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  1. Erm... the public sector is generally a Labour stronghold anyway. What does it actually matter?
  2. No, it is you that are wrong. The reason for his inert behaviour on Newsnight was the Beebs' charter prevents them from passing a current through guests to stimulate them into shedding light on a given topic.
  3. "Report shows economic migrants migrate to work." Their genius makes me feel small and worthless.
  4. No, can't go along with that, not so much because the date but because of the idea that "too late" will be something that'll pass without precipitating a crisis by itself. Personally, I fail to see how the BoE can push it too far without making a deliberate attempt to surprise the markets. Everything they do is telegraphed months in advance for a bloody good reason - they'll be told in no uncertain terms when they're about to push it too before they make the actual mistake, giving them plenty of chance to avoid the mistake in the first place. Clearly I'm not saying we won't have anything "spikey" going on between now and the next election, but "spikey" is as bad as it'll get. I'm also clearly not saying that "spikey" won't be unpleasent.
  5. No matter how you look at it, it's expanding the monetary base out of desparation. To assume that no-one's even considered the prospect of it going hideously wrong is daft, and to assume they want to it go hideously wrong is monumentally daft.
  6. In essence, that's my thinking as well. As a mild deflationist, my thoughts regarding hyperinflation are that in order for it to be considered a possible, you must first assume a collosal level of sustained stupidity on the part of a large number of people, and whilst it's very easy to level that argument at individuals at any given point in time, it's bloody hard to level it at everyone over an extended period when dealing with such a well known phenomenon.
  7. I almost do That said, anyone who says they actually know what they're talking about when it comes to SEO is full of shit. In all honesty, if you're getting the hits with the setup as it is then clearly it works and doesn't need fiddling with. I chucked the "uk" on the end simply because whenever I'm looking for a service where locality is important, I tend to add said locality to it. Whilst I'd never advise someone to do something because it's what I (or as a result of what I did), it's always worth remembering people search for what people will search for, not necessarily what you think they'll search for (in other words, I searched for the right thing). As for the site design, if it's getting the business then it's great, if not then it probably isn't - that's the criterion. Overall, enjoyably ironic, not hard to find the cars and, most importantly, prices.
  8. I searched Google.co.uk for "uk car leasing"* and unless the site's using PPC under a different domain name, it's not there. It made it into the top 10 naturals for "surrey car leasing"*. No joy for "hampshire car leasing". Not sure where you get your hits from, but the Google side of things needs a lot more attention. (Yes, there are other search engines out there, but they're little more than trivia by comparison) * Without the quotes, for the SEO pedants out there
  9. There are plenty of options for new market entrants other than buying somewhere, one of which doesn't involve renting either.
  10. If it's an Autumn election, I'll agree with you. If not, I'll agree with me.
  11. It's worth remembering how many of said predictions were of zero relevance to the site, and of every relevance to certain people's "investments".
  12. It's a forum. People leave and join, and regardless of subject matter the active user count is always biased towards more recent joiners. You'd need to balance that up with those who've disappeared because, when all is said and done, they had no actual interest in house prices in the first place. There were plenty of 'em, that's for sure.
  13. Had I had my thinking head on, I'd posted (points up) this. "It's an oldie".
  14. I seem to remember we've had this particular rumour more than once before over the last couple of years.
  15. Precisely. It's not "inflation" as such, merely a bloody good opportunity to make a whole load of cash from an existing playerbase who'll buy the thing regardless of quality.
  16. The kangaroo has been tied down. Gentlemen, you may now jump up and down on it, cheering.
  17. Or maybe even dropping the belief in the wage inflation fairy, realising the "ladder" doesn't actually exist and in terms of "inflation pays my mortgage" hasn't for a fair few years, and adjusting your plans accordingly.
  18. Hahaha, erm, as long as your STR fund isn't more than about £50, no, sounds like a good fun bet. If the Aussies can keep it together for the first hour or so, they're in a with bloody good chance.
  19. As much as I dislike the phrase, he just pwned himself.
  20. "With the bouyancy issues solved, Achmed sets off in search of a suffciently long snorkel."
  21. Beeb story I think "New US home starts show slight rise extraordinarily low level" might be more honest.
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