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  1. "Works of Shakespeare my ****! The bastards haven't even managed 'Hello, world...' yet!"
  2. Which, as far as I'm aware, will actually happen before the next election if the polls keep pointing the way they are.
  3. The interesting point here being the rates paid by new borrowers at the moment. They are, in recent (as in the last ten years or so) terms, high.
  4. How so? Unless I've totally misread that, the asset wotsit scheme applies to 90ish percent of £260bn of existing assets, not new assets.
  5. Nah, don't agree. Merv is only allowed to play two games - 'Whack-a-Mole' and 'Ultimate Mole Charming' - both of which are very different from Gordon's game ('Give Labour Your X-Factor') and that of the nationalised banks ('Escape from Gordon's Gulag').
  6. It's a combination of the information your browser sends to the hosting server when it requests the image in her sig, plus the result of a 'whois' on your current IP address. The idea is to get the reader worried that this 'information' is being passed to a third party without their say-so.
  7. I doubt very much whether they're coining it in from anyone on that particular deal. I think the phrase that applies is "For Demonstration Purposes Only".
  8. Cunning. Appease the Dear Leader with a 10% deal, then make it expensive enough that no-one in their right mind would go for it. Like it.
  9. I seem to remember reading recently that the only Thing growing at the moment was state expenditure.
  10. I do hope it's made publicly available, or at least dealt with by some decent academic papers. Very interesting period, that, and not a lot of reasonably conjecture-free material available on it.
  11. (Amateur alert!) That's pretty much my reading of it as well, in that the government borrowing situation is completely political. My guess would be it's actually Labour's poor poll showing at the moment that's allowing the current situation to continue, as it's pointing the way to a change of government policy in less than a year's time. Impossible to test it I know, but it would be very interesting to know what those who're lending at the moment would do if the polls were pointing at a clear Labour victory.
  12. Given that the lenders are asking for big deposits, I'd go with the former.
  13. Good lord! What do you do of an evening? Arc welding!?!
  14. The chopped about Brown speach over the end credits was spot on.
  15. Yes. It's asking prices. It's near as damnit random.
  16. Based on my highly unscientific reasoning that bad shit doesn't happen when half the workforce is on holiday, I'd say they were jumping the gun by a season.
  17. Read as "we're a house building company with a lot of debt, so guess what happens if we don't build houses?"
  18. Given that this is a local council, they've probably sent the same birthday card to everyone, and a postal voting form to just her. Don't be surprised if she's elected for your Commons constituency at the next GE as the only candidate standing.
  19. People are buying a hell of a lot less stuff these days (Edit... missing 'ing')
  20. Whilst there's an element of truth to that, unemployment doesn't tend to discriminate. I can certainly think of at least three (without trying) pre-boom buyers who're sitting on at least 50% equity in £0.5m+ (at todays prices) houses, and whilst that's one hell of an equity cushion, it's also a hell of a big mortgage and their jobs don't look all that secure (commercial property related...), their wages even less so. All three would struggle terribly to replace their jobs with anything paying even half their current wages if things went bad. It all comes back to the size of the debt relative to actual achieved income by the debt holder, not necessarily the level of equity. You can plod along in negative equity for years, or find an apparently secure position demolished in seconds. Okay, the high equity holder is likely to be a forced seller rather than a repo, but the end result is much the same.
  21. Yeah, 35% would do me, assuming there was an element of sensible resolution to the banking situation, as they'd start looking long term affordable around that point, as opposed to the current situation which is akin to being told by the mausoleum staff that Lenin's only sleeping.
  22. So, how exactly does one invest in paper? I see a demand spike approaching around Friday night.
  23. Silly question, but do they also publish the net figure at this point? That, in my opinion, is the really interesting one at the moment.
  24. Well, he's got a choice between 'no' and 'Bob', and the latter's dead.
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