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  1. I have just today finished building a 30mtr brick wall 6ft high in front of my house...brickwork was job lot of £1500 at £80 per day.. i laboured for him and the total for the lot is £4200 including all tool hire ,3 skips, and ready mixed concrete for the footings..we had to take 3 massive trees and their roots out...i am .really glad its over ...but it makes a hell of difference than a wooden fence that was there before.. we still have to pay for 12ft gates
  2. hey whats wrong with you lot..i have only spent 20k on doing my house up since moving in a few months ago....renting is for sensible people and not idiots like me ....painting the interior cost 2k......my wall is coming in at over 4k and thats a mates rates.
  3. far too much risk involved at these levels...i said that three years ago.....oh dear
  4. I refuse to get involved in a chain..all the houses i have bought have been chain free and i for one welcomed the fact..
  5. still empty and the war on want charity shop that has been next door has closed after being there for as long as i can remember....its bad when the charity shops have to close..
  6. worzel Well, just got an email from nethouseprices and houses on the road where we were looking. They were going for about £300k then and kept going up to the point where we weren't prepared to play any more. Recent sales on the roads we were looking at had sales in July of this year for £410-£425k. So about 35ish % up from "peak" madness here in Cheshire those terraced house go for 80k to 100k and that's well over priced...London thanks but no thanks
  7. i see you troll list has got very smaller than it used to be...what happened to them???
  8. I know of a pet shop that is a front for cleaning money..I suspect many many other shops are just fronts for cleaning money..makes sense for a dealer..
  9. I have just come in from putting the rubbish out...1 for glass one for clean plastics. 1 for mixed plastics 1 for paper 1 for cardboard 1 for grass and cuttings and cardboard boxes layed flat ..They refused the polystyrene packaging last week...next week is the normal rubbish bins... we have four bins and four crates ..this is what you will get with fortnightly collections....enjoy
  10. WRONG..this is not for buying drugs or ale....someone willing to show me this benefit and where it is on-line? surely someone knows where the drugs or ale benefit is on-line..... unless the op is trying to customise his argument?
  11. Drug addicts get extra benefits to buy drugs. ??????? Can you show me where this is true...what is the benefit called please.. this place is getting like the daily mail ... what about the reported 4 million people who are addicted to prescription drugs just because a gp can not be arsed...
  12. The house we have just bought..-39% 16 March 2010 13:07:59 * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Under offer' 05 March 2010 11:26:31 * Price changed: from '£200,000' to 'Offers in Excess of £190,000' [Found by n/a] 14 November 2009 02:11:52 * Price changed: from '£210,000' to '£205,000' [Found by n/a] 17 April 2009 18:35:48 * Price changed: from '£249,995' to '£219,995' [Found by n/a] 06 December 2008 16:15:00 * Subtitle changed: from '4 bedroom detached' to '4 bedroom detached house ' [Found by geoffk] 08 November 2008 11:41:07 * Price changed: from '£264,995' to '£249,995' [Found by geoffk] 12 October 2008 03:05:33 * Price changed: from '£284,995' to '£264,995' [Found by dougie] 21 July 2008 13:46:41 * Price changed: from '£299,995' to '£284,995' [Found by geoffk]
  13. askr land rover or vauxhalls...both factorys have the highest production rates in europe,,,,but hey why spoil a good story...
  14. yes i did..why? because this is my third recession and because i happen to live up north its no where near the worst... The 1980s one was horrific...
  15. The problem you have is will your offer be too much in the cold winter month as the cuts in public services start to make the country a bleak place.....are you in a rush or do you have time to see what falls the winter brings? Only you can decide...
  16. This has all the hallmarks of chasing the market down....keep us informed...please
  17. [quote name='Frenchie73' d it took at least 7 to 8 months before I found a buyer. Asking prices in my area are going up, but places just won't sell. That does not make any sense.....asking prices going up when there are no buyers??????
  18. They have seen the newspaper headlines of the last few weeks.....you will not get them back . i have just had one done and it cost the sellers £500 to put right....the market has spooked them not the report....prices have dropped in the last four out of five months..
  19. my painters for the house have just charged me 2k for a week plus costs... not bad work if you can get it..
  20. I have just bought..i hope they crash 50% because i will be dead when this house is next sold...but i would like my children to be able to buy without tapping me for a deposit...
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