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  1. The problem is that "the market rent" is itself subsidised - housing benefit, tax breaks for landlords, blind eye to landlord tax evasion, FFL, HTB, low interest rates, and many other schemes have pushed up market rents and therefore effectively subsidised them. UK rents are double those in Europe. That is the appalling thing about this policy - "you've been paying a reasonable price for housing, but now you've got to pay the overpriced rent that every other mug has to". It's all ****-about-face, it is market rents that are too high and need to come down.
  2. It's not about selling houses to eachother. It's ultimately about boosting the landed class, the real home of the Tories. Free market Thatcherism was a blip and is not a natural or historical Tory value. It's about the landed classes owning more and more land and obtaining rents as well as minimising labour costs. It seems that all Tory policy is intended to help the landed. Eg: sell social housing -> ultimately those houses will be acquired by large landlords -> put up rents -> squeeze wages -> a class that will do what they are bloody well told. Housing and land ownership is being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands over decades. These people are doing it deliberately and think in terms of generations, for their inherited wealth often goes back hundreds of years. They are therefore thinking in terms of taking more and more property and land over generations too. I can only conclude that this new feudalism is a deliberate policy. (FWIW, I'm no leftie and believe in free markets, but I hate rigged markets).
  3. Looks like Greek referendum to be announced imminently!!!!
  4. Could well do. I love unintended consequences that prove our politicians to be idiots!
  5. I agree totally, and straight line forecasts always look ridiculous, especially that one - but he's been generally right thus far.
  6. He was berated on here, but Nadeem Walayat on the Market Oracle predicted it and currently forecasts pause over next few months and then on to bull market. I'm as bearish as they come but so far he's been pretty accurate.
  7. Totally agree. I look forward to buying ultra-cheap used cars in the years to come and it's very nice of the British public to take care of the depreciation for me. Also one of the advantages of the UK being right hand drive - they can't sell them elsewhere. So with high new sales and no competition from the rest of Europe for used sales (bar Ireland and Cyprus), second hand car prices in the UK must be almost the cheapest in Europe. Having said that, I have two cars, one 10 years old and just bought a 15-year old sports car for buttons, and they're both in extremely good condition and have years left in them.
  8. Compromise: Keep mortgage interest relief but require that all landlords operate their properties via UK-registered limited companies and therefore declare income and tax properly. Will get rid of the "amateur landlord" bobbins as well.
  9. FFS, the solution never seems to be "work harder or study to improve your skills/qualifications/value to get a better job and higher salary"!! Lambs to the slaughter (although surely they're due a chunk in tax credits).
  10. Incorrect, it's London when taking financial industry revenue into account. No, it's Manchester when taking football revenue into account. Actually, no, it's Grimsby when taking fish revenue into account.?
  11. If so, I predict he'll be given a safe seat by the Tories in a future bi-election.
  12. Seems no point staying up. Any idea guys what time we'll have something vaguely conclusive - 4am, 5am, 6am? Just wondering what time to set the alarm clock.
  13. What gets me is that we don't demand reciprocity. Try buying a house in China or Singapore and see how far you get. Try taking over a Chinese or Indian company and see how far you get. Try taking over French or German water supplies or energy companies, or defence companies. However, we're willing to bend over and take it, handing them not just our businesses, and our jobs, but our main natural resource - land. Not a single mention of this in the election campaign as far as I am aware. We just need a policy of reciprocity, would stop this very quickly.
  14. Watching that has made it very clear to me that there is no chance a political solution to our economic problems will ever happen. Anyone who stands and says "our economy is screwed unless we do something, we need to cut our cloth, we can't afford a big state" will just be mocked and not see power. Therefore, the only other way we will get to a solution is by it being forced upon us, by the economy and/or currency collapsing. This could take many years as the can-kickers are both creative, stupid, and reckless, so they'll just keep it going. FWIW, after LibDem help-to-rent, I'm now either going to "spoil" my ballot paper by scrawling "none of the above" on it, or vote Monster Raving Loony, as they at least admit they're nutters.
  15. Hold on, isn't the BIS pretty much the only financial institution that has been calling it correctly and warning of central bank mistakes and systemic problems? Hardly controlling the world then. Pretty much the only institution worthy of any respect IMO.
  16. This is utter madness. I'm going to give my local Lib Dem MP a piece of my mind and let him know he won't be getting my vote. He's normally quite good at responding. They're just pushing prices up and giving landlords money. What *****.
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