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  1. "not because of their spectacular talents" - Silly value judgement. If you want to work in IT you can. Its very easy to get into. "demand has significantly outstripped supply." - How do you measure this? "I don't remember any IT contractors complaining..." - I've been permanent and contracting. I think the tax arrangements are a scandal ( as are most small businesses ). OK?
  2. You might look at it the otherway round for a moment. The government has chosen certain jobs for wage deflation ( nurses, dancers and programmers). It has not chosen other jobs for wage deflation. This amounts to a subsidy for those people who aren't targeted by the government. (retired people, business leaders, politicians, estate agents, accountants, train drivers etc ). I don't want to be subsidising your lifestyle by having my wages artificially lowered by targeted immigration. Secondly the effect of targeted immigration is to create a permanent 'shortage' of workers in the targeted jobs. The more that wages are reduced in the targeted jobs the less likely it is that native inhabitants will want to work in these jobs. Leading to more calls for yet more immigration... How do you think the quality of live of the average inhabitant of these isles will be affected? Ever smaller Barrat's boxes to live in? More crowded roads and schools. Less natural resources per person... You don't seem to have thought this one through.
  3. I have no idea what the market rates are in Scotland but in the south east... more like... £475 per day minimum for a contracting programmer. £75k minimum for a perm. I know 2 Scottish programmers who work in the south east, one must be earning >£120k the other >£80k I was earning £35k doing programming at a badly paid company 10 years ago!!!!
  4. Please don't tell the Investment Bank I work for. P.S. How about that £5? I need to get the air con fixed in my Ferrari, I expect it'll be expensive so any help will do.
  5. If Pytel said that 2+2=5 and I said that was wrong then would I be "projecting"? I replied to the topic to lend weight to the topic creator's statement that Pytel was wrong. He is. btw: You haven't bothered to ask me why I think he is wrong. On another note: Can anyone submit written evidence to parliament? I think it would look good on my CV.
  6. I did understand what he was saying which is how I concluded that he was confused. Hope that clears it up for you.
  7. I read the article some time ago and thought the author was confused about some very basic things.
  8. Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are rising. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Everything else being equal, the planet will get warmer. Just very basic physics, where's the con? Will it raise the price of everything? Doubtful: since most people already spend all they have. New houses will be a little bit more expensive, old houses will get cheaper, new cars will cost the same, old cars get a lot cheaper. etc.
  9. We already know how to build zero carbon houses today. In fact you can order them as prefabs and have them constructed in a few days. It's far to far away. 6 more years of building shoddy houses which will have to be retrofitted with better insulation at great expense at a later date. I assume that our corrupt overlords are delaying the introduction so their backers in the building industry get a chance to shift their existing land banks at a much higher profit. These houses will obviously save you money and remove the risk of energy price increases. So yes they will be worth more than the equivalent non-zero carbon house. Assuming the supply of credit is fixed then the value of non-zero carbon houses will go down. (Didn't watch the video, power cut means I'm using a 2g modem )
  10. Motive: Try paying £190 road tax for a car which only does 700 miles per year and another £190 for a car which does 3000 miles per year.
  11. I'm proposing that the total tax take would remain the same. Road tax plus fuel tax. How much would fuel tax have to go up to get rid of the road tax? Assuming the average car does... 10000 miles per year. 7 miles per litre. (about 30mpg) £150 road tax Then the increased cost would be 10 pence per litre. This is very much on the high side, I've been very generous with the estimates. Benefits: one less form to fill out. one less category of "crime" fewer government employees polluter pays. I really don't care about fuel tax. Given that A. The government has to be paid for and B. the free market incorrectly prices the cost of fuel then we tax payers may as well take advantage by increasing fuel taxes whilst reducing other taxes.
  12. "I would rather hammer the larger engined higher emitting vehicles direct through road tax however. SAVING the hauliers and 'essentials'." Is it essential that I get my scottish potatoes hauled to poland for cleaning and bagging before being hauled back to a uk branch of tesco so I can buy them at a price which you are keen to subsidise? I get hammered by road tax, 5 days in the week I ride a bicycle, once a week I use the golf and once a month I warm up the Ferrari. Every mile I ride on the bicycle increases the cost per mile of my cars. Road tax penalizes people who decrease the use of their cars. Get rid of road tax and slap it on fuel. Polluters should pay, not the non-polluter. And whilst we are on the subject of fuel tax why is it that aviation fuel is still exempt from any tax? We are ruled by corrupt idiots.
  13. Given the above please explain how you can plan for your retirement using a house price bubble? For example, I hope to retire in about 20 years and I am currently saving for a pension. The 'house price bubble pension plan' seems to be: (1) don't save anything for your retirement instead enjoy the good life and then (2) buy a big house 6 years before I retire and (3) expect that at that time I will benefit from a huge house price bubble and just before this bubble pops I will (4) sell my big house and buy a smaller one and then (5) live off the difference for the rest of my life. Did I get the plan right? The truth is that these people didn't plan anything. They simply had a potential windfall profit and they didn't take it. Too late now.
  14. population crisis? It's been pointed out before and not by me... The baby boomers were once children. So in the past there was a time when there were disproportionate numbers of children, who all needed be fed, clothed, housed and schooled. None of these children had any savings at all!!!! Old people of course have savings and for the most part look after themselves. we will cope!!
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