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  1. LOCAL COUNCIL You have two cows. In the interests of equality you declare one to be a bull and instruct the other to hump it. Central government supplies you with milk. INSIDE TRACK Your friend has two male Golden Retrievers. You convince people to pay you money to demonstrate that the dogs are actually Jersey cows and well worth buying. You leave with the cheque before your clients attempt milking.
  2. My rose has left me, I'm in a mood. She's gone to Kenya, with the bloke from...
  3. "You remember that well we used to draw a lot of the water from until we discovered it was poisoned when killed off half the village? We're still not using it."
  4. Stuff like this really gets to me, but not for the obvious reasons. I truely am against that sort of behaviour. I don't support it, and yet there's part of me cheering whoever did it to the rafters in the hope they keep it up. It's actually not a nice feeling.
  5. Small two-bed terrace, north east Hampshire or west Surrey, willing to pay about the same as rent assuming a longish term repayment mortgage, 20ish percent deposit, and 6%-7% interest rates. Assuming nothing actually changes for the next two years, the maths in terms of repayments (by virtue of a larger deposit) work out in a few years time anyway, so whilst I'd like to see further falls, and expect to see further falls, I don't need further falls. (Oh, edit to add... doesn't need to be genuinely handy for London)
  6. Much the same here. I suspect it'll take another couple of years, complete with spring bounces, to get there, although I wouldn't rule out larger falls during the first three years of the next parliament as that'll be when the pain relating to spending cuts and tax rises will be loaded.
  7. IMHO, think 'V' and you're heading in the right direction. This is no different to all the "We're gonna do it, any time now, oh just you wait, here it comes" announcements we had regarding QE last year, in that it's an attempt to build inflation expectations amongst those who might be in a position to spend thereby, in theory, pushing up spending.
  8. Interesting. Are you seeing much outside those categories?
  9. Now there's an interesting statement if ever there was one. So we've got an MPC member saying that he thinks everything will be okay, everything must be okay before "extraordinary" measures run out or it won't be okay, and that everything will be okay by the end of the year. I wonder what this says about QE, and when it finishes?
  10. Same here. Well, it's either that or a side effect from the mould growing on all those Big Macs I've got stored in the fridge in anticipation of flogging them for $10,000 at a later date.
  11. I quite agree, although the subtlety of it is, in my opinion, far more significant than the actual news itself.
  12. In this case I'm not so sure. Given that there was a high take-up rate in the first place, it's not as if the schemes could be branded as failing to interest the public. What's more, they've not gone down in a blaze of glory, and if there's one thing this government has consistantly done for the last 12 years is ram it's statistical successes down everyone's throats. To my mind, it's a toss-up between a potential future legal issue (well, if you can mis-sell an endowment mortgage, or a pension, you can...) or the result of a lot of focus groups on the subject of what the public don't mind seeing cut.
  13. Precisely. The presented story has to change repeatedly regardless of what actually happens, otherwise the news media would be unable to fill their pages \ schedules. Chuck in the need to editorialise* absolutely everything, and that's pretty much all you need to know to understand what you're being presented with. * As far as the economy is concerned, you could literally present the stats and nothing else, but I doubt very much whether anyone would be able to make money out of selling what would amount to load of spreadsheets to the public at large.
  14. If those were the only options, it'd be a very stringent immigration system. (Before anyone waves the BNP card at the me, there's a big difference between "sorry, we're full" and chucking out existing Brits.)
  15. If she takes the work at that rate, her salary has dropped that much. If she doesn't, and keeps getting the work at the higher rate, then it hasn't.
  16. Ah, yes, the original "National Institute for Pressing The Equals Button A Lot". Complete twats the lot of 'em. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. End the same at 2007 and compare to wage inflation then see what it comes out at... 1 in 16? That's nothing. If you take out those caring for parents, the unemployed, those in need of parental care, and those who're living with parents because they actually want to, it would no doubt look even less. You've got to love this. It even admits to the primary reasons.
  17. Other... There are a very small number of people out there whose passing wouldn't be a negative. I wouldn't call it pleasure though. With regard to the threads in question, no, that sort of thing gives me no pleasure at all.
  18. Exactly... they're aimed a people who're already in the crap.
  19. A month!?! Where do these clinics take place? The Sistine Chapel?
  20. Not that it's going to happen... but if it did, I think you'd be very surprised at the number, types and ages of people who'd be up in London demonstrating. Forget the usual rent-a-mob, this would be a far more scary bunch of people. They'd be very, very ordinary.
  21. No they don't. They're already on the bottom.
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