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  1. Thank you for all the replies all very helpful except in the case of Justyield which was just hysterical and Fishman I will try to be out valentines day I will look into the harassment side and try and get some advice from the police. Thanks again Edit to add ungeared you should watch justyield:s video
  2. Hello Mods please leave this on the main forum for a while. Been looking to buy for some time now, have moved area and took on six month rental whilst I searched. Paid six months up front was in a rush and wanted less hassle. Great flat, two floors lots of space and good location, unfortunately landlord lives upstairs and has rest of house and the type that wants to do repairs himself but is absolutely useless at fixing them. He wanted to drop by every other day. I paid to have the locks etc fixed changed in the end so as not to give him an excuse to come by. Within a week of living in the
  3. I'd just like to thank you for making me aware amex are doing this. I too had the platinum for the insurance benefits. I think I got something in the post about changes to the card but didn't read it so a big thanks again and they can shove it when August comes around for subscription.
  4. Most the people I know are in this position. If it wasn't for the foreign students (and I've never thought it lucrative or worth the hassle) the town would be empty. I think this is how most locals and those all along the south coast are getting by. They are still having at least two holidays a year and putting it on the mortgage. Edit to add I've been looking for property along the south coast and the amount of former Brighton residents now residing further out be they vendors or even estate agents was staggering. Reading that back I suppose it's not really that surprising.
  5. Sorry not heard of that one was too busy trying to buy a caravan so I can claim traveller status.
  6. Good luck Casrtogtx hope it all goes well. I echo your sentiments but do wonder whether any young Brightonian will ever be able to afford to buy here anymore (those without bank of mum and dad). I will probably buy in the next few months but not here.
  7. I really like it there. The west end part of town is really pretty and up by the Leas. Sunday Times just did an article on it up and coming and all that. Fast train links to London and France. The new Brighton is being touted around but I have heard that said of Margate?????????????????????????recently.
  8. Rent a Gob was also on the Jeremy Vine show yesterday. Another of her many talents is voicing off about motorists warning others about speed traps.
  9. An article from the local rag. http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/8443603.People_forced_to_live_in_tents_in_Sussex/ Seems it mostly eastern Europeans but I found the comments section very telling. Local people especially single normal men never get a look in where council housing is concerned. Not surprised by Brighton Council. I knew they were more concerned about ethnic minorities when they had their own "Asylum Seekers Dept" ten years back. Still can't understand why they changed the department name though.
  10. When I heard 5Live say "House prices according to Halifax", I thought here we go again forever on the up, nice to be wrong. Now all we need is the BOE to raise interest rates today
  11. I'm hearing the same story from builders electricians and plumbers. Holiday makers and day trippers are not spending much when they visit. They even come prepared with suitcases of food and drinks. The Pride parade looked hard up. It certainly didn't have the carnival atmosphere of years gone by more times are hard. Don't have a clue about house prices anymore. So many I know are hanging on by their fingernails but this low interest rate has enabled them to hang on longer.
  12. Think the phone in on 5Live at 9am is about what is happening in your area regards buying and selling.
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