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  1. I barely know why I'm bothering to respond to such an ignorant comment. But go back a page and read my original post please, before commenting any further on something you clearly know nothing about.
  2. Can anyone criticising teachers on this thread actually hold their hands up and say they know ANY teachers to base their comments on? The main complaint of teachers is the pay/workload balance. The NUT have taken up the pay side of the equation, with the strike today. The other teacher's unions aren't striking today as they want focus on the workload side. As an example, my girlfriend started teaching secondary maths last September. She's at school for 8am each day, to get all the paperwork and teaching supplies prepared for the day ahead. She leaves school, not at 3:30 as imagined, but 5:30 after a couple of hours marking. That's if there's not detentions, parents evenings or school events to attend. She then starts 3, 4 hours of evening work planning the lessons for the next day. She's been doing 15, 16 hour days, getting abused by kids, pressured by parents, unable to use any strong discipline for fear of lawsuit, and for what? £20,000 a year. Before she started, I too used to joke about the "excessive" holidays of a teacher. But the way teaching takes over her life during term time, by the time a holiday comes round, she's on the point of collapse, and needs a week off to regain some sense of normality. No way would I do what she's doing - but then I don't have the only thing that keeps most teachers in the job - that much derided, but real, desire to "make a difference" and improve the chances of the kids she teaches. We should all thank our lucky stars that there people left who are still willing to put up with the ridiculous demands made of them and be teachers and nurses. No one does those jobs for the terms and conditions, and governments over the ages have always taken advantage of that fact; sometimes, like now, too much. And for those commenting about the exams being so close - the schools DO know this - and at the majority of schools, with only one union striking, they've only had to cancel years 7 and 8, with senior and supply staff being used to maintain lessons for the more important years.
  3. Inspired by the Northern Rock petition the other day, I have since had my own e-petition approved. Sign up to (just maybe) get a more realistic CPI figure! Or, at the very least, annoy the treasury a bit more. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/makeCPImorereal/
  4. There's been an e-petition raised to tell Gordon Brown exactly that. I recommend you sign up! http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/NRMadness/
  5. While I despair at PC madness as well, am I that bothered if she's a bit too lefty-liberal and PC every now and then? Not really. Half of the posts on this thread are complaints that the British public are sleep walking into a police state, and are apathetic and uninterested when told about it. As far as I can see, Liberty (and Shami, as the highly public face of Liberty) are the only ones actually doing anything about it. They have won many legal cases against the government's police-state measures, and are constantly on the watch for the next one. They campaign loudly against ID cards, and will doubtless have something to say about this new e-border idea. These are things that affect every demographic in our society.
  6. If you want to actually make a stand, join Liberty: http://www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk/ From the "about" page on their website: "Who we are Liberty is also known as the National Council for Civil Liberties. Founded in 1934, we are a cross party, non-party membership organisation at the heart of the movement for fundamental rights and freedoms in England and Wales. We promote the values of individual human dignity, equal treatment and fairness as the foundations of a democratic society. Our mission Liberty seeks to protect civil liberties and promote human rights for everyone. What we do Liberty campaigns to protect basic rights and freedoms through the courts, in Parliament and in the wider community. We do this through a combination of public campaigning, test case litigation, parliamentary lobbying, policy analysis and the provision of free advice and information." and I found it very reassuring how little personal information they asked for when I signed up You can almost guarantee spotting their founder, Sharmi Chakrabarti being interviewed by the news presenters every time the government tries to pass another of these laws. The bigger this organisation gets, and the more people on it's membership list, the bigger and more powerful the signal to our government that we won't live like this.
  7. No one here has yet appeared to consider a different meaning to his announcement - from the BBC news source I read, it is unclear whether he's bailing out the bank itself, or simply guaranteeing all savings deposits in the event of it going bust? In this scenario, moral hazard is avoided, as shareholders and directors lose out, but the average joe gets their life savings back from a bank they had every reason to assume was up to the task of keeping it safe. Obviously, it will be a wake up call to all depositors for a long time to come, and no bad thing; but why make thousands of innocent customers suffer in the cause of "moral hazard" as well?
  8. Reading this thread, I think it means they just stopped share trading on a big US bank?! http://www.tickerforum.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?post=6749
  9. and the Dow was going to open 44 down already... http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/07092007/214/pre-o...ocks-start.html (woo! - first post)
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