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  1. So, I've split up with a very unhinged and violent partner (with violent grown up kid who has literally tried to kill me last year but I was pressured into not pressing charges) and since moved house into a rental in a village where there is no gas supply. Probem 1: My name is on the lease and violent partner and family are in it. Rented through purplebricks if that is relevant. 12mth AST as far as I recall. This is a full on domestic abuse situation and I have no memory of what I signed. Do all tenancy agreements let you give notice even early on in a tenancy? I can't live there for safety reasons so I'm never going back but can't be paying for them to live rent free for a year I don't have the spare cash. I need to get them out and move on. They basically live off a ton of benefits and seem to see me as a cash cow on top of their handouts. Problem 2: House is on bottled gas and nowhere near what the landlord said in terms of use. Landlord said bottled gas would last a month, it lasts 10 days if you're lucky, so looking at 500+ per month for heating and hot water. Does that give me any leeway with anything? I really hope HPC can help me here, I'm in hiding for my safety and just want them gone. The goal is to get them out and to move on. No revenge stuff I just want to be well again and live my life.
  2. Apologies for the bump cos I'd really like to get a reply
  3. We've put in an offer for renting a place at what zoopla said was the monthly rate. The agent said the owner had 3 more viewings this week but we were the first. The owner sent us round to the local village school to see if there was a place for the youngest child, they were happy with us and my NHS work so all looked good. I reckon the agent might be playing a game wanting all viewings and offers to come in to maximise their fees and I don't want to wait around for that. So, how can we force the hand of the owner to decide on our offer? Seems mad that we're even in a situation about offers, it's a rental ffs! Do we send an email saying we've seen another place and prefer theirs, but need to know asap as we don't want to end up with nothing? Any other ideas?
  4. NI is effectively in the single market and bypasses a lot of the Brexit red tape we now have over here.
  5. Thanks that's what I'm doing, it seems to vary as to my efficiency and looks like I'll generate about 50 quid a month, which I hope is more than the leccy required to keep the PC running!
  6. I'm totally new to crypto and don't have enough spare hours to read 850+ pages. I'm interested in solo mining using my desktop games PC. Bitcoin seems saturated now (or nearly fully extracted). Any tips on what coins to look at mining? I think I saw one called Grid that was newish, could have been Grin not sure.
  7. Long time since I logged in here. Has HPC become a leaver's haven? What's the thought on HPC with Brexit? Has CGNAO or Goldfinger ever come back?
  8. I've not been posting for a good many month now due to Brexit and the support it seems to have here. But, here we have clear evidence of what the remainers said, it is a Tory coup to make sure they stay rich, get richer and look after the rich. The rest of us can stay in servitude made all the more hard to escape when we have reduced rights (as voted for last night) and reduced chance of escape to other countries that don't take the piss as much. Clear choice here now we are seeing the reality come out. Bend over and take it like a man or start making noise. I'm first in line to say the EU is no utopia in itself but the future we face is far worse than where we were.
  9. Brexit was my first thought. A way of getting some transient feel good into people's pockets to partially overcome the emergent problems and make triggering article 50 more palatable.
  10. I think this whole vote is a well planned event to allow the tories to go balls deep with cuts and privatisation.
  11. I was open jawed at the LBC radio ad - 695k for a shitty flat with the advertised guaranteed 4% return for landlords - so this is yet another development of "homes" (aka transitory kennels for people who won't put down roots) purely created for BTL parasites. http://www.galliardhomes.com/The-Fusion Thank the juddering ****** I moved up north to the midlands with my acre for less than half the cost of one of these shit holes.
  12. Demolish estate, tenants moved into private rented, local authority bill for housing benefit massively increased (they're Labour in the main so hitting them more is a good thing for Tories), housebuilders get a bail out in redevelopments, BTL buy up the new executive rabbit hutches. In short, the estates are now in areas where the land is valuable and it's an opportunity to give money to the Tory cronies.
  13. Worth every penny until the day when all nukes are removed from everyone, and that's not going to happen anytime soon until a weapon worse than a nuke is invented.
  14. Don't be so facking sensible. Get with the NuLab/Tory agenda! Privatise by stealth to increase costs, reduce effectiveness and staff engagement through shit work conditions and create a case for full privatisation.
  15. 2011, 420k I think (escaped to the North for an acre and a decent chance at childhood for my son)
  16. A new one to me. My previous home in SE Essex has come back on the market for an eye watering 660k for a 3 bed semi which has been fully "Essexed" (souless magazine like modifications and decor, front garden turned into a big coloured gravel bed, back garden cleared of fruit trees and planting and turned into one lawn etc). Now that's their choice but they have a twist in their offerings, a life lease deal for over 60s. I've not heard of this and for the princely sum of 440k you can have the privilege of living there until you pop your clogs (in theory) and then presumably the house is then open to the current owners to sell or rent out again. Thing is, 440k is a lot of money even to a boomer so why would you want to spend that amount on upfront rent and have nothing to show for it at the end? Am I missing something? What happens when you need modifications to the house for wheelchairs, wet rooms, handrails etc?
  17. Affordable or starter they get bought by BTL and rented to scummers who shit on their environment as they have no stake or enduring reason to build a community. So this is a weak feeble step in the right direction. If this helps to make the bottom layer of the house of cards collapse the rest will follow and that's what we need - a proper stonking crash. I want my son to be able to afford a house when he grows up and not be a permaslave to a slum lord.
  18. Already been done - all are now career averaged/outsourced and not final salary. Was changed a few years back now.
  19. Because both Lab and Con have arranged for the public services to be skimmed or fleeced by their mates.
  20. There's money to be made for those with the money so whilst conservatives or new labour are in power this will continue unabated. Is there any party I can vote for that genuinely represents the people? Is this how national socialism started?
  21. They all seem 90% the same. I have no faith in them keeping any promises anyway. Anyone else feel like this?
  22. They went full tesco and somehow thought deceiving customers would work for them in spite of the clear evidence from the downfall of tesco. Fools.
  23. It looks shit. I thought it was Essex for a moment then it just got more up it's own backside as the photos went on. So, nearly every room is a try hard masterpiece needing rework and it's on a main road, and it's in that great shithole known as Birmingham. It's worse than a derelict as you need to rip out all that crap before you make it a normal house again. And as for the garden, for cunting asses sake why screw it up like that? 750k? kiss my hairy ringpiece.
  24. Or find varieties that can withstand nuclear war and feed the survivors perhaps.
  25. Yep I know some. They're returning to cash in hand work or crime to do the minimum to get back to their pre-cut levels of income. All the while I slave like a **** all week to pay for them. They don't want to work - life is too easy for them. What's the story with those you know on benefits?
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