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  1. Very much agree. Great staff and customer service IME.
  2. I thought the government were subsidising child care to get the debt-slave mothers back to work?! Think the LidDems yesterday advocated 30 hours free weekly childcare? - work to push house prices up you glorious mums, and abandon your kids to the quality upbringing of the state-funded teenage minimum wage chav carers, its the ideal way to bring up your kids!
  3. Embarrassingly small, but then I don't think it's "worth" today's valuation.
  4. I've owned my house for 20 years (3 bed semi). Bought (luckily) in last crash. It was in decent but not great condition when I bought it. I'd say maintaining it in that state has cost £1000 a year at most (so indeed about 1% of original purchase price). I'm no DIY expert but painting and general maintenance is simple enough and materials and tools cheap, so big items that have cost have been new boiler (£2k), replacement windows (£4K), fencing £1.5k, flat roof repair on bay window, soffits, needed a plumber once, electrician once too, got a landscaping company to sort garden after moved in (£2.5k), new kitchen £3.5k, carpeting/flooring £3k. Maybe I've been lucky. I've spent a lot more on it, but that was in extending rather than maintenance.
  5. What is quite bizarre is why this wasn't picked up by the Remain camp - sure a lot of people would have not voted Leave if this was known. I suspect they didn't actually know themselves, considering what a shambles their campaign was.
  6. Makes sense, was just wondering whether there might be the odd anomaly in value. See airlines have been hit too.
  7. I'm in a similar position. So, any "bargains"? I can understand builders, but why would say Barclays (down 16%) be hit so hard? Are they that reliant on mortgages? Or indeed Hargreaves Lansdown (down 12%)?
  8. OK, thanks. Yes, think I've got one somewhere that I bought last year. Cheers.
  9. Thanks for that. Not much about Bitcoin on their web site. Do you store the Bitcoins with them or transfer to your own separate wallet?
  10. Great idea for a thread. Some years ago I started a thread called something like "Is there anything to invest in that isn't toppy?" when both stock markets and indeed gold were high. I do think a major crash is inevitable, but who knows when. So what I'd be interested in is options for investment not to protect current funds (I've got that taken care of with a balanced portfolio mainly in a SIPP inc gilts and shares with decent dividends), but to make large gains when a crash happens. As far as I can see, this consists almost entirely of either precious metals and miners or Bitcoin, latter being a particular gamble. I did try a few shorts before the last crash but got the timing pretty wrong (except for oil) so don't want to go there again. So, anywhere else to invest that will grow rapidly when the doom and gloom actually hits? As I see, this is for my "high risk" pot and not main investments. TIA for any suggestions.
  11. OK, so I'm looking at my first modest foray into Bitcoin and poss Etherium. What would people recommend as the best and most secure exchange to buy them on? I'd rather pay in £s via card (Gemini needs $ transfer but would do if best). Does Gemini have any extra protection because it is regulated? How does CoinCorner/Bitstamp compare? TIA.
  12. It's a franchise so doubt much of their own money will actually be invested. I was at a franchise show in London last year and Century 21 were pushing their very similar model (and American too). In fact I get the impression Century 21 spend more time/money marketing the franchises than they do the houses on their books.
  13. The Tories will do everything they can to stop a HPC on their watch - last time it happened they 3 lost elections on the trot and were out of power for 13 years. They blame the 90s HPC for that.
  14. I get the impression a lot of people have gone away this Easter - let the good times roll!
  15. :-D How quickly things change. So so far we have Thailand, Canada, and a bit of Holland. I've worked in the States and wouldn't live there even though I love going there - working life is pretty ruthless, expensive health care, and old people end up quite bitter after a hard life.So, we now have 2.5 countries out of 196 in the world that are better than here. Must try harder.
  16. So far we only have Thailand and Canada as viable alternatives. Must be more surely?
  17. Indeed. I notice that their motto is "NO expensive brands. Just food honestly priced". The obvious thing to write is "Just good food honestly priced". They must have had a discussion and consciously decided that they can't put the word "good" in there.
  18. Great post - and congrats Count! I've been on since 2004 and concur with so much. Has been great reading your posts although I'm nowhere near as prolific! Another big fan of TMT too. Some incredible people on here. Of course the continued irrationality of the market is maddening and the end is going to be very painful. At least we were right and can celebrate whilst getting pished on our homebrew whilst trying to chat up an old scrapper burd online! Well done Count, keep 'em coming!
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