Labour are the worst of the lot, because they pretend to be the worker's friend.
  3. Sounds like you've been reading Alastair Reynolds' Poseidon's Children trilogy (Blue Remembered Earth is the first one). It's pretty much this.
  4. Didn't the MPs then just buy and rent to eachother instead? Had the same effect.
  5. I am rather perturbed by the lack of full stops in the above posts. It's all going to pot. I blame the Tories.
  6. I presume, as a self-declared "millionaire", that he paid large amounts of tax? Are his tax returns open for public scrutiny since he became an MP?
  7. Makes it very clear that they want to maintain the housing ponzi for years to come.
  8. Unintended consquences: FTB's to delay purchases whilst they use the HTB ISAs to save a subsidised deposit even if they already have one?
  9. And you HAVE to buy a house with it. Locks in future demand. Quite clever really, if you're a ****.
  10. Has the Telegraph become anti-Tory? That clock just emphasises the Tories are still running a massive deficit, have not got the economy under control after 5 years, and are basically incompetent. I could understand them having the clock on the site if we had a Labour government but surely this is just shooting themselves in the foot.
  11. Absolutely. The man's a chancer and shyster, has been obviously so for some years (why use a different name then?), and yet is an MP and Chairman of the Tory party. It says a lot about that party and its lack of principles, a seeming lack of talent, and UK politics in general.
  12. I think this is very good news. It's not just about the stats but about the cover text that goes out with each PR release. It was always in Halifax's interests, as in Nationwide's, to put a sugar coating on bad house price news and to "hide" poor months. IIRC they even "massaged" the figures by introducing quarterly moving averages to hide the euphemistic "dips". After all, the Halifax would literally lose business if the housing market looked to be a poor investment. Now that Markit own it, I can't see why they should be similarly biased - indeed, the value of their data would increase the more openly accurate it is. In fact, I have a feeling the Halifax sold it off precisely because they think the index is going to go negative for some time and they don't want to connect the Halifax brand with a "bad news" index.
  13. Just like university fees then! Capped at £9k, but of course practically all the courses are......£9k! In Labour's world prices only ever go up, because they have no idea how markets work. Locally markets can go down as well as up, such as if a large employer closes down.
  14. They've got no choice if there's a hung parliament. If they go with the Tories then they'll be forever labelled as favouring the Tories, so they have to go with Labour to show they are "independent".
  15. Agreed. Hopefully they'll stay brave and won't cave. Would love them to leave the Euro and announce some sort of "New Drachma Greek rescue bond" (as long as they default on the current debt\). I'd buy them just to as a way of helping and stick two fingers up to the EU bullies (and I don't even like UKIP). I don't know if the Greek government or indeed its people are aware of how much international support they have from the common man.
  16. Fits nicely with Obama's other policy of "Change". Never actually said what the change was during his first campaign, just "change".
  17. Sound like Carney is already looking for his next, bigger job. Draghi's 67 so could retire soon.
  18. Agreed. True journalism, an enquiring mind, and challenging authority has pretty much disappeared. They just seem to read out press releases really and often neglect to ask even the most obvious questions. I must admit, were it not for this thread, I would have continued to think the newly appointed Greek fianance leaders were the usual spendthrift leftie loons. This guy's economics knowledge and acknowledgement of other theories such as the Austrian school (although he's not an Austrian) puts our leaders to shame. He also appears to have some practical experience having been chief economist at Valve Software (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-01-27-valves-economist-is-the-new-finance-minister-of-greece), who have changed the economics of computer gaming. If only they didn't keep saying they would never leave the Euro. ETA: There's another thread on here about the dramatic fall in newspaper circulation. Perhaps there's a correlation with shite journalism.
  19. Thanks for that. Impressive guy, doesn't sound like a looney leftie. Hopefully he won't be corrupted by the power.
  20. Spot on. Makes far too much sense though so will never be implemented.
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