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  1. I would get a ladder and go round peoples houses asking if they wanted there windows washing or car valeting. I you live in a fairly big town you maybe have 20 to 30000 potential customers. All cash in hand nice weather coming up be your own boss. That would be for the short term. You could also have several spin offs on this idea as well ie 1 or2 things you could sell to people as you get to know them. Longer term I would try to think of something a bit better but this would do for short term get some cash coming in flexi hours. Its perfect really. Would take some ******** to start with to get out and meet people.
  2. This is just absolutely shockingly bad. Neil Kinncock's dream hah ha ha nearly spat my tea out at that one
  3. Whats peoples thoughts on index linked gilts. I think fixed uk gilts are a pile of shite but I do expect significant inflation. The one thing holding me back is that they fiddle the inflation rate and the solvency/finances of this country. Dont really want to be locked in to government bond till 2013.
  4. Yeh your right this is once in a lifetime stuff. Bring it on!
  5. The only question is what time am I going to get to bed. This is fascinating stuff but ive got work at 7
  6. This is probably one of the best days of my life! Wohooo Going down labour scum good riddance
  7. Yeh ive noticed it. People are becoming a lot nastier in general. I dont help things by driving a new bmw but 2 years ago that wasnt a problem now you get people really giving u the evils whenever u pull up in town. At dinner time I pulled out marginally in front of an ambulance and he tried driving up the inside of me nearly ramming me. A bit strong i thought, hes lucky i was in a good mood or else he might have ended up in the back of his own vehicle.
  8. Is this anthony boltons new year bull market!!! Anthony Bolton calls share rally in new year Commercial property and the banks will lead new bull surge, predicts veteran stockpickerKathryn Cooper, Money Editor ANTHONY BOLTON, one of the City’s most respected fund managers, has urged investors to prepare for a new bull market early next year, led by banks and property stocks. The veteran investor, who ran Fidelity’s Special Situations fund for 28 years before standing down in 2007, believes that the FTSE 100’s November low of 3,781 will prove to be the bottom of the downturn, with shares rallying sharply in the first three months of next year.
  9. What is peoples opinion on here rearding agricultural land. With all the turmoil going on could be a good place to put your money???? At least it is safe
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